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Lucifer – S3E13 – Til Death Do Us Part

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Hello, Drug Dealers

This week Lucifer is firing on all cylinders. It’s a rare episode where the case of the week, the heart, and the humor all find themselves on equal footing. When that happens, everything falls into place. We open with Lucifer trying to find a way to kill Cain/Pierce. He tries Maze’s blade, which was forged in hell and can kill celestial beings, and he also suggests acid and cutting him in half. Since Cain has already tried jumping into a volcano, this is going to be harder than it seems. They are interrupted by the case of the week; the death of an outwardly normal, suburban woman named June, who turns out to have been a former drug cooker for the Korean mob.

This leads to Lucifer’s version of a Marvel hallway fight when Lucifer decides to go find the Korean mobsters for a confession. It’s a hilarious and well-choreographed scene with Tom Ellis taking on a hallway full of goons to get to the mob boss. It turns out the mob isn’t responsible for June’s death. Chloe suspects it was someone in June’s suburban neighborhood, which brings us to the best undercover duo to date: Lucifer and Pierce as a gay couple!

The Hummus and The Crudité

Lucifer sees this as an opportunity to root out Pierce’s vulnerabilities, which he believes will help him figure out what can kill him. And Pierce is not at all interested in opening up to Lucifer or anyone else. While they inch closer to solving the case, Pierce pulls away from everyone including Chloe because he knows that even if he gets close to someone, he will only outlive them. It’s an interesting juxtaposition between Lucifer, who wants to help Pierce but has also found someone to commiserate with and Pierce, who is deliberately pulling away from the one person who may understand what he’s going through. In the end, Lucifer and Pierce come to another understanding. They may have their separate reasons, but they are going to work together to defy God.

The other couple of the week are Dan and Charlotte. The two of them are finally going on their date, even though they are disrupted by Maze. Maze thinks she’s attracted to Charlotte (and she’s willing to have a threesome with Dan if necessary), but it turns out she’s attracted to Charlotte because she smells hell on her. While Maze may be feeling some type of way about Dr. Linda and Amenadiel, she’s not interested in going back to her demon ways so she backs off Charlotte. I still think a Maze/ Dan/Charlotte threesome would have been great.

Sometimes the case of the week is just a plot device, but here it really served to drive the plot and the character development. The best ensemble shows can pair together any characters and give you a great story and deepen your understanding of those characters and that’s exactly what happened with this episode. While funny and absurd, pairing Lucifer and Pierce as a gay couple provided a deeper insight into both characters. And I’m glad Pierce called out Lucifer for just wanting to get back at his father. Lucifer’s blind need to prove himself to his father has always been his kryptonite and someone finally called him out on it.


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“Til Death Do Us Part”

Lucifer – S3E13 – “Til Death Do Us Part” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, Tom Welling

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