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The Flash – S4E23 – We Are the Flash

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DeVoe was defeated with the help of Marlize. Ralph helped, too. He’s still alive because someone behind the scenes really likes this guy.

Cecile had her baby; a girl. My ovaries wept.

Did I mention that Ralph is alive again because this show hates happiness?

Harry is no longer smart, but he’s happy. He went back to Earth-2 to annoy the shit out of Jesse.

Wally is back and will hopefully find all the character development they gave to Ralph, who is still alive because we can’t have nice things.

The mystery girl is no other than Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. And THAT is the only reason I’m coming back for season five.

Leave your thoughts on the finale below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast. I’m gonna go watch Westworld and Killing Eve to cleanse my TV palette.

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"We Are The Flash"

The Flash – S4E23 – “We Are The Flash” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicole

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9 Comments on The Flash – S4E23 – We Are the Flash

  1. Hey y’all!
    Yeah… Finally this season is over.
    Nora is here! Yes!
    Caitlin knows every fuckn thing abt science huh… Mf even knows how to deliver a a baby ?
    So we’re gonna have another version of Wells next season.. But why ?
    The baby is cute. Big for a newborn baby. But cute
    Grant’s face from the moment Iris talked abt children till the end.. He was so here for it ? and yes, I said Grant not Barry ?
    And Ralph is really back next season huh… They really hate us ??
    Instead of Marlize we’re stuck with the Stretchy dic.. I can’t ??

    Well.. Next season can come already cus I wanna see Westallen interaction with their daughter ?
    Yeah.. I have nothing to say abt Devoe ?

    That’s it. Idk if you guys are gonna do podcast next season so.. Thanks for the podcast ?

  2. This podcast is the only reason I still watch The Flash. Nina is delightful, John is hilarious and Donny is Donny. I mostly just have it on as background noise just so I can nod in agreement about how bad the show has gotten and laugh at you guys jokes every week. No spoils but Killing Eve is lit! I need to get my money right to go premium to listen to those shows. Thanks for the free shit!

  3. For the podcast:

    It’s official The Flash is the worst in the CW comic book shows. Wally stay away, and keep doing your thing with the Legends. Not even gonna list the WTF moments cause I’m sure you guys already have. If you don’t review this anymore I understand I’ll still be watching cause Flash is my favorite DC character but unless they get new writers going forward I can’t rant and rave for this show like I want to. As always love the podcast.

  4. For the podcast

    So that season happened. Please let next season be better. Please let Ralph disappear cause nobody wanted him to come back!

    The only highlights were the last few minutes. Adorable little baby has my middle name. And Iris finally saw her future daughter and that child knew damn well her mama don’t play that! She “borrowed” the jacket. Sure she did. Lol.

    Would Barry have stopped the falling satellite if she hadn’t interfered? Is that what her mistake was? Was she the one who caused the rewind to happen?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear y’all shoot the shit & discuss the feedback. Thanks so much for podcasting this increasingly disappointing show. Y’all 3 are the real MVPs.

  5. For the podcast:
    I actually enjoyed this episode. I’m happy that Devoe was defeated fairly easy because I was tired of him 10 episodes ago. Anyways on to the only thing that matters, Nora Dawn Allen. I wonder if her mistake was preventing Barry from dying when he hit that satellite. Would that mean that Iris is/was pregnant? If Iris isn’t pregnant now, she would have to be soon because of the time I assume. Anyways I think they laid enough foundation to make next season good, if written well. With new show runners Todd and Eric hopefully things look up. Thanks for the great podcast guys!!!!

  6. Soooo Jesse let the team borrow her daddy and they sent him back broken with the IQ of a 5th grader?? On top of that, none of those assholes thought to go over with him to explain what happened. I hope S5 opens with Jesse coming over messing shit up and handing out fades. All the members of Team Flash can get it, even Nora and the baby. They’re grandfathered in on this ass-whooping!

    Thanks for the podcast!!

  7. For The Podcast

    So I think we should all give up this show and just have a game night every week instead. Here are my dumb questions:
    – Why did Barry think Oliver could help?
    – Why was Devoe in a wheelchair inside his own mind?
    – Why is Ralph?
    – Why did this shitty ass season literally rot Harry’s brain?
    – Why is Iris trapped in this shitty show?
    – Did they just rip off that scene from the Matrix with all the clones?
    – Who wrote this trash?
    – Yall remember when Iris was a speedster? Good times.
    – Couldn’t Devoe have just become an AI in the first place isn’t of causing this trouble?
    – So STAR Labs should get shut down after all this, right?
    – Did anyone else think even the baby looked shook at how bad this show has become?
    – Can we pretend that this season didn’t happen as well as Season 3?
    – What does it say about this show that characters are literally running away from the team to ANOTHER EARTH rather than be on screen anymore?
    – Why is Wallace the best thing about this show?
    – How did they even fuck up the daughter’s introduction? This entire season is just set up for a more interesting plotline.

    This is what happens when you make Caitlin a good character yall, the whole motherfucking show breaks down!

  8. For the podcast this episode was great ?? ok I’ll stop Jesus this season was trash I just can’t I only have hope for season 5 with Nora. I’m just gonna say arrow has been better then the flash this season even Gotham and if they make Wells basically HR light now with his smarts gone fine with it. Can’t wait for season 5 and more Ralph since he will be there and I don’t see Wally coming back and just staying on legends. Thanks for the podcast you all deserve a podcast award for survival

  9. For the podcast:

    First of all. Fuck this show… Is it possible to MFGA? So Ralph really they must’ve watched the series finale of The Strain to come up with this bullshit finish. “How can we piss off all the fans in an hour?” Or “Lets make the least liked character the savior of a season that was already too long and filled with bullshit!”

    Thanks for wading through the double size season of shit and giving us something to actually look forward to (the podcast of course) that makes the hour I lost not sting so bad.

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