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Legion – S1E5 – Chapter Five

Previously on Legion, “Chapter Four”

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“Promise me if you get lost, we get lost together.”

Oh, Syd. David is already lost.

How they got away from The Eye is unclear, but when “Chapter Five” begins we’re already back at Summerland where Cary tends to Kerry, Melanie asks about Oliver, and David creates a mind palace where he and Syd can touch.

Syd seems to follow David’s lead on how to behave, which makes it hard to watch when David takes such pleasure in dangling bits of information about Oliver in front of Melanie. David is no longer confused and following orders. He’s cocky and ready to rescue Amy, finally. And even after he dips out to take on D3 alone, Syd refuses to report back to Melanie with David’s state of mind. The difference in David concerns Melanie, and though she puts on a tough face for Melanie, we see Syd develops doubts as well.

They arrive at D3 too late, and find body parts everywhere, including stuck in walls and asphalt. Security footage confirms it was David, snapping his fingers, smiling, dancing, and taunting his prey before killing them. He kills them as himself, and, it appears, with the Yellow-Eyed Devil – who is probably also David. Back at Summerland, Cary realizes David is a mutant playing host to a powerful mutant, and it’s possible that mutant has caused David to split into several personalities like Lenny, Benny, King the dog, and the creepy little boy from the book. Oh, and probably that Yellow-Eyed Devil as well.

All roads eventually lead back to David’s childhood home where he has taken his rescued sister. Melanie, Ptonomy, Syd, and Rudy track David there… well, it was Rudy when they left Summerland, but The Eye takes on his form at some point. By the time Cary and Kerry arrive with a device that can contain David’s power, he’s caused everyone who enters the house to lose their voice.

“He Wears a Human Face”

David and Lenny scare Amy into admitting that David was adopted. When Melanie and the others find David, The Eye opens fire. After a quick stop in David’s mind palace with Syd – where she’s chased by TYED – Syd awakens back in Clockworks, in a group therapy session with everyone inside David’s house participating, and Lenny is the therapist.

X Files

It appears David has made some kind of deal with Lenny. The two bicker in the bathroom while Syd sleeps and she promises David they can return there (the mind palace) after they’ve rescued Amy. Lenny clearly represents the part of David that wants to fuck shit up. And, boy, does he. Why do I have a feeling Lenny has no interest in shacking up in David’s mind palace?

As much I want to know why everyone ended up in Clockworks, I’m really dying to know who’s in charge.

Legion S1E5
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"Chapter Five"

Starring: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Audbrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton

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