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Marvel’s Inhumans – S1E4 – Make Way For… Medusa

Previously on Marvel’s Inhumans, “Divide and Conquer” 

Once again, Medusa’s search for Black Bolt and Maximus’ efforts to solidify his position on Attilan are the most interesting aspects of Marvel’s Inhumans. Gorgon’s, Karnak’s, and now Crystal’s shenanigans with humans are becoming a snore. At least Auran and company did more this week than traipse through the jungle while Mordis complained. Oh, they still did that, but they did a bit more as well.

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Touched By Some Humans 

The royal family’s complete reunion is further delayed when Lockjaw gets hit by a car driven by Dave (Chad James Buchanan), whose ex-girlfriend, Audrey (Liv Hewson), just happens to be nine tests away from being a veterinarian. Gorgon breaks from his new friends after one dies from the wounds he sustained during their encounter with Auran. And Karnak gets closer to Jen (Jamie Gray Hyder), teaching her how to best grow her sticky icky, and later gets a bit sticky with her in her tent.

Medusa continues her streak of not knowing how the world works as she forces Louise to run lights in trying to keep up with Declan’s helicopter. When cops chase them, she fires her gun at their squad car. It’s okay, though; she’s a white woman so there are no consequences for any of it. Louise uses her access to satellites to track Black Bolt’s location: a secret lab Declan has on the other side of the island.

Thanks to Sammy (Faleolo Alailima), Black Bolt is able to “ask” Dr. Declan all the important questions. Who is he? A privately funded geneticist. What does he want? To run some tests on their unique DNA in the hopes of being able to cure diseases, and, in return, he’ll help Black Bolt reunite with his wife. This is good enough for Black Bolt, but what he doesn’t know is that Declan knows Maximus. He knows him as “Max” and doesn’t seem to know about Max’s connection to Black Bolt. Declan calls Maximus to share his latest discovery (Black Bolt), and is taken aback when Max’s advice is to kill him so he can’t use his power (accidentally or on purpose) to harm people. Even if Declan was in the habit of killing innocent people (he’s not, we think), he needs Black Bolt alive in order to use his DNA to unlock the mystery of Inhumans.

This is of particular interest to Maximus because he’s trying to get the Genetic Council to allow him to go through terrigenesis again. Maximus appeals to one member, Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum), who used to be his childhood friend until they learned Maximus was just human; then, he shunned Maximus like everyone else. Clearly afraid of Maximus, Tibor still stresses the dangers involved and cites that it’s simply never been done before. Maximus is most likely only thinking of himself with this, but he’ll most certainly sell it as what’s good for all of Attilan when he has to explain why he banished the entire Genetic Council after they turned him down.

Gorgon’s re-match with Auran is put on hold after Maximus directs her to Declan’s lab to snag Black Bolt (and his DNA) for himself. Auran bluffs that she has Medusa and warns Black Bolt to come peacefully. When he hesitates, she summons Mordis. He’s taken out when Louise and Medusa barrel into him, causing him to set off his power and knock himself, Auran, and her team out; all long enough for Medusa and Black Blot to reunite and escape.

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"Make Way For… Medusa"

Marvel’s Inhumans – S1E4 – “Make Way For… Medusa” | Starring: Iwan Rheon, Anson Mount, Serrinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Mike Moh, Sonya Balmores

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