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Seven Seconds: S1E3-S1E5

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Seven Seconds must have chosen to be a character study because logically, the story doesn’t progress as it should. Following the death of Brenton Butler, KJ has decided to become invested in finding Brenton’s killer, but she and Rinaldi continue down the track of him being a gang member because gangland hit is easier to investigate than hit-and-run … I guess. KJ also dithers about telling Latrice that they don’t really have a suspect because she is at least smart enough to realize that telling Latrice her son was in a gang isn’t going to go over well.

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Around hour four, the characters start to get a clue and I started to get invested in the story. Latrice tries to tell KJ about seeing Jablonski in Brenton’s hospital room, but KJ is too distracted by running down Nadine, the teen junkie who saw DiAngelo at the scene. She’s also been digging into past drug cases with the theory that Brenton was taken out by members of his own gang. These threads converge when Rinaldi brings in Nadine, who mentions a black car with a red stripe and becomes terrified at the sight of DiAngelo. Rinaldi and KJ both realize that DiAngelo and his task force are involved and I cheered … then everything fell apart.

KJ doesn’t want to pursue the case because she knows that cops killing a black teen is a lose-lose so she goes back to getting drunk at karaoke and singing Anita Baker. Latrice spots Jablonski and follows him home, but her husband would rather believe that she’s crazy than believe that their son wasn’t in a gang. Despite a situation that looks hopeless, the press breaks the story that the cops may be responsible for Brenton’s death and now everyone is forced to pursue this angle, which they would have gotten to sooner if they weren’t stuck on the wrong details. Unfortunately, DiAngelo’s only move now is to get rid of the witness, Nadine. That poor little girl doesn’t even know what she’s in for.

The Good

  • As a character study, this is a great show. Claire Hope-Ashitey is displaying the deep self-loathing and insecurity of KJ’s character. Despite how frustrating her actions can be, the acting is truly spectacular.
  • Regina King. Latrice is fighting for her son and holding on by a thread and King is playing the role masterfully. When she tells Isaiah that she cannot return to their loveless home, you feel the truth and courage in every word.
  • Rinaldi stepping over to the light. Initially, his loyalty seemed misplaced at best, but his refusal to back down even when KJ was ready to give up won me over.

The Bad

  • I don’t put much faith in cops in the first place, but my god, these guys are mustache-twirling villains. Jablonski has gone full evil, yelling at everyone. Wilcox wants to take him out during a raid – just in case – and I’m pretty sure DiAngelo is going to kill a 15-year-old girl. And then Jablonski’s wife jumps on the “every mother for themselves” train so fast it gave me whiplash. If KJ, Latrice, and Rinaldi are being fleshed out, the cops are becoming more two-dimensional as the show progresses.

Questions That Need Answers

  • Isaiah and his brother, Seth, seem to have a deep-seated resentment. I can’t figure out if it’s just about the gang, about Brenton, or about Isaiah’s inability to provide.
  • Latrice knows who Jablonski is and where he lives, why is she keeping it to herself? I really hope this doesn’t turn into a revenge/vigilante tale.
  • HOW HAS NO ONE MENTIONED THAT D’IANGELO JUST ADDED A NEW MEMBER TO HIS TEAM? Jablonski is working double shifts and always at the damn station and they know his team was involved, but no one remembers he’s the newest member of Team Corrupt Cop when they’re trying to find the mysterious driver that DiAngelo may be covering for?

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Seven Seconds S1E3-S1E5

Starring: Clare-Hope Ashitey, Beau Knapp, David Lyons, Regina King, Russell Hornsby, Zackary Momoh

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