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Killing Eve – S1E4 – Sorry Baby

Previously on Killing Eve, “Don’t I Know You?”

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As expected, the loss of Bill leaves Eve devastated, but more intent than ever to catch Villanelle. Still, this type of spy game isn’t typically her jam and she’s not very good at keeping her emotions in check; whether it’s blurting out a theory in a meeting, or describing crime scene photos as “cool,” or storming out of her best friend’s funeral because the eulogy is being delivered by someone who didn’t know Bill well at all, Eve’s words and actions usually occur before she has a chance to consider if they’re appropriate. Another example of this is how she lashes out at Nico, who has longed suspected that her new job was more dangerous than Eve let on — and he doesn’t buy that Bill was killed in a random mugging.

The trip to Berlin wasn’t a complete failure as the tip Eve received helps Kenny to uncover payments made to the private school Frank’s kids attend. Now Eve has an outlet for her rage, but Carolyn reminds her that they’re not out for blood, but for information.

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Villanelle may seem off, and she’s a psychopath, but that doesn’t make her dumb. In anticipation of Konstantin’s anger at Bill’s murder, she surprises her handler with a birthday party even though it’s not his birthday. It doesn’t work. Konstantin knows Villanelle used Eve’s name during her last job, and he scolds her for killing Bill, who was “off limits.” Her punishment is being sent to England to do a job with two other assassins, and one just happens to be Villanelle’s ex, Nadia. Their target? Frank. This confirms, once again, that Frank is the mole, but it also implies that the tip from the Chinese agent may have also been compromised since that’s how Eve learned of Frank’s involvement.

When Eve’s missing luggage turns up on her doorstep, filled with expensive clothes and perfume courtesy of Villanelle, she spends little time worrying that the assassin clearly knows where she lives. She doesn’t even report it to Carolyn. Instead, Eve and Elena head to an address that appears numerous times on Frank’s call records.

Villanelle and her partners get there first and set up a stakeout. When Frank flees, they follow. Nadia shoots up his car, driving Frank off the road and into the bushes to hide. The tension between Villanelle, Nadia, and their partner (who just so happens to be Nadia’s current love) comes to ahead and Villanelle ends up killing them both, but not before leading Nadia to believe she was sent to retrieve her and that they will be together again. In the commotion, Frank answers a call from nearby Eve and she convinces him to make a run for her location. Villanelle follows on foot.

Just as Frank dives into Eve’s car, she and Villanelle lock eyes.

Like everyone else, I’m extremely excited to see what comes of when Eve met Villanelle, but I am left with some questions. What did Nadia mean when she replied, “You took my place,” to Villanelle’s, “I’m glad you got out”? And how shook was Konstantin when Villanelle smoothly dropped the fact that she knows he has a daughter? Very. The answer is very, because that was clearly a threat.

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"Sorry Baby"

Killing Eve – S1E4 – “Sorry Baby”| Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Owen McDonnell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Fiona Shaw, David Haig, Kim Bodnia | Directed by: Harry Bradbeer | Written by: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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