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The Originals – S5E13 – When the Saints Go Marching In

Previously on The Originals, “Till The Day I Die/A Tale of Two Wolves”

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A Wolf In Boy’s Clothing

There once was an angry little boy. He was angry because he was hurt and abused and he didn’t know why. But he had an older brother and a sister who loved him and the three of them promised to take care of each other, always and forever. None of them knew how literal that promise would be, and over the years that angry little boy tested his family’s love and loyalty. He tested his own humanity until many believed he had none left… and then he found his Hope.

Klaus has the Hollow inside of him and he is prepared to take his own life when Hope shows up and knocks him out. Hope and Elijah take him back to New Orleans and all of the Mikaelson siblings rally to help him. Well sorta, Kol is over the drama and when Rebekah calls him out, he points out that happiness is a choice and she keeps choosing to put Nik and Elijah over her own happiness. Freya knows that The Hollow feeds on anger and hate so it will overtake Klaus even faster than anyone else. She finds a spell to siphon some of the Hollow into Elijah so Klaus can spend his last hours saying good-bye instead of going mad. At least we got to see Mikael and Camille one last time while Klaus was losing it.


With Klaus’s mind cleared, Caroline comes to collect on that message he left her waaaaaaayyyyy back in season one, episode one of The Originals where he said he wanted to show her his New Orleans. She convinces him that he has to say goodbye to Hope and not leave her with the anger his father left him. Then she kisses him and they part ways and my whole shipper heart soared.

The final scenes of this series are (almost) everything that I wanted. Klaus says goodbye to Hope, Rebekah and Marcel stop letting everyone but themselves be happy, and all the Mikaelsons sit around the dinner table laughing and eating and eulogizing Klaus in the best way imaginable. In the end, Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah return to the bench in the square and Klaus tells Rebekah about the cure in Mystic Falls before saying goodbye. Then, as I predicted, it all ends with the two brothers. As Klaus prepares to kill himself, Elijah cuts the White Oak stake in half, keeping a piece to himself. Elijah has always been there by Klaus’s side, hoping to make his brother a better man and now that Klaus has proven himself with this sacrifice, Elijah is going to take that step with him. It’s a fitting and beautiful end to their story even if we all hoped Klaus would survive somehow.

The Good

  • Freya and Keelin deciding to have children and wanting Vincent to be the father was perfect. More interspecies babies!
  • Although I can’t imagine New Orleans being vampire-less, Marcel telling the vampires to leave town and ceding the town to the wolves and witches is a bold move. Give NOLA a break.
  • The last moment between Marcel and Hope, and also Hayley looking over Hope’s shoulder as she paints. It’s good that they showed that she’s not truly alone.
  • The return of Cami and Mikael as the angel and devil on Nik’s shoulders was a great way to bring them back without using flashbacks or giving us long speeches.

The Best

  • Rebekah and Marcel! Go be happy, you two. I know Rebekah is going to take that cure and become human, but hopefully without her brothers around she’s able to be happy with Marcel for a time.
  • Hope’s painting of her family, all of them happy and together, made me smile. She’s truly an orphan now, but she is loved by so many people.
  • Klaroline! Probably the only truly good thing Julie Plec has given me. Although it’s not their ending in Paris, Klaus made good on his promise to show her New Orleans and hopefully in their afterlife, they’ll meet under the Eiffel Tower.

Even though Hope is going into Legacies an orphan, Klaus sacrificing himself for his daughter was a great ending to the show. Since season one, he’s moved heaven and earth for her and of course he would sacrifice himself for her. The bigger surprise was Elijah not finding a way to take the full burden on himself (he’s a martyr like that) but I suspect that would have been too much like Stefan’s sacrifice at the end of TVD. Having the brothers move on together was a perfect sacrificial ending. I can’t wait to read everyone’s Klaus and Elijah in heaven fan fiction. Adieu.

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“When The Saints Go Marching In”

The Originals – S5E13– “When The Saints Go Marching In” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Riley Voelkel | Guest Starring: Candice King, Leah Pipes, Sebastian Roche

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