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The Walking Dead – S8E14 – Still Gotta Mean Something

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Do Not Send Us Astray”

After another morning of…

“Hey, maybe Dwight is on our side because I haven’t turned.”
“No. Fuck Dwight.”

“Hey, maybe you should read Carl’s letter.”
“No. Gotta kill more people first.”

“Are you going out to look for Henry?”

… Daryl and Rosita head off to sabotage the Saviors’ bullet-making process; Morgan leaves to hunt the escapees and Carol tags along; Rick puts on his murder coat and off a-murdering he goes.

Jadis and Elaborate Murdering

Via flashback we learn Jadis faked death to survive Simon’s massacre. Now that she has Negan tied to a palette on wheels, she packs a bag and prepares to feed him to a walker strapped to a cart because she’s all about elaborate, unnecessary death scenes.

Images: AMC

But Negan gets his hands on a gun, a lit flare, and some of Jadis’ personal photographs. He threatens to burn them and she breaks down. After she reveals he took everything from her, he admits that Lucille is named after his dead wife and all he has left of her.

The helicopter from earlier in the season appears and hovers nearby. During a struggle with Jadis, the flare Negan was holding is extinguished and Jadis rushes to light another to get the pilot’s attention. She’s too late and the helicopter flies away.

Jadis lets Negan go and declines his offer to join him. He says he’ll come back and maybe then she’ll feel like explaining what the hell was up with the helicopter.

Morgan and Unwavering Murdering

Carol admits she didn’t leave to find New Carl or hunt the Saviors; she’s worried about Morgan. He has a vision of New Carl and tells Carol they both know he’s dead. When they find a walker with New Carl’s spear sticking out of it, Carol thinks there may be hope he’s still alive and she and Morgan part ways: she resolves to finding New Carl and he’s still committed to killing Saviors.

Morgan runs into Rick and acknowledges two things:

1. Rick’s wearing his murdering coat so they can roll together and
2. He’s crazy

The missing Saviors actually find them and tie Morgan and Rick up inside the dive bar they’ve been hiding in. They got an injured companion and can’t decide on how to proceed. Rick further complicates matters by seemingly taking Al from Philly’s earlier advice that Rick not kill those he doesn’t have to, and instead offers to take them back to Hilltop. All seem prepared to take him up on that offer except the Long-Haired Asshole Who Killed New Carl’s Brother. LHAWKNCB wants to kill them both yesterday.

Morgan: “Oh, I’m going to kill you all.” Rick: “Damn it, Morgan.”

Morgan then complicates those matters by saying he has every intention on killing each of them, slowly and painfully, forever and ever. Amen.

A whole herd of plot device comes shambling into the bar and Rick and Morgan are freed to help fend them off. A few of the Saviors even save their lives, but that doesn’t stop Rick and Morgan from killing the Saviors as soon as the herd is down to a manageable sized plot device. Morgan then tracks down LHAWKNCB and holds him to a fence so walkers can feast on him. It was the best part of the entire episode.

Carol finds New Carl alive, unfortunately.

Rick goes home, hangs up his murdering coat, showers, but still walks around the house in those rank cowboy boots for some reason, and finally reads Carl’s letter.

Dear Dad,

First things first: If you give someone your word that you’re not doing to kill them, please keep it. Don’t turn around and kill them the first chance you get.


Bits & Bites

Negan finds someone on the side of the road and offers them a ride. When he pulls up at the Sanctuary, it appears he’s alone and he tells his guards not to mention his return. I’m betting the passenger was that Savior who tried to bang Spencer that one time and since TSWTTBSTOT knows Dwight is a traitor, Dwight’s and Simon’s days are numbered.

Will Rosita and Daryl really be able to kill Eugene?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below, send them to, or leave them on the Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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    Performances – 8.5/10

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, Khary Payton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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15 Comments on The Walking Dead – S8E14 – Still Gotta Mean Something

  1. For the podcast

    Still haven’t watched since they killed Carl. But some nice person posted video of the Richonne I❤️U and I don’t care what else happened in that episode cause that was clearly the best thing in it!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. For The Podcast

    Well 2 more episodes then this season is over….. With that I’m still here for Negan and the “WHAT THE SHIT!”, and “I got punched in the dick” commentary lol. And I need to Morgan to just go “I need to clear” one me time. Other than.. Fuck Gimple ! Love the podcast

  3. It was nice to see Junkyardigan Janis being normal. My only question is how did she have time to get into an IKEA and put her nice little trailer together?!?! Other than that it seemed like a lot of filler. ??‍♀️

  4. For the podcast ok the show has been on a roll and this was a good episode and first I feel like Jadis is either apart of that group that went to the library or she was apart of some group that were just spy’s at this point because idk anymore. Rick put on his murder jacket from season 4 so I knew people would die and him and morgan teaming up will always be great. The only downside was that we should have had maybe 10 or 20 minutes of flashbacks with Negan and extended this episode so we saw his wife and his back story

  5. For the podcast
    Another ok episode saved by a few scenes but for the most part it was underwhelming.
    Richonne still going strong-when they said I love you to each other, I was all into my feelings. That was so sweet!?

    Mad Rick & Crazy Morgan slaughtering the remaining saviors was interesting-RIP Jared the asshole. Great effect when the walker touched rick on the shoulder while attempting 2 bite him.. I was waiting for Rick and Morgan to turn on each other if only for a few seconds.

    Jadis has Negan captured & hogtied-I was expecting some torture but she seemed to be going through some personal crises & what was up w/that pristine room amid the dump city? Was she part of a group connected to that helicopter? Negan seems more human & compassionate compared 2 the man we saw what seemed like seasons ago bashing Abraham & Glenn to death.

    So who did Negan picked up?

    That’s all I have-looking forward to the podcast which will be more entertaining the the episode.

  6. I forgot to shame Matt last week for not going to the doctor. He is the exact opposite of my father, every time that man goes in for his yearly physical, he asks his doctor to do a “simple” cat scan like it’s normal. But he’s 70 and in better shape than me so I guess? Get ur ass to the doctor Matt!!!

    For the podcast:
    What the shit guys? No really, what the shit was this?
    I feel like the writers are trying to make rick feel guilty over killing saviors and I don’t get it. If given the choice these people would still be on Negan’s side. The only reason why they weren’t fighting along side Simon and the rest was b/c they were captured. That’s it. And they only kept rick and morgan alive as bargaining chips, so who cares if they die? That one savior mumbling “we could’ve been something” to rick was so fucking frustrating.

    Props to morgan for creeping everyone out. But damn him and his hallucinations, for a second I thought we were getting walker henry.

    That boy is Carl & Sophia wrapped up into one super annoying package. Morgan told carl back in s3, don’t ever be sorry. And Carol found Henry’s little ass in that same pond death trap Rick left Sophia in back in s2.
    Carol. “I was wrong, you can survive.”
    Really bitch? He was about to be eaten by like 4 walkers before you showed up.
    And what the fuck was Ezekiel doing this ep? Calling Carol a coward, couldn’t even find his own kid, wasn’t watching his crazy ass in the 1st place. Carol may be down for some bumping and grinding (I caught the hand holding) but she didn’t ask to be someone’s stepmama. Ugh!!! Was he even out looking for henry? cause rick managed to bump into Morgan of all people but carol was out there by her damn self until nightfall, so it looks like he gave up the search quick.
    Seriously tho: y’all think carzekiel are gonna have a sex scene in the future? I’m not an ageist but honestly, I ain’t tryin see all that.

    That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    P.S.I wanna believe Negan picked up neck tattoo but watch it be fucking Gregory. where the hell is this bitch? Did she take the scenic route home? Did she decide to go sightseeing in Alexandria? Where the fuck did she go?

  7. For The Podcast:

    1) So glad that Jesus was here to clean up the mess he made by bringing in these Saviours – oh wait, no he didn’t, because White Jesus is a fuckboi.
    2) Where the fuck was Gregory?
    3) Carol is on her fourth Sophia right now, but I like that she managed to save Henry in a similar situation to how Rick lost Sophia before.
    4) Jadis is such a pointless, piece of trash character that actively makes no sense. Air BNB in the back? Let’s stay in the trashdump. Helicopter on the way? Better dick around with Negan first. Got the leader of the Saviours as a hostage? Let me just let him go straight away. Fuck this show.
    5) Okay so is Morgan going to Texas or nah?
    6) Daryl NEEDS to die, but at least he’s with Rosita so Dorito is once again on the rise!!
    7) I’m so happy no one told Maggie that they were leaving. She’s such a great leader, she must know where everyone is at any given time.

    Cheers for the coverage and thank you to Nina.

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