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Killjoys – S4E2 – Johnny Dangerously

Previously on Killjoys,The Warrior Princess Bride”

This was such a fun episode of Killjoys! Kudos to Michelle Lovretta for not only creating a show with characters who can make us laugh, cry, and feel bad for them as they go through a mental break brought on by an alien goo that robs you of your humanity.

This week’s episode shines the spotlight on Aaron Ashmore, who plays Johnny, and showcases the growth of Zeph, portrayed by Kelly McCormack.

Normally we either get a surly or charming Johnny, but Aaron Ashmore definitely stretches the range of his character this episode, and we get some personality traits we didn’t see coming thanks to the green goo from The Lady.

“The pregnant enemy of my enemy is my alien baby mama.”

We last saw the J’acobi brothers and Delle Seyah hurtling through space, but now having landed in the middle of nowhere, moods are not at their best — Johnny and Delle Seyah’s sniping at each other was at an all-time high and super adorable. These three play the dysfunctional family unit so well.

But a war in progress and a missing Dutch has everyone restless to get back to the Quad.

Unfortunately, they’re come upon by bandits, and Delle Seyah proves her deadliness didn’t decline  just because she’s pregnant. She disarms the bandits causing them to flee, but Johnny is knocked flat on his back, his lungs collapsing.

Delle Seyah convince’s D’avin to inject Johnny with some of that good old Hullen juice, which helps him recover from near death, but turns him into such an adorable lunatic. His senses and intelligence heightened while his humanity diminishes is not a Johnny we want to see. But kudos to Aaron Ashmore for bringing his charm full force.

(Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

“He’s a hug wrapped in a puppy.”

Noticing the change in Johnny, D’avin realizes their time to get the goo out of Johnny is running out. The scenes between the J’acobi brothers were so touching. In episode one, we had Khlyen reminding Dutch that her touchstone to surviving laid with Johnny and this week we see the same with D’avin reminding Johnny to hold on to his humanity in order to save Dutch.

But even Dutch is not enough to keep him sane and soon enough Johnny has sold Delle Seyah out to the enemy, and kidnapped an unconscious D’avin while on his way to get his next fix of green goo. I’m going to love seeing where they take a no-fucks-given Johnny, but anybody in his path better steer clear.

There are so many well-directed scenes in this episode, from the awkward goodbye between Delle Seyah and D’avin, to Johnny’s maniacal laughter, and Delle Seyah and Johnny’s constant bickering. Even the flashback of how their time was spent while hurtling through space, had me dying with laughter, because Johnny’s absolutely correct when he say’s “holidays are totally going to suck”with their new family dynamic and I am so ready for that.

On the other end of the galaxy is Pip and Zeph. “Johnny Dangerously” also did well in highlighting how Zeph has grown while under Dutch’s tutelage. Her confidence, and her ability to be ready to sacrifice herself for the greater good, and the fact that she’s able to influence rich boy Pip is a testament to that.

She’s able to assist the army headed by continuing asshole Turin and is more patient than I would ever be, Fancy. With catatonic Hullen’s everywhere, they try to figure out not just where their crew is, but the next step in this war. With Lucy’s help and Zeph’s smarts, they’ll hopefully find the crew soon enough.

Amidst the laughter of this episode, is another thing Killjoys does well: deliver chilling moments. Upon their arrival on Necropolis to further investigate what happened to Dutch and company, I definitely wasn’t expecting robot spiders that burrow themselves inside the human body.

Where we go in episode three remains to be seen, but I sure am excited to see where this season takes us.

Side Note: Pree and his boyfriend Gared continue to be adorable even when they’re sharing time with an ex-nun dominatrix.

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"Johnny Dangerously"

Killjoys – S4E2: Johnny Dangerously | Director: Samir Rehem | Writer: Michelle Lovretta | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Mayko Nguyen

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