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Quantico – S2E21 – Rainbow

Previously on Quantico, “GLOBALREACH

RAINBOW is a cryptonym for the CIA’s resistance project on aerial reconnaissance; specifically the Lockheed U-2 was kept undetectable and unable to be tracked by the Soviets. Hey, the more you know right?

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Breaking The Law To Save The World

With Henry Roarke officially sworn in as the president, he has signed dozens of executive orders towards reshaping America in the image he sees fit and he’s preparing for a constitutional convention. The team itself is fractured now that Clay is nowhere to be found, and Raina and Ryan are in timeout because their feelings are hurt. Alex is able to recruit Miranda, former director Keyes, and Wil to help. The cache has been taken offline so the Collaborators must be planning something major and soon. The team figures out that the Collaborators are plan on hijacking airplanes and using names on Roarke’s Muslim registry to get them to unwittingly crash planes using their cell phones. The team works magnificently to prevent these attacks. Ryan and Raina got off the bench to assist as well. Raina sacrificed herself to FBI custody so Shelby could get to Clay and the get codes to ground the planes. Owen, Miranda, and Wil were able to get to air traffic control and apprehend the hackers who were controlling the planes. Ryan and Keyes ran point from the Farm. Alex got the flights and names of the Muslims that were to be framed, and she got to smack fire out of Alice Winter. All of the planes were landed safely and no one died.

He Still Wins

Disaster avoid, Roarke has the FBI pick up all members of the team. Roarke holds an address and puts the entire team up to “reward” them by putting names with the faces who saved the country from this attack. Like we’ve said before, the team is playing checkers while the Collaborators are playing chess. Not only does Roarke burn the team as operatives by putting their faces in the media for every intelligence agency to see, Roarke spins their success into his success by showing the FBI and CIA worked together in a crisis and pushing the need for a new intelligence agency. Roarke also uses this to get more momentum and support from all the states to push the constitutional convention to reshape America. The team is limited in what they can do to stop this because of how much support Roarke has gotten. With 100 days until the constitutional convention, Alex figures out the only way to fight this is to become terrorists. Show of hands: who wants to become a terrorist?

Quantico S2E21
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I haven’t been this excited for the next episode of Quantico since the pilot. This penultimate episode has set up the tension for the finale as well as can be expected. I know my co-reviewer Shanna has said it before, but we cannot stress enough how this show has excelled post G20 crisis arc. Whether it’s getting rid of the flashbacks, having a shorter window to tell this Collaborator story, or something else entirely, this show has become much better because of it. Hopefully they find a way to bring Dayana back for the finale since she left a few episodes back with little fanfare. Also, the scenes where Raina and Nimah act together are great and I hope they don’t sit out the finale in prison. Even though this is a shorter arc, I wish they had a little more time to explore the chemistry between the new additions of Miranda, Keyes, and Wil. Miranda and Owen’s interactions were entertaining and I wish we could have more time with them. I’m calling shenanigans on Maxine leaving Clay just because his mother resigned as president. She never gave off the feel that she was only with Clay for the power trip, so I hope that comes back up. Ryan figuring out his role with Alex will be interesting to see take form, and I hope it sticks because I am done with the two of them at odds with each other every other episode.

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