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Save Yourselves! ‘DOOM’ is Upon Us All This Summer!


doom demons

Imagine being trapped in a barren landscape, encompassed by noxious air and jagged stone. Your presence in this hellish landscape of cracked earth and twisted steel awakens a horde of evil. Wave after wave of decomposing fiends and misshapen demons claw and scrape their way through a white-hot hail of bullets to tear your flesh from bone.

Sounds like the game of my dreams!

Bethesda Studios released a full trailer for their latest iteration of DOOM and boy howdy, is it gory. In case you’re somehow not in the know, DOOM flings its players to the desolate planet of Mars where an Union Aerospace Corporation facility is swarmed by a myriad of demons and its personnel slaughtered. With no support of any kind, it is up to the gamer – the last Marine – to survive the onslaught and prevent their invasion of Earth.

23 years (!!!) since the first version of the game was released by id Software, DOOM has steadily improved its mechanics along with innovative game physics. Who knew there were so many ways a hellion could explode into a bloody mess? Now players can employ new techniques to dispatch their enemies in fairly creative – albeit graphic – ways, as seen in the trailer. Of course all the classic weapons are available, with a few special modifications.

Announcing a solid release date of May 13 for PS4, XBOX and PC, Bethesda also revealed a Collector’s Edition that features a 12-inch Revenant figure with metal case, complete with a rotating LED-lit base that presents the creature’s disgusting form in all its unholy glory. The Collector’s Edition is priced at $119.99/€129.99/£99.99.

doom collector's edition

Additionally, players will receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack when pre-ordering any version of DOOM. The Pack includes demon armor with three skin variations, six metallic colors, three id logo patterns to adorn on weapons and armor and a set of six Hack Modules – consumable items that improve one’s stats in multiplayer matches.

Keep your sights on Project Fandom for additional announcements on DOOM and all manner of gaming. Happy hunting!

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