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The Flash – S2E6 – Enter Zoom

Previously on The Flash, ‘The Darkness and the Light’

The opening scene of Dr. Light killing The Flash would have been more effective had they not revealed the entire plot of this episode in the teasers. Also, if we believed for one second that Barry would be killed, but okay.

72 hours prior, The Flash questions Dr. Light in her PA cell. She confirms that she didn’t want to kill him, and that killing Linda to take her place was the best bad idea she could come up with. She wants The Flash to let her go, conveniently forgetting the part where she killed Larkin, the newspaper editor. The Flash is like:

She does agree to help him catch Zoom even though she thinks it’s a colossally bad idea.

The Negative Spirit of Jay Lives On in Caitlin

During the Team Flash pow-wow, Barry wants to throw his emblem through the breach – per Zoom’s instructions to Dr. Light – to draw Zoom out. Wells has a speed dampening serum he can use to incapacitate Zoom. Cisco is cautious, but Caitlin is downright hatin’ on the idea.

Alone, Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin agree that they can’t trust Wells and they need to keep an eye on him. Joe suggests Cisco try to vibe on Wells, and not in a sexy way.

Daddy Dearest

Back on Earth 2, Wells’ daughter, Jesse, confronted him about Jay’s accusations at the press conference. Wells hemmed and hawed and she realized he is responsible for the meta-humans. She stomped out to go to class.

Eager Patty

Joe shuts down Patty when she presses about progress in the Dr. Light case. She turns to Barry, wondering if Joe feels some kinda way about their kiss.

Girl, bye. 

Light Breaks

Just as Linda is pleading with Iris to ask the The Flash if she can help in catching Dr. Light and Iris insists that The Flash has everything under control, Dr. Light goes invisible at STAR Labs and escapes when Cisco arrives to bring her lunch.

Images: The CW

Wells is all, “I told you to sedate her ass!”

Joe wonders if this isn’t a sign that they’re not doing the right thing in trying to catch Zoom. In the end, Wells and Barry win and everyone moves forward with the plan as is, while Barry will figure out another way to lure Zoom without Dr. Light.

Joe pulls Barry aside, worried that he’s making a mistake in going along with Wells. He thinks they should call in Jay. Why, Sway? 

Vibe On You

Cisco tries to vibe on Wells, but only comes off like a creepy co-worker who missed the sexual harassment seminar. Caitlin advises him to try again later.

Another flashback to Earth 2 reveals that Zoom kidnapped Jesse from her college campus.

Too Much, Patty Mayo. Too Much

Even though Barry told her ass Joe doesn’t even know about the kiss, nor would he care, Patty interrupts Joe (who is trying to do his damn job at his desk) and says she senses that he senses she’s hiding something and she confesses to the kiss.

Joe gives nary a fuck.

Stress Cooking

While Linda is at the West house stress cooking enough food for a Thanksgiving feast, Iris and Barry get the idea to use her to draw out Zoom. She looks like Dr. Light and now they have Dr. Light’s clothes since she’s running around invisible and butt-ass naked. Iris, used to having decisions made for her in the name of safety, urges Barry to let Linda decide if she’s willing to take the risk.

This results in Iris taking Linda to STAR Labs so The Flash can ask her for assistance.

Since Barry no longer does the blurry face thing, I really wanted her to be like, “Barry?” 

Practice Makes Fire

Good thing Cisco just happens to have life-sized cutouts of everyone because they need them to train Linda in the Whack-a-Flash obstacle course. After a rough start she manages to hit the proper target (using Cisco-rigged gloves) once, and then blasts Cisco out of his chair.

After all of this, Wells and Barry are still the only ones who think they should go through with the plan.

Joe pulls Barry aside, again, for a talk, again. He theorizes that Barry is pushing so hard to make up for not being the one to get Reverse Flash. This would make sense if Barry was acting like that in any way, but that’s not what I saw.

Either way, it prompts Barry to reveal himself as The Flash to Linda. If he’s asking her to trust him, he needs to trust her.

Vibe On You, Part 2: The Quest for Answers

Cisco creepily tries to touch Wells again and this time he sees Zoom taunting a captive Jesse, asking her why Wells went through the breach. So, that should clear up whether or not Zoom sent Wells.

Patty again tries to get Joe to open up about the Dr. Light case, but he tells her to trust him for another day or two. She asks Barry out to dinner, but he has plans to catch Zoom.

No country for Patty Mayo.

Enter Zoom

At a breach on the docks, the team puts their plan in play, but after an hour passes with no Zoom, everyone gives up and leaves.

Barry admits to Joe that he was half right: he does want to catch Zoom because of Reverse Flash, but only to prove Eobard/Wells wrong when he said that Barry would never be truly happy. Tired of not doing what makes him happy, Barry heads to the police station where he grabs Patty for a kiss.


Meanwhile, at the CPN, Linda laments the fact that she can never write about the best story ever. Iris is all, “Preach, sistah.”

Outside, Zoom grabs Linda.

The Flash S2E6 - Enter Zoom

Wells’ meta-human watch pings like crazy when Zoom arrives on the rooftop of STAR Labs with Linda. Zoom drops Linda, but Barry catches her and tells her to run. Face to face with Zoom, finally, The Flash starts running laps around STAR Labs. Cisco explains that Barry is going to throw the lightning as Jay taught him. Wells has zero faith in that so he heads for the dart gun with the speed dampening serum.

Zoom patiently watches The Flash run in circles, and when The Flash finally throws the bolt, Zoom catches it and throws it back, hitting The Flash in the chest.


Then he proceeds to beat The Flash’s ass like he owes him some money. Wells takes his shot, but Zoom catches the dart like Bruce Leroy catches bullets with his teeth. He warns Wells that he’s next and stabs Barry with the serum. Then he takes off with Barry’s limp body for the….

You Ain’t Shit World Tour

First, Zoom takes Barry to CPN where the journalists, including Iris, get a good look at a defeated Flash. He wants everyone to know Barry is no god.

Then they head to the CCPD where he holds up Rag Doll Flash and says his days of protecting the city are over. The officers fire, but Zoom catches ALL THE BULLETS and lets them drop to the floor like a mic.

This is so exciting! Where are they going next? Back in time so Zoom can show Nora her son ain’t shit? 

Nah. They arrive at STAR Labs where The Flash just flippity flops while Zoom tells Wells he failed. Then he stabs Barry with his nasty claws. He starts monologuing – again – but that’s cut short when Cisco nails him with a dart, right in the neck.

Cisco Motherfucking Ramon, ladies and gentlemen!

Zoom drops The Flash, falls to his knees screaming, and then takes off. Wells screams, knowing that his daughter will probably die now.

Later, as Barry’s vitals are stable, Joe blames Wells. Cisco finally reveals what he saw in Wells’ vibe and confirms that Jesse is alive. Wells denies being blackmailed by Zoom, but says he came here to get Barry’s help in stopping Zoom and getting his daughter back.

But Wait; There’s More

Barry wakes up and is healing, but he can’t feel his legs.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

The Flash S2E6
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    Action – 10/10
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    Meta-Humans – 10/10


Great episode! I only have two issues with it:

1. Patty is annoying AF. Yes, she should want her partner’s trust and I understand that Joe is giving her absolutely NOTHING to go on, but making it about this kiss he didn’t even know about and grilling him on it at his desk just rubbed me the wrong way. In a show with four professional women – and hers arguably being the most accomplished after Caitlin – they continue to write her behavior like that of a young girl.

2. Everyone seems to be in agreement, by episode’s end, that their plan was a bad one, but I don’t think so. If they’d listened to Jay, what alternative was he offering? Just sit around STAR Labs as Zoom sends over more meta-humans and more innocent people died? If he has so much experience with – and knowledge of – Zoom, why not stick around to help? “He’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from” isn’t helpful. But some insight into whether or not he tried the lightning bolt on Zoom might have been.

And if Zoom is so badass, why was he sending meta-humans over to kill The Flash? Why didn’t he do this months ago?

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9 Comments on The Flash – S2E6 – Enter Zoom


    OH MY LORD! I watched this with my sons-I am surprised Fairfax County PD didn’t roll up to our place with all the noise we made. Enter Zoom for real! THAT’S HOW YOU INTRODUCE A CHARACTER! I will own the early part of the season was a slow build, but what a payoff!!! That last 10 minutes was everything! I started screaming when Zoom got all in her face with Tony Todd’s Candy man voice and didn’t stop yelling and hollering until well after the kids went to bed. I need a new couch-my kids broke the frame jumping up and down during this fight scene! OH MY GOD THIS WAS SOOOO GOOOOODDDD!!! And it let me know that officially, that Walking Dead episode was pure mess. The only bad is the DC character universe really bad habit of revealing themselves to everyone! I almost jumped through the screen and shook Barry for doing that with Linda. People were saying “well how did she not know?” One, for the most part every time she was with him, he was slightly obscured in shadow. Two, he wasn’t vibrating his body but if you listen he was vibrating his voice. Next time Barry, give her a good ole “I’m the Flash so I say you can do this” speech and keep it moving.

    I cannot wait for next week!!!!



    OMG!!! Like LaShonda said, screaming the whole time from when he took Linda from the newspaper until the very end! Holy shit that was good!

    Ok, I love that we’re gonna ignore how immature & petty Iris & Linda were to each other last season cause I am loving them as BFFS!

    Team Flash is stand up. I honestly believe that had Wells 2.0 been straight up from the start, they would have given him less shade and been more about helping him rescue his daughter. And she is totally dead now.

    Loved the Barry & Iris stuff this episode but seriously, why wasn’t she at his hospital bedside? Was she helping Linda leave town? Was she not allowed to leave the newsroom after that fantastic ending.

    And damnit! This is getting long!

    Ok, loved the comedy of the training sequence. And that fake acting fight Barry & Linda did. So bad it’s good.

    Zoom is a beast and everyone is so screwed! So who do you think Zoom is? Does he have an Earth 1 doppelgänger? Or is he from the future or the past? Does he travel thru the speed force stealing the powers of other speedsters? I wanna know!

    Ok, that’s it. Sorry for the length. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And Patty Mayo ain’t shit!

  3. FOR THE PODCAST: Holy shit! Did you mutha fuckas see that shit? Damn!
    1. Iris’s Clothing – Nina’s commentary on the way they dress Iris has me looking at all her outfits now. Did y’all see her in those damn Skidz last night? Come on! This woman is too pretty and too young to be wearing those 1992 ass pants. At least the ones she had on were one, solid color and not full of seizure inducing patterns like the ones we had back in the day.
    2. Black Fatherhood – St. Joseph was at it again. This man and his fatherhood are incredible. I will be 36 in a couple months, and I know who my dad is, but I’ll gladly trade his black ass in if Joe West is willing to adopt me. We can drink beers, and play catch together. And even though I’m too old to sit on his knee and have him read me bedtime stories, this mutha fucka can tell me his hoe stories. I’ll sit and listen in awe about how he used to holla at all the fly ladies of Central City before settling down and having a family.
    3. Caitlyn – Fuck her. Also, why does she always seem over dressed to be working in a lab? They should put her in Skidz and art class smocks like they do with Iris, and have iris in all the wanna be Felicity dresses and heels.
    4. Patty “Stalk So Hard” Spivot – NOPE!
    5. Zoom – This man is a BEAST!!! I can’t even put into words how beastly he is, but you saw what the fuck happened. This cat caught a lightning bolt and threw that shit back like it was a fuckin’ javelin. Then he punched Barry so hard his spine just said “Fuck it, I’m out. I know I said I’d support you and the weight of your body and all, but NOPE! Not no more. You’re on you’re on, bruh” and just quit on his ass. Then, Zoom took Barry on the Petty World Tour and showed everyone in town his work. He was like “WHO ELSE WANT SOME? WHO ELSE WANT SOME OF DEEBO?!?!?! BEAT HIM DOWN, NEAT YOU DOWN!”


    Keep me in check if this shit is too long Nina!

    1. Joe hit Patty Mayo with that stay out of grown folks business. Although she was doing her job and technically should know why she can’t know, I am here for this. Big ups though, she finally recognized that Joe is Barry’s dad. Bitch should have known better and should never forget it. And he went Super Saiyan GOD on Harry and all Harry could do is that smirk teenagers do when their parents dig into them.

    2. I love Linda and Iris’s companionship! Dammit I love them so much that fuck it, I will ship them. We need a ship name for them. Liris? Irida? Shit I don’t know, I love their friendship. People out there, Y’all need to come up with a name! And how did Barry get to eat food with the both of those two? EYE am jealous.

    3. Barry trying to sound like Mr. Alright, Alight himself with that line. I see you. I really did enjoy the training sequence though because Linda was so adorable. ALSO BARRY WHY DID LINDA NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Look you might as well hold another Flash Day and show everyone who you are. I am sure people would shout that they already knew because everyone and their momma’s cousin man man know. Man, this adorkable music they were playing when Linda and Barry were “fighting” was so cute. What was not cute was that kiss between Ms. Mayo and Barry. It reeked of terrible passion. Her no lip having ass. The push to the wall was sexy though.

    4. I love me some Cisco! I am going back and forth between wanting to call him Crisco or not. But I will say why in all that is good did Cisco think touching him was going to work. Not only is Harry smart, you don’t go touching people! Anyone with the right mind would tell him to get his paws off them. Question, when Crisco does vibe off people does time freeze? Does it go fast in his mind but when we see it, it is real time? Because how did Harry not notice he was doing it right then and there? I would figure he would, or maybe he does. Also maybe I missed something, if Harry created those metas wouldn’t he know who Zoom is or at least have a lead?

    5. Lastly, Barry should have known that Zoom was not afraid of his ass. Jay taught him how to throw that heat, but Barry Candyman is voicing him, that is a stone cold killa. You can’t fuck with deep old black men voices so I knew this wouldn’t work! He got body blowed and when I heard that crack, I knew it was a FLAWLESS VICTORY. He took Barry on a rag doll ride along across town. So I guess he will be taking a seat next episode.

    This mutherfucking episode was so damn good.

    General question: Nina what made you start the site? I’m very appreciative that you provide such amazing, as well as free, entertainment that helps me through my tough grad school days.

    Now to the show:
    Sooooooo Holy shit! How do you catch lighting and a fistful of bullets! I’m with Cisco. No way his ass human. I was so upset when zoom stabbed Barry and then I got even more upset when the damn news crew was so ready to film it! I am wondering if Jay will come and help now that Barry is paralyzed and the crew know his regeneration abilities don’t include his spinal cord.

  6. I wasn’t ready Nina, John and Donald ? I WASN’T.FUCKING.READY. Did this man really take him around Central City just to show Barry’s ppl that he made barry his bitch? #pettyking. I’m sorry, I know other things happened in this episode but all I can think about is how my Barry Allen got his ass whooped in seven different ways.. Now I’m going to go watch the season finale just so I can look at a time when my Barry Allen was great, because this, this was just shameful.

  7. First of all I just want to say thank you because your podcasts are my new favorite addiction! Now on to the Flash this episode was insane! I am so glad they brought Linda back to the forefront and seeing her as bootleg Dr Light was hilarious. There was so much goodness in this episode it had everything: Crisco vibing on Dr. Wells, Linda and Barry fake fighting terribly, and Zoom scaring me so badly that I had to go and pour myself a glass of wine. Zoom has zero chill guys he was lowkey trolling the entire city dragging Barry’s broken ass around and showing him off like his bitch.
    The only bad part of this episode was Patty Mayo I just can’t get down with her manic pixie dream girl act but….I’ll take her and Barry over Snowberry any day of the damn week. But anyways this might have been the best episode this season and it washed away a good deal of my rage towards the Walking Dead so yay

  8. For the podcast
    This episode makes me wish even more that Gotham and Supergirl were on the CW .
    I’m really loving all the characters in this show. All of them . It seemed like everyone
    Contributed in some way to this episode . Normally I can’t stand “flash forward intros , this one tho was well done. It showed the contrast on what we thought was going on to how goofy it really was .
    My favorite take is when they were all in the lab and someone nonchalantly said “oh Cisco can build that…and he made a face like “dude there’s other scientists that work here”
    I’m so glad they didn’t go with the whole Linda not knowing who the Flash was. It was pretty ridiculous that they were in that training scene and she did not recognize who he was right away. I don’t if you guys saw that terrible green Lateran movie …There was a scene where Hal Jordan tried to disguise himself but was recognized right away. I kinda wish they did something in that vein…..Barry didn’t even try to vibrate his face or anything.
    Why this episode was even better was the contrast of the goofy first half to the serious and dark second half. When Henry Allen (I’m calling it right now ) showed up and took Linda I so thought she was gonna die,…… Dude caught a lighting bolt, beat the hell out of the Flash and took him on a magic carpet ride around central city to show his friends that he ain’t. shit.
    I waiting for him to bring him to his first grade science teacher next ….what a dick


    Let’s be honest nothing I can say will even compare to this mother fuckin pipe bomb I witnessed!!

    But man this gave me all I needed and more!! Speaking of pipe bombs Zoom was like that heel that’s so awesome you can’t help but cheer for!! I mean he basically said ” YOU CAN CALL THIS THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!” And started spray paint NWO on our baby face Barry!! I know I just went heavy rasslin lingo but hopefully John can clean up the confusion at this point!!

    Now that I’ve completely marked out!! Let me get to my minor gripes!! 1. Linda must be the type of chick that when she be like “ninja I saw u cheatin!!!” You can hit her with the ” no you didn’t!” And she’ll be like “maybe I didn’t!!” And the second is Barry’s need to wallow in his fucking misery!! Idk if this is just me but if eobard/wells said” you’ll never be happy!!” I would’ve been like “yeah but at least I’m alive bitch ✌?️??” but that’s just me!!

    Anyways that’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!

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