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Episode 441: The Flash – S3E18 – Abra Kadabra

We discuss living for Hamilton tickets, Savitar theories, and that cold ending.

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1 Comment on Episode 441: The Flash – S3E18 – Abra Kadabra

  1. Just listened to the podcast for TF Abra Kadabra. Three things: 1) Candice Patton is as cute as she can be and I just love her. However, I agree, I am not feeling this hairstyle with the part down the middle at all. Not becoming of her. 2) Barry should not have been the one working on Caitlin or have anything to do with Caitlin. Anything he does with her is fodder for SBs. I think the writers/directors have pretty much acknowledged that based on what I have seen 3) Danielle Panabaker has wanted to be the leading lady of TF since forever. She has been baiting SBs since day one. Her tweeting that Barry kicked the door open was not only completely unnecessary, but also SB bullshit. She just wanted to feed her flock! She is as much of a snack as Caitlin Snow! Love you guys and look forward to the podcast every week!

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