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SDCC ’17: The 100 Is Taking a Leap Forward

At the end of season four of The 100, the remnants of the original 100 found themselves scattered again. Bellamy along with Monty, Harper, Amauri, Murphy, Echo, and Raven shot themselves into space to escape Prime Fiya, while Octavia, Skaikru and all the Grounders found shelter in the bunker. Clarke, with her new infusion of nightblood, was able to survive the radiation and has been living for 6 years on the ground with an adopted “daughter”.

We were able to catch up with the cast and executive producer, Jason Rothenberg, to discuss what has changed on The 100 over the past six years and we asked the question you’re dying to know … space babies?! Check out our coverage below, and special thank you to MTR Network for their photos and video assistance.

Bob Morley and Christopher Larkin – Space Babies

Marie Avgeropoulos – How Has Octavia Dealt With Being a Leader?

Eliza Taylor – How Is Clarke Now That She’s A Mother?

Jason Rothenberg – What Kind of Bad Decisions Will They Have to Make This Season?

Check out the teaser trailer for The 100 season 5! 

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