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The Walking Dead – S8E10 – The Lost and the Plunderers

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Honor”

Rick Grimes is nowhere near fulfilling his promise to his dying son, and that’s understandable. Before getting to “my mercy prevailed over my wrath,” Rick needs to scorch a little earth first. Still reeling from losing Carl and their home, Rick and Michonne head for the junkyard to check on Jadis’ crew. Rick knows the Saviors are aware of their triple-cross and wants to make sure they (and their guns) are still on his side. Too bad Simon gets there first.

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Negan’s second wants one of two things: either they pack up and find new communities to save because they keep taking Ls or they take out the majority of each of the remaining to communities. Negan nixes both ideas, insisting that Saviors don’t give up nor do they take the easy way out. Killing everyone is easy; finding another way to make them see reason is hard, but worth it. This kinda sounds like what Carl wants, minus the whole “kill just one to send a message.” Even after receiving Maggie’s gift of a dead Savior and the warning to stand down, Negan sends Simon to meet with Jadis and instructions to do the hard thing. Simon and his men kill everyone except Jadis.

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Rick and Michonne find Jadis surrounded by her undead family and with the sudden ability to speak in complete sentences. Despite her pleas that they take her with them, Rick and Michonne leave Jadis to die (though Rick later claims he didn’t want her dead).

Rick radios Negan with the news of Carl’s death and the fact that Carl left a letter for Negan as well. He also asked Negan to stop fighting. Again, no one expected Rick to call for a truce with Carl barely cold in the ground, but however close he was to honoring his promise is set back when Negan blames Rick’s quest for revenge for Carl’s death. On top of that, he calls him a shitty father.

So, yeah. These two won’t be swapping beard grooming tips any time soon.

Bits & Bites

The whole Oceanside trip continues to be a waste of time as Cyndie opts to let Aaron and Enid go after kills Cyndie’s grandmother. That act of mercy doesn’t mean the women are willing to “join the fight,” but Aaron stays behind to convince them after heads home.

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Jadis turns the walkers into mush using a trash compacter and then sit downs to enjoy some applesauce. If she uses that mush as paint, I might have to quit this show.

How many blows to the head is Simon going to take when Negan finds out what he did? Also, does this confirm that Simon was behind killing all the men from Oceanside’s prior community?

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"The Lost and the Plunderers"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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7 Comments on The Walking Dead – S8E10 – The Lost and the Plunderers


    Hey Nina, Donnie, and John

    Sooooo I’m convinced I like to waste hour of my life on Sundays. The junkyardigin talk was just cause as Janice talked normal after she turned whole zombie crew into tomato paste lol. Why is Oceanside still being mentioned? And Rick said fuck Carl’s letter about peace.

    I’m sure I’ll be laughing listening to yall review.

    Love the podcast!

  2. For the podcast

    Didn’t watch. Just saw the gifs on Tumblr of Negan reacting to Carl’s death.

    Did just read your review. So the Oceanside deaths do sound like a Simon kinda thing. Negan ain’t gonna like this.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. For the podcast:
    This war story has gone on too long imho. Is it over yet??? (In my “are we there yet” voice ?)

    So Oceanside is back-why would they want 2 join a group they’ve took their guns & left them defenseless??? And welcome back Jadis sole survivor of the post apocalyptic junkyard art colony-but I have 2 it give 2 Sister girl for her survival instincts i.e. turning her now zombified crew into ground meat. Rick was cold blooded leaving her behind-My question: was Rick shooting @ Jadis to keep her from following them or did he shoot in the other direction 2 clear the zombies so she could escape on her own?!?

    Simon is an enjoyable villian; evil as f***k . He & Negans breakup is imminent. I liked when Simon suggested they cut their losses & move on from alexandria etc but negan is like nah-I wonder if negan feared he’d lose the loyalty of the dwindling saviors.

    I liked how Carl’s death touched Negan; I was looking forward to seeing that relationship develop.

    Ricks so far gone he can’t comprehend the purpose of Carl’s message in the letters. Negan guilt tripping Rick was spot on.

    That’s all I have until next week.

  4. David Boyd. That’s who we have to thank for directing this trash ass episode. Looked it up on IMDB & Wikipedia just so I got it correct. Fuck him and who(m?) ever else let this happen.

    For The Podcast;
    Something I could have lived without besides 40 mintues of this episode? The bolded character title cards. Initially my mercy prevailed over my wrath when I 1st saw Michonne’s and Negan’s b/c I was under the false belief that they were based on Carl’s letters until we fucking got to Jadis and we know he didn’t write that bitch a letter, Carl probably thought she couldn’t read.

    They really wanted us to feel sorry for this bitch by giving her full sentences to say. Jadis having to meat grind her people like in Kingsman the golden circle is exactly what they all deserved.

    I can’t stand Enid & Aaron. Both are selfish and I didn’t appreciate the way she was talking to my girl Cindy, and Aaron’s message for Maggie made me angry cause this show makes characters just the right amount of stupid for her to actually risk going to oceanside if Aaron’s khaki wearing ass doesn’t return. And what’s w/ him waiting in the bushes like a creeper for these 2 women nobody can even remember? They already said no.Thrice!

    That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    P.s I was waiting for Rick to snitch on Simon about the garbage crew, sad he didn’t.

  5. For The Podcast:

    – Enid is already the most audacious white woman ever. “That grandma got herself killed” BITCH WHERE? YOU shot her.

    Enid: I wanna speak the manager
    Oceanside: You shot her
    *Aaron crouches awkwardly by a tree in shame*

    – Only in America can Bangs betray Rick 70 times and still expect to get saved.
    – Yall I swear all those women from Oceanside moved to the coast because they knew The Shape of Water was gonna win best picture. They want some of that fish fucking.
    – Nina, if you’re going to talk with ARon this week for his podcast, can you teach him what locks are. I’m sorry but they had no idea what Zeke was putting in his hair last half-season.

  6. Hello to my favorite three some!

    To keep it short I’m going to do high point, low point.
    High points-Michonne; the garbage pail people are gone; Negan, he can be such agreat dick, but he’s so sexy; it wasn’t an extended episode.
    Low points- Enid. Entitled, No-chill, Irritating, Dumbass; Rick. Simon. It was a tad long.

    Have a great week!

    They fuckin killed Carl. Those assholes.

  7. Rick is corny. Can’t wait till negan kills him and takes michone as his prize. Darryl is corny too. Should have been him that got bit.

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