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Legion – S2E1 – Chapter 9

Previously on Legion

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Welcome (back) to madness.

Part two of Legion (“The Madness of Crowds”) picks up one year after David Haller was whisked away inside a tiny orb. He’s finally found by Ptonomy and Clark, and returned to Division 3 headquarters where his friends have been working since the Shadow King made off with Oliver Bird’s body. The Division is no longer hunting all mutants, just the really bad ones like Amahl Farouk (The Shadow King).

David has little trouble adjusting to the new world order, but remembering where he’s been for the past year — when it feels like he’s only been gone a day — is a different story. Ptonomy still regards David with season one suspicion, and for good reason. While they were tracking Oliver they discovered he has the ability to infect people with a mental virus, The Catalyst, which leaves them frozen in place like statues; the only thing moving are their chattering teeth. Creepy. They found David inside a packed nightclub and he was the only one unaffected.

Also casting David a bit of side-eye (though you can’t see it) is their new boss Admiral Fukyama, who has a basket over his head and communicates telepathically via mustached women with computers in their heads called Vermillion. Fukyama instructs David to work with Cary to retrieve his memories of the past year in the hopes they can use them to find Farouk. Also, they’re in search of Farouk’s actual body because if he finds it first, he’ll be unstoppable. No biggie.

Things get trippy (trippier, really) when David recalls fighting Oliver and Lenny via a … dance battle. And later, recalls that inside the orb was a silent Syd from the future, who, threw drawing symbols in the air, told David he needed to help The Shadow King find his body.


Other, less timey-wimey, developments include Syd’s ability to control her body swapping with a cat and Melanie’s descent into depression (and drugs) over Oliver’s latest disappearance.

Oh, and it’s all being narrated by Jon Hamm.

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    Performances – 9/10

"Chapter 9"

Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Audbrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Jemaine Clement, Bill Irwin

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