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Killjoys – S4E7 – Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?

Previously on Killjoys, “Baby, Face Killer”

“You kept your charm but lost your heart.”

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With last week’s cliffhanger — D’avin leaving with Jaq in tow — it was surprising to not have them in this week’s episode outside of some mentions by an irritated at being abandoned Johnny. But with such good storytelling in this show, you can take out 1/3 of the lead cast and still be entranced. D’avin being sidelined finally brings us the reveal of just who the assassin in Dutch’s memories is, and lo and behold the shocker of it being her mom!  

So scratch that theory of The Lady being Aneela’s mother, but her mother is a Lady. Lady Yelena, head of one of the Nine royal houses, Queen in her own right, fleet and all. The memory hidden within Dutch all this time really was the key to possibly saving them all.

Nice is for nurse maids darling, I am a goddamn Queen.

(Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

The scenes between Khlyen and Yalena are packed with the emotional punch of veteran actors who came to play. Between Aneela’s looming insanity, and Aneela and Khlyen now turned Hullen, suffice it to say Yalena’s not happy with everything that’s been happening to her family. 

Yalena’s interactions with Khylen serve as a worthy reminder of how well written the women of this show are. They’re capable, fiery, smart and beautiful. It makes sense that Aneela/Dutch are the genetic recipients of parents like these — politically adept and able to snap your neck in the same breath. I even enjoyed the subtlety of Yalena’s vocal inflections, which were very reminiscent of Aneela’s. And we’re finally getting a clearer picture of many of our characters’ motivations.  

Yalena’s appearance does serve to propel the story forward and provide a fighting chance for our outmanned Killjoys by way of a chemical compound. At the same time, it provides some much needed motivation to Dutch in the guise of motherly advice and affection. Sometimes you just need your mom to remind you not to be a cold-blooded assassin and of the echo of humanity deep within you. Guys, family is complicated might as well be the motto of this show. Still, it’s heart breaking when Yalena decides to stay behind to wait for a dead Khlyen.

With the chemical compound in tow and a little bit more time bought, Dutch and Johnny head off.

“If you can’t do the impossible, do the honorable.”


Gared and Pree take back of their armada, which adds a bit more of a fighting chance for them. Of course at the price of Gared being tortured and the loss of most of his short term memory. But how cute is Pree whenever he calls Gared his gare bear?! Not to mention close behind is the Black Root, chasing after D’avin and Jaq. With the compound secured they now have the opportunity to take down The Lady, although whether it works out that well remains to be seen. This is Killjoys after all.

Sidenote: I hope Lucy and Johnny end up being end game somehow. We already knows he’s got some weird knots and bolts fetish. Their quips and teamwork are second to none.

Question: Why did the assassin from last week’s episode want Jaq, if this week his buddies barely cared about Dutch?

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"Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?"

Killjoys – S4E7: “Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?” | Director: | Writer: | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Rob Stewart, Karen Glave

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