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The Walking Dead – S8E16 – Wrath

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Worth”

I wasn’t ready for this. (Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

The Walking Dead has a lot of problems, and they were all on display in this finale. The most offensive is their insistence on putting their characters where they want them to be even if it is completely incongruous with the episodes leading up to it. It was obvious from the mid-season premiere that Rick’s mercy would prevail over his wrath (But did it really, though? More on that later.), but we had to sit through seven and a half episodes of his wrath with no mercy in sight. The Walking Dead isn’t interesting in nuanced or gradual storytelling. They’re going to give you big moments in premieres and finales with nonsense in between.

Negan had an okey-doke within an okey-doke. The men he sent to the location in Dwight’s message to Rick were nothing more than sacrificial lambs. He knew Rick and crew would kill them (they did) and find a new map with Negan’s true location (they did). THIS is the real trap because when Rick arrives, they’ll be surrounded by Saviors. Negan lays out this real plan to Gabe on their way there — for some reason. At his first opportunity, Gabe stops, drops, and rolls out of the car and flees into the woods. Negan’s caravan stops to chase him even though Gabe is blind and on foot. He has absolutely no chance of reaching Rick in time to warn them. In fact, he’s almost killed by a walker until Laura, the Savior, saves him. THEN, Negan spares Gabe yet again.

Once they have Rick and friends surrounded, Negan jumps on a bullhorn to tell them that Dwight didn’t betray them, but he’ll have to stand there and watch them die while wearing a giant A on his shirt cause he’s… an adulterer? Asshole? I don’t know. Then Negan counts down from three and all the Saviors fire their guns — including Negan who has his pointed at the back of Gabe’s head — and their guns misfire because someone is still under the mistaken impression Eugene is an interesting and necessary character worth redemption.

It looks like they’re playing Tag.

Some Saviors are killed, but most give up. Rick chases Negan down and they have their third brawl of the series. When Negan has Rick weaponless and on his knees, Rick begs for ten seconds to convince Negan of a truce, for Carl. By the time Negan reaches eight, it appears to work. He’s in tears and seems poised to drop Lucille. Then Rick slits his throat.

At this point, I was thinking the series has to be done. Rick just shat all over his son’s memory and spit on it for good measure. Even Negan knows this as he tells Rick (while trying to hold his throat together) to look at what he did.

“Carl didn’t know shit.”

“Do you have any idea how many viewers are bailing if I die?”

Maybe it was this that causes Rick to tell Siddiq to save Negan. Maggie loses her entire shit. She didn’t get a letter from Carl. And if she did, she didn’t read it. And if she did read it, fuck Carl. He’s dead. As is Glenn, who Negan murdered in front of her. Maggie’s wrath has told her mercy to have a seat.

Some time passes (a day or so) and everyone is working together to rebuild not just Alexandria and Hilltop, but the Sanctuary as well. The Oceanside women showed up at the last minute to help Tara fend off the Saviors at Hilltop, so they’re part of the family now as well. I guess.

Daryl gives Dwight keys to a car and tells him to leave and never come back. Dwight heads to the house where he was supposed to meet Sherry the first time and finds another note from her. We assume they’ll meet up where they had their honeymoon. Morgan goes to the junkyard to tell Jadis, whose real name is Ann, she’s welcome to go live with Rick and she agrees. But Morgan is staying put because he cannot abide all this level-headed thinking and non-murdering. Also, he’s got a new gig in Texas.

Rick and Michonne visit Negan’s hospital bed to tell him he’s going to rot in Morgan’s homemade jail cell for the rest of his life; that and watching the world flourish around him will be his punishment. And if they’re not going to show jailhouse Negan next season, I’m out. Cause this is just a fucking mess.

We’re supposed to believe that just the day before Rick was lying to men, saying he would spare their lives only to murder them minutes later, but that after reading Carl’s letter he saw the light? The letter, which wasn’t all that powerful, was more powerful than Carl pleading with him on his deathbed? And he decided to give Carl’s way a chance AFTER slitting Negan’s throat?


But don’t expect things to be all prayer circles and hair braiding in season nine. Maggie makes it clear to Jesus and Daryl that they’re going to bide their time and then show Rick and Michonne they were wrong. Daryl is onboard even though he JUST let Dwight go and so is Jesus because I been telling y’all that Jesus is the fucking Feds.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be back next season? Leave your BRIEF thoughts below, send them to, or leave them on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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29 Comments on The Walking Dead – S8E16 – Wrath

  1. I was fine with it until Maggie, Jesus and Daryl went way off character about Rick. Then they made it worse by throwing Michone under the bus!

  2. First time leaving feedback. I’ll make it short. I only still watch this show cause you guys make it a great podcast. But I might be done. How does Eugene live? Dwight just drives off to find a wife that ain’t there?!? And I guess Negan is the first man sentenced to life in the “new world” they keep talking about. Maggie and them plotting. I just don’t get it. Can’t wait to hear the show.

  3. For the podcast:

    Sooooo Negan ain’t dead but he’ll no longer be the focus in this shit show?….. No pressure but I’ll only be watching this now if you’re guys are still gonna do recaps. Rick couldn’t tell Maggie and them this “we are the world, mercy prevail over my wrath plan” to keep Negan alive? Fuck this show!
    Love the podcast

  4. I was underwhelmed the entire season and then semi enjoyed the season finale until the end with Carol being separated from all the OG’s AGAIN and Daryl and Jesus acting completely OOC with this whole “we are going to show Rick and Michonne how wrong they were” thing. Stupid.

  5. For the Podcast.

    Ok. Yeah. 3 seasons or 2 weeks show time or however that shit works out to end…with this. Lame. Rosita changed Eugene. Really?! I don’t buy that.

    Maggie going out of character and forming a damn cabal in an office that looks like a shadowy lair. If she had a mustache she’d be twirling it. Fuck Jesus. Darryl doesn’t even have any motivation. He just does random dumb shit.
    Sigh. I’m done.

  6. For the podcast

    So I really have no idea what that was but I’m intrigued by Maggie’s switch up. Didn’t see it coming. Not sure if it’s enough to get me to watch next season but I will say I am intrigued.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  7. The episode was fantastic except for that dumbass maggie

  8. Hopefully the whisperers kill maggie and Rosita instead of Ezekiel

  9. The guns backfiring ended up being so anti-climactic for a season finale. It was so simple. And I really have a hard time believing that Negan is OK. It looked like Rick slit his throat big-time. Who knows. In Walking Dead land, apparently anything goes. I was hoping Eugene would die. Even hearing one line from him was too much. Meh- I just don’t really care. Fear TWD was interesting though…. I think I’ll keep watching that one. ?

  10. At least the ftwd opener waa good.

  11. Is it me or when Daryl came slinking out of the curtain, or whatever he was in in Maggie’s office, that was a little creepy? What is he doing in there? Why is slinking around? Didn’t Maggie and Jesus smell him or are they nose blind to Daryl by now?

  12. For the Podcast:
    Hi Nina, John and Donnie(Donnie, I hope you get out of The Sunken Place soon! That is where it sounds like you are talking from in every podcast!)

    What in the HELL is Darryl doing letting Dwight go but he still wants to kill Negan? I mean is that not a little out of character for him?

    I love that Maggie wants to still kill Negan as she should lose her shit! She should have just pulled her gun and started firing!

    I didn’t know what happened when all the guns started exploding! I thought the Children of the Corn came to help out!

    Eugene and his filp flopping ass can die tomorrow and I would be just fine with it. I know why they didn’t kill Negan but I was still left unsatisfied with the final Rick vs Negan battle! We waited all season for Negan to go to jail???? Seriously???

    I hope Fear will do much better this season! I like that gun slinging dude! He is straight out of Gunsmoke!

    Y’all keep me in stitches because of the following:
    1) Nina’s infectious laugh!
    2) John’s willingness to put snacks above everything!
    3) Donnie’s Strong Pimp game! I don’t know how he got Nina but that colonizer needs to write a book!

    Until next time, Nina and the Colonizers!
    Wakanda Forever

  13. For the podcast:
    Unlike beychella, this finale had no sizzle/no slay. I feel all we basically got was both parties standing off in the field w/saviors eventually sabotaged by Eugene (which I had partially guessed). And then here comes cavalry aka Oceanside, who’s been barely part of the storyline, to help save the day @ hilltop.

    Rick/Negan wasn’t much of a fight though I liked how Rick used Carl’s final wishes 2 gain advantage over Negan.

    I liked the twist that all is not kumbaya within the hilltop community c/o Maggie, Jesus (where has he been all season??), & Darryl. It will be interesting 2 see if Maggie goes “governor mode” to get not only negan but rick & michonne too.

    I will probably tune into S9 w/expectations tempered. Special thanks to Nina, Donny & John for entertaining podcasts of an otherwise uneventful season.

  14. Soooo, fuck this shit.

    I’m not even gone be mad that Rick can’t hit Negan, who’s running in a straight line but can somehow cut Negan’s throat so precisely that he doesn’t bleed out. So I’ll shoot the shit with y’all.

    ?Oh. Oh. Oooooohhh. OH! OH!?
    Donny how’s your back? Is playing games more enjoyable while high? Speaking of, Nina how much of a high are you on with Cardi B and Queen Bey stuntin on the Earth? John, top 3 cereals. I go Peanut Butter Crunch, Cinnamon toast crunch and Frosted Shredded Wheat.

    As long as yall podcast, I’m here. But I ain’t watching. Till next time.

  15. For the podcast:

    This finale sucked. I knew it would episodes ago, but I was still hoping it would give us something, anything to work with. But nope. It was boring, anticlimactic, and beyond predictable. The throat slicing did jar me out of boredom for a second, but that was it. I like the idea of Rick letting Negan live as punishment. It opens up a lot of future possibilities for the community and for Negan as a character. Except the problem is I hate everything about how we got here. I still don’t understand how Rick came to this decision, though I do know for sure that Carl’s death was indeed pointless and ridiculous. And Negan let Rick live in their very first encounter because of Carl? Yeah, this show can bite me. But then why should Negan get a pass from lack of consistent and good character development on this show?

    Speaking of – Maggie gave a villain speech, Daryl literally creeped out of a dark corner as if to reveal his treachery, and Jesus just sat there reaction-less even though all he’s done for the past season is talk about not killing Saviors. So I already know that I’m also going to hate where we go from here as well. But I do love this podcast, so thank you all for being the legit only good thing about TWD anymore.

  16. Yall, this was a trash dump. Here are my highlights:

    – Maggie forgiving the hot Saviour dude because “My thirsty prevailed over my wrath”
    – Morgan literally saying “We are worse than we were. We can’t go back, let’s just finish this.” It’s just a cry for help from the writers room.
    – Rick choosing to fight the Saviours like Dothraki in an open field! THE FOOL!
    – That Red Machete finale tho
    – Me wanting Siddiq to interrupt Rick at the end just to say “Sorry, he’s bled out.”
    – Maggie blaming Michonne JUST LIKE A CAUCASIAN!
    – Jesus being with the feds all along.
    – #Morganne

    This was trash, yall were great, and I’m still #TeamNegan

  17. For the podcast:
    I may be only tuning in to hear your recap from now on b/c no. This was predicatable af.
    fuck maggie. I’m not upset she’s plotting but her stupid ass let Aiden read the fucking book Georgie gave them. Did she just leave that shit lying around where anyone can take a gander?Wtf is wrong with this group?
    They all should have died last night. Every single thing that happened in the groups favor was poorly written and done out of convenience. Including Gab getting his sight back. When he said he could see, I thought he was getting like a “vision”, ya know from actual Jesus. Ugh.

    I don’t understand Eugene, his actions don’t line up with his only character goal; staying alive. Negan was winning and it looked like Eugene was doubling down last ep, so why the switch up? And Rosita, the fucking idiot, had the nerve to ask “The guns, was that you?” uh, who the fuck else would it have been bitch?!. They all turned on him, you were standing right there. And if your ass wasn’t sure, why? didn’t? you? shoot ?him ? earlier??!!!!

    I can’t believe they dyed Andrew Lincoln’s hair for that fucking flashback either. And that Jadis’ real name is fucking Anne. This episode was a waste of my time and this season was useless bullshit. fuck aaron’s ass too and whatever portal he and oceanside stepped through to get to the hilltop.

    oh and I watched ftwd, and surprise! Morgan’s back to not killing again. Yippie. ? fuck all this.

    That’s it for me. can’t wait to hear the podcast. Hope y’all go off. And no, my dentist has never taken my blood pressure for any procedure before.

  18. Rick wouldn’t be Rick if he wasn’t changing the plan and acting without consulting the group… I liked this whole season though, good stuff.

  19. Gonna have to say I’m fine with this finale but the ending with Maggie Daryl and Judas(Jesus) have they not learned don’t go against Rick Will slit your throat Grimes. Didn’t we learn this lesson with Shane, the governor and the Terminus and every enemy that fights Rick your not gonna win. I can’t wait for season 9 now to see how badly they lose.

  20. I know I’m late but I saw this lame ass shit at the movie theaters so basically it was just a bigger mess on a bigger screen lol luv the podcast tho

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