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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E7 – AKA Top Shelf Perverts


Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA You’re a Winner!’ 

Poor, sad neighbor Ruben was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, anywhere that Kilgrave is is the wrong place, wrong time. Kilgrave does the stalker thing and pays a visit to Jess’ place, you know the usual kind of visit: takes a piss in her toilet, walks around from dark room to dark room smelling the air, the usual. Oh, and then he decides to murder some poor kid and leave him in her bed. The usual.

Before she can find Ruben, Jessica has a bit of a traumatic drunken moment when she attacks Jerry’s ex while she waits for the F-train. It’s hard to blame the woman for blackmailing Jerry after the whole ordeal – whether or not Jerry ordered exactly what she got, she knew what she was getting with forcing Jessica to go after her. After she terrifies herself with her own strength, Jessica heads back home and ends up passed out in the elevator where a clean Malcolm picks her up and drags her to her apartment. She crawls into bed with Ruben’s corpse.

Almost immediately Jessica forms a plan to get herself locked up in a super-max prison. She’s positive Kilgrave will come for her and that’s where he’ll get caught. Malcolm and Trish have a hard time letting that happen, though.

Trish sends Simpson to do a stakeout where she believes Kilgrave is hiding, and it seems he’s being a little less than truthful about what he’s seeing. Simpson watches Kilgrave leave with his bodyguards and sets his sights on Jessica’s childhood home.

Jessica drops Ruben’s head on the desk of the detective in charge of the Schlotman murders. He seems smarter and more moral than Jessica was anticipating, and he requires more than just a confession. But while she’s trying to get herself locked up, Kilgrave is hard at work making sure that doesn’t happen. Jessica walks into a precinct full of drawn guns and our purple-clad villain ready with his “demented declaration of love.” We get to see inside Kilgrave’s head, here, if he wasn’t the worst it might actually be sad. The fact is, though, he’s horrible and ill.

Ruben’s sister comes in search of him. Jessica is once again given another reason to blame herself for Kilgrave’s actions. Jessica heads back to her childhood home at the bequest of Kilgrave, and walks through the door she hasn’t been through in years, while Simpson watches from a car down the block.

Inappropriate/ New Relationships

  • We get a few more glimpses into the relationship between Jess, Trish, and Trish’s abusive mother through a conversation Jessica has with her and also a flashback to the first time Jessica notices some bruises on Trish.

Things you might need to remember

  • Poor, sad, creepy neighbor Ruben was murdered and left Godfather-style in Jessica’s bed. The wounds may technically have been self-inflicted, but Kilgrave’s work can be attributed to no one else.

Superpowers Displayed

  • Jessica uses her super strength to seriously intimidate Jerry’s ex into signing the divorce papers and almost gets the woman and herself killed. In an interesting reversal of roles, Malcolm picks a drunken Jessica off the floor of the elevator and into her house.

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