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Killjoys – S4E9 – The Kids Are Alright

Previously on Killjoys, “It Takes a Pillage”

This weeks Killjoys lost a bit of its luster with the departure of Jaq, having now exchanged parental duties with mama bear Delle Seyah. She also catches Johnny up on the latest research she’s done on Kyhlen’s spores, continuing to show how ahead of the game she is.

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There was an emotional moment from D’avin bemoaning the loss of Jaq, showing how not just D’avin has latched on to this new relationship, but the audience as well. In order to keep him away from The Lady, there is no one more capable than Delle Seyah.

But with Jaq gone, Team Awesome Force is back! Basically, they have a babysitter to go do grownup stuff. Dutch and Davin head off on a quick mission into what the scars on her back mean before reuniting with Turin and Fancy on the armada. They set off to rescue the kids being held for experimentation by the Hullen, with Johnny at the helm telepathically, controlling the ship.

Between the Armada and the rescue mission, Killjoys took time to show the other kids –  Zeph and Pipp, whose relationship finally runs its course. From their moments together in bed I should have seen Pipp’s death coming. While Pipp’s character has been growing on me and becoming a better person, the show has been sounding his death rattle as well. His character was only able to go so far. He’s a rich kid with connections and Zeph’s the resident doctor, scientist, and pupil of Dutch; the writing was on the wall.

It still felt odd when he was chosen to be the sacrificial lamb and go down with the ship. It almost felt like a joke and Team Awesome Force would come up with an alternative plan. But they don’t. The cost of this emotionally to Zeph is felt, so when she lashes out at Dutch its understandable.

When Zeph tells Dutch “D’avin takes the bullet, Johnny fixes the broken things, and Dutch brings everyone home” while true, it neglects the facts that Dutch has also led to the deaths of a good amount of people. She might be magic, but all magic comes at a cost. Honestly, as long as Fancy, Pree, or Gared don’t die, I’m fine.

The episode ends on a somber cliffhanger as they say goodbye to Pipp. Dutch, meanwhile, ends up switching bodies with Aneela. Possibly showing how weak Aneela has become at this moment. But how Dutch handles The Lady in her element again remains to be seen. We’ve got one episode left and I can’t wait to see where we leave off with season 4.

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"The Kids Are Alright"

Killjoys – S4E9: | Director: Stefan Pleszcynski | Writer: Julian Doucet | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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