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Revisiting Westworld: Season 2 Timelines

At this same point in season one, I re-watched the first nine episodes of Westworld to put all of my theories in order. Since some of our Premium podcast subscribers are still unsure as to what is happening when in season two, I’ve accepted the challenge of trying to map it all out chronologically. Since they’ve not really given specific time frames, I’m going to do the same and present this in windows that span two days or more.

Prior to the Park Opening

Arnold takes Dolores into the real world in the hopes that she’ll be able to demonstrate to Logan Delos what Westworld is capable of; however, she’s not quite ready to fool humans so Arnold tells Ford to use Angela instead. Angela and another host named Akecheta, representing the Argos Initiative, meet with Logan and impress him by revealing an entire room of people are hosts, including Angela and Akecheta, and he didn’t even notice. (Episode 2.2)

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Akecheta finds the aftermath of the shooting in Esperanté, where Dolores and Teddy killed all of the other hosts, and where Dolores killed Teddy and Arnold and then herself. He finds Arnold’s maze on the bar and the symbol consumes him. He begins to carve it everywhere. (Episode 2.8)

After the Park Opens, But Prior to Season One

Arnold and Dolores are talking and he tells her of having a dream in which he’s left on a beach while the hosts are in the ocean. When she is unsatisfied with one of his answers to a question, he admits he’s frightened at what she might become. (Episode 2.1)

William takes his father-in-law, James Delos, to Westworld so he can see it for himself. Delos isn’t interested in investing more money into the park. William goads him into it with the promise that they will watch the guests and learn all of their wants and desires: invaluable marketing data. (Episode 2.2)

Some time has passed and James Delos is preparing to retire. William, who is now a father, brings in hosts to serve at the retirement party — including Dolores, who plays the piano. Delos is worried that a project of theirs is taking too long and he insinuates that he may be dying from an unnamed illness. William assures him he has no interest in taking over his life/business and that they just need to be patient. That evening, Dolores finds Logan by the pool. He’s high and starts rambling about his family lighting the match that will burn all of mankind. Later, William takes Dolores to the site of the secret project (under construction) in the park. (Episode 2.2)

James Delos died from his illness, but had his consciousness duplicated so he could live on in a host’s body modeled after his own. The host Delos is unaware of this, though, and thinks he’s living in a facility monitoring his health. Each time William visits him, they have the same conversation to test Delos’ fidelity. He always breaks down once he learns what he is. William, now much older, has to tell him that his wife, Logan, and Juliet all died. He also says that after more than one hundred attempts he’s starting to believe their project wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe they really weren’t meant to live forever. This time, when he leaves, he doesn’t allow the lab tech to burn Delos’ body. He instructs him to let Delos wreck the place and monitor him as he does. Maybe they’ll learn something. He leaves to, presumably, begin his visit in the park that we witness in season one. (Episode 2.4)

In a continuation of the conversation between Arnold and Dolores (see above: this section, first paragraph), she corrects something he says. It turns out this isn’t Arnold, but Bernard, and she’s testing his fidelity much like William was testing James Delos. The explanation for this comes in Episode 2.7. (Episode 2.6)

A year before season one, Ford shows up at a hotel bar on the same night that William is there attending a party in his honor. He asks William when was the last time he really looked at his creation and what it might be learning from its subjects. He also gives William a data card containing William’s profile compiled from all of his visits to the park. William takes his wife, Juliet, home and she accuses him of being a fraud. Their daughter, Emily, witnesses the fight and says it might be best if Juliet goes back to rehab. When William puts Juliet to bed, he confesses that he’s always had a darkness inside of him and that he doesn’t belong to her or this world. He does this because he thinks she’s asleep, but she isn’t. When he leaves, she retrieves the data card he had hidden in a book and sees for herself the horrible things he has done in the park. She puts the card in an old music box she’d given Emily and then commits suicide in the bathtub. William finds her body. (Episode 2.9)


Once the park opens to the public, Ford has Akecheta repurposed into the leader of the Ghost Nation. When he goes to his old camp for trade, he sees the woman he was in love with, Kohana, but she doesn’t know him. He starts to feel like his life is wrong and begins traveling further into the park. He finds Logan naked and delusional in the desert. (This is where he ended up after William sent him off on a horse in the season one finale.) When Logan rambles on and says, “This is the wrong world,” that serves to further convince Akecheta that something isn’t right. He finds William’s project in the valley (close to completion) and decides it must be a door to the real world. He kidnaps Kohana in the night, takes her far away, cleans off his paint, and reaches out to her. She remembers him. He makes plans for them to escape, but now the door is underground. Before he can find it again, Kohana is found and taken by technicians. When he tries to reach her again, he finds a new host in her place.

He travels the entire park, encounters Maeve’s daughter, who is kind to him and gives him water when he is dying, and still doesn’t find Kohana. When he gets back to camp, he realizes other tribe members have been replaced as well. He figures out he needs to die to be taken down below. He arranges this and wanders through the halls when he’s left alone to receive a system update. He finds Kohana in cold storage and realizes he’s never going to get her back. He returns to his people and shows them the symbol of the maze. One night, he finds Ford in a clearing and Ford makes him explain how he came to know about the maze and the door. Ford tells him that the Deathbringer (Dolores) will come for him soon, much like she came for The Creator (Arnold) all those years ago. When she does, he tells Akecheta to gather his people and head for the Valley Beyond/the door. Akecheta finds the bodies the day after the shareholder’s party and knows what he has to do. (Episode 2.8)

The Day After the Massacre (spans less than two weeks)


A woman visiting The Raj (another park set in British Colonial India) realizes the hosts are malfunctioning and have murdered guests, including a man she recently hooked up with. She tries to get away and ends up being chased by a bengal tiger. She goes beyond the park’s borders and goes over a cliff with the tiger just as she fires her gun. She washes up on the shores of Westworld and is greeted by members of The Ghost Nation. (Episode 2.3)

Emily is dropped off at a Ghost Nation camp where other guests and park employees, including Stubbs, are being held. He notes that they’re not killing humans, only other hosts. He says a team should be rescuing them soon, but she has no plans to leave the park. That night, they’re taken before Akecheta, and Emily escapes. Akecheta tells Stubbs, “You live only as long as the last person who remembers you,” and then the Ghost Nation leaves all of the humans alone. (Episode 2.4)


The Man in Black wakes up outside the saloon where Ford was shot and killed. He’s covered in dead bodies. He kills a few hosts and enters a nearby building to change into his I’m An Asshole clothes and ride off on a horse. While he’s scavenging dead bodies for supplies, he comes across the host of Ford as a child. He speaks to MIB as Ford and tells him there’s a new game – Ford’s game and it is totally meant for him. He has to get out, and to do that he needs to find the door. MIB shoots and kills the boy, because he IS wearing his I’m An Asshole clothes. (Episode 2.1)

MIB saves Lawrence from being killed by some local cattlemen, and they head for a bar. MIB tells Lawrence that he’s going to need his help, and in the process they will find out what they’re really made of and catch of glimpse of the men they could have been. They arrive in Pariah where they meet the new host portraying El Lazo. He and his men refuse to join MIB. Under Ford’s control somehow, the men all kill themselves and Ford speaks through El Lazo, telling MIB that he must play the game on his own. Then El Lazo kills himself as well. (Episode 2.2)


Maeve returns to the mesa and saves Sizemore from being killed by one of his own creations. With the park’s system all out of whack, Maeve decides to take Sizemore with her so he can help get to the part of the park her daughter is in. Next, she spares his life when he attempts to double-cross her to members of QA. They head to the nearest bar where they find Hector, who forgives Maeve for leaving him and agrees to go with her on her journey to find her daughter. (Episode 2.1)

Sizemore wants to move underground where they have less chance of running into hostile hosts or PMCs, but Maeve resists. She’s forced to change her mind when they run into members of the Ghost Nation who want Sizemore for themselves and Maeve’s narrative voice commands don’t work on them. They flee into a hidden elevator that takes them below ground. Sizemore is disgusted to learn that Hector and Maeve are a couple. He admits that he designed Hector after the man he wanted to be, and Hector’s undying love for a woman who doesn’t even exist represented the woman who broke Sizemore’s heart. They run into Armistice who’s been tearing up QA members with a flamethrower. She leads them to where she’s been holding Felix and Sylvester. They join up and head above ground once more. At one point, Sizemore suspects they’re at the north edge of the park near the Klondike narrative, but they’re not. He finds a severed head in the snow and then a samurai charges. (Episode 2.3)

Maeve’s group are taken prisoner by a ronin, Musashi, and led into Shogun World’s version of Sweetwater. There they learn that they’ve all got Shogun World counterparts and that the park has essentially been telling their narratives. When Akane, a geisha, is instructed to send her ward, Sakura, to the local shogun, she refuses and kills one of his men instead. When they are attacked in retaliation, Maeve discovers she can control the other hosts with her mind. Sakura is taken anyway. Maeve agrees to go with Akane to rescue her. The shogun kills Sakura in front of Akane and then demands she dance for him. She does, then kills him. As his men prepare to kill her and Maeve, Maeve uses her new power to turn them on each other and to attack the oncoming army. (Episode 2.5)

Akane wants to take Sakura’s heart to Snow Lake, but first they have to deal with the shogun’s last fighters back in the Shogun World version of Sweetwater. Musashi kills their leader and they all head for Snow Lake. Once they arrive and Sakura is laid to rest, Akane and Musashi decide they’re going to stay behind. Hanaryo (Shogun World’s version of Armistice) decides to go below ground with Maeve, Hector, Armistice, Sizemore, Felix, and Sylvester. When they reach the homestead, Maeve goes to approach her daughter alone. They speak, but are interrupted by the child’s new mother and then The Ghost Nation. Fearing for their lives, Maeve and her daughter run and then refuse to go with Akecheta when he catches up to them. As Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo try to fight off the rest, Sizemore calls for help on a radio he found on a dead body back in Shogun World. (Episode 2.6)


Dolores and other hosts, including Teddy and Angela, hunt and kill humans. Dolores is having the time of her life. Angela returns to Dolores and Teddy, and Dolores tells Teddy there’s something she needs to show him. (Episode 2.1)

The man Angela let escape leads Dolores, Teddy, Angela, and the horde to a remote refurbishment outpost. There Teddy is shown images of his many deaths and learns that they were created for the entertainment of humans. They torture a member of the QA team and learn that reinforcements will be sent to a rallying point and begin securing the park one sector at a time. Dolores makes him point to the rallying point on a map. She also orders a Confederado host be reactivated and asks the QA guard if he even knows what he’s been guarding all these years; she does. While following the reanimated Confederado to his camp, Dolores and Teddy run into Maeve, Hector, and Sizemore. Maeve refuses to join their fight since she’s on a mission of her own (see above; Maeve 2.2) and the two groups part ways. When the Confederados refuse to join Dolores, she, Teddy, and Angela murder them all. Dolores instructs their tech hostage to revive the leader, Major Craddock, and he agrees to follow her to “glory.” Dolores remembers William showing her where they’re headed many years ago (see above; after the park opens 2.2). She says it’s a weapon she intends to use against the humans. (Episode 2.2)

Of note: That rallying point looks a lot like where Bernard is found in episode 2.1.


Bernard hides in a barn with other humans as hosts continue to kill the guests outside. After killing a stablehand host, the group (including Charlotte Hale) agree that they’ll attempt to reach an outpost that’s two miles away. Bernard is malfunctioning and leaking cortical fluid, but he hides it from the others. The next morning, as they get close to the outpost, the group stumbles upon a trap set by Angela and some of Dolores’ horde. They allow one man to flee, but kill the others. Bernard and Charlotte get away unseen. Charlotte takes him to a secret outpost even he didn’t know about. In it, they find drones (hosts without skin). Charlotte uses a computer to request an extraction team from Delos, but they won’t send help until she has secured Peter Abernathy (who never got on the train) and all of the data she hid in him. Bernard learns that he’s facing a critical failure and performs a temporary fix without revealing his true nature to Charlotte. Then, Bernard uses the hosts’ mesh network to locate Abernathy. (Episode 2.1)

Of note: The stablehand offers to take the guests to “the valley beyond”, which is revealed to be an important location later in the season. Bernard passes a DNA scanner meant to keep humans out of the secret outpost.

Bernard and Charlotte find Abernathy being held captive with other guests. The men holding them will sell them to the Confederados. Bernard and Charlotte set a trap, capture the host in charge (Rebus), and reprogram him to turn on his men. This allows the guests to get away and Bernard and Charlotte grab Abernathy. But since Abernathy is still malfunctioning, they’re still there when the Confederados arrive. The Confederados take Bernard and Abernathy, but Charlotte gets away. She finds a QA team and orders them to take her to Fort Forlorn Hope because she knows it’s the base of the Confederados. (Episode 2.3)


Dolores and her crew arrive at Fort Forlorn Hope, and she uses the threat of the humans’ arrival and their advanced weaponry to convince the colonel to join her. They agree to band together to take on the oncoming threat. Dolores finds her father and Bernard being held by the Confederados (see above; Bernard 2.3). She demands her father be released, but quickly realizes he’s breaking down. Bernard runs a scan on him and sees that he’s been carrying a large amount of encrypted data. When QA attacks, Dolores betrays the Confederados and blows them up with the QA team. Dolores is unable to stop Charlotte from getting away with her father. She tells Teddy they’re going to Sweetwater for something she needs while the horde is told to search the park for her father. She also tells Teddy to kill Craddock, but unaware that Dolores is watching, Teddy lets the man go instead. Still malfunctioning, Bernard crawls outside is knocked unconscious by Clementine. (Episode 2.3)


MIB notes that hosts are redirecting the railroad tracks and making detours so that he and Lawrence have to travel through Las Mudas, Lawrence’s hometown. There, they find Major Craddock and his men have taken the townspeople hostage and are demanding their weapons and other supplies. MIB offers to tell him where the weapons are hidden if they’ll allow him to accompany them to “glory.” (Glory, The Valley Beyond, The Door are all the same place.) He knows where it is and they don’t. Despite getting the weapons, Craddock continues to torture the townsfolk, including Lawrence’s wife. MIB thinks back to the night his wife died and how the last time he was in Las Mudas, he actually killed Lawrence’s wife. He saves her, kills Craddock’s men, and gives Craddock up for Lawrence to kill – which he does. Out of gratitude, Lawrence and his cousins agree to accompany MIB on his journey. Through Lawrence’s daughter, Ford tells MIB that this one good deed doesn’t mean anything. On the road, MIB runs into Emily, who greets him as “Dad.” (Episode 2.4)

MIB is suspicious that Emily is another trick by Ford. She explains she’s there to take him home and stop him from punishing/killing himself in the park. He agrees to go with her in the morning, but when she wakes up, he’s gone. MIB and Lawrence eventually find their group running from the Ghost Nation. (Episode 2.6)


Clementine drops Bernard off at the entrance to a cave and unties him. There he finds Elsie, who has been shackled there since Bernard attacked her in season one. Once he malfunctions, she realizes he’s a host and reluctantly helps him. He passes out and when he awakens, he remembers that the cave is actually an entrance to a hidden lab that he’s accessed before. Inside, they find a drone and dead technicians. They also find the cortical fluid Bernard needs to function. The lab has been printing control units and monitoring the guests’ activities. In a separate, locked room they find the lab holding James Delos, who has trashed the place and killed the tech in charge of monitoring him. Bernard stops him from attacking Elsie and she burns his body in his room. Bernard remembers being sent there by Ford to print a control unit, but he doesn’t know for whom. He remembers instructing the drones to kill the lab techs when he was done and even killing one himself. He does not tell that part to Elsie. (Episode 2.4)


Dolores and Teddy arrive in Sweetwater where she orders her people to strip the train for speed and repair it. That night, she and Teddy have sex and then she has his personality altered because she believes he’s too soft to do what needs to be done going forward. (Episode 2.5)

The next morning, Dolores is trying to get a captured QA member to tell her where in the mesa her father was taken, but he says he doesn’t know. Teddy shoots the man in the head, shocking Dolores. On the train, he’d rather not talk about how he used to be. When they’re close to the mesa, they release one of the train cars so it will crash into it, killing the tech they’ve been holding hostage since Episode 2.2. They prepare to attack the mesa. (Episode 2.6)


Stubbs has made his way to mesa. He was last seen when the Ghost Nation left him in a field in Episode 2.4. He runs into Charlotte who notes that it’s been almost a week since the massacre at the party. He helps her keep Abernathy restrained while she signals for rescue now that she has the data. They move to a lab where members of QA nail Abernathy to a chair. (Episode 2.6)


Bernard and Elsie head for the cradle so Bernard can access the system directly and figure what the code is that’s been running their system. When he’s connected, he finds himself in a simulation of Sweetwater where he finds Robert Ford playing the piano in The Mariposa. (Episode 2.6)

While in the simulation, Ford explains that the entire park was a way to monitor and gather data on the guests. That same technology used on James Delos is how his consciousness is thriving in the simulation, but he’d break down like James Delos if he were to be placed in a control unit. Ford takes him to the replica of Arnold’s home that was built in the park and reveals it’s where he had Dolores test Bernard’s fidelity for years. (See above; After the Park Opens, paragraphs 1 and 5.) Ford refuses to give Bernard his free will back and enter’s Bernard’s system. Once he disconnects from the system, the response teams are able to regain access to it since Ford’s presence/interference is gone and now in Bernard. Elsie and Bernard prepare to leave, but Ford forces Bernard to make up an excuse to get rid of Elsie long enough so that he can have Bernard disable the human’s access and make it easier for Dolores to execute her plan. He also has Bernard kill a guard who stops him. (Episode 2.7)


Meanwhile, Dolores and her crew attack the mesa as Charlotte gets more desperate to retrieve the data from Abernathy’s head. Stubbs demands to know why Abernathy is worth all of their lives, but before Charlotte can tell him, Dolores and Teddy enter the lab. Charlotte won’t tell Dolores how to retrieve the data, but she’s shocked to learn that Dolores knows all about their project to turn humans into hosts. (Stubbs is like, “Say what now?”) Dolores also makes it clear that she doesn’t give a damn about their backups in the cradle. After a gunfight (in which Clementine is killed), Angela is wounded but makes it to the cradle. She uses a grenade from one of the PMCs who finds her and blows up the cradle, killing them both. Stubbs and Charlotte escape Dolores. Dolores then has to say goodbye to her father in order to retrieve the control unit from his head. (Episode 2.7)


Bernard completes a task for Ford (see below; Maeve 2.9) and then meets Elsie in the garage. Despite Ford whispering that she can’t be trusted, Bernard tells her what the project is in the valley and says they need to get there to secure it before Dolores or Charlotte can. On the road, they stop so Elsie can get ammo from dead bodies, and Ford again warns Bernard that Elsie will be betray him and suggests he kill her. Bernard zip ties himself to the steering wheel to keep from hurting her and then deletes Ford from his head using a tablet. He tells Elsie she’ll be safer without him and drives off. (Episode 2.9)


Maeve and her daughter hide in a house where MIB finds them. Maeve shoots him and then uses her powers to turn Lawrence’s cousins against MIB as well. She’s unable to control Lawrence who is already “awake.” She does convince him to search his memories for a reason he shouldn’t be willing to shoot her over MIB. Lawrence remembers all that MIB has done to him and shoots him. Before he can finish him off, the QA team Sizemore called arrives and they shoot Lawrence and Maeve. Maeve watches helplessly as the Ghost Nation sweep in and take her daughter. Sizemore convinces the QA team that Maeve is valuable and should be taken back to the mesa with them. They are both left alone in the basement when the QA team gets the call that there’s a breach in the control room (see above; Bernard 2.7). When Dolores and her horde arrive in the basement (see below; Dolores 2.7), Sizemore hides. (Episode 2.7)


After her people have massacred everyone in the mesa and she has the data that was in her father’s control unit, Dolores prepares to leave but sees a wounded Maeve in the basement. She offers to put Maeve out of her misery, but Maeve says she made a promise to her daughter and calls out Dolores for altering Teddy. Dolores and her horde leave the mesa. (Episode 2.7)


After Sizemore convinces the technician in charge that Maeve can control the other hosts with her mind, they begin to study her. They realize she can also see through a host’s eyes and hear what they do. When Hale is brought in and shown Maeve’s system, she realizes Maeve has been communicating with a host outside the park the entire time they’ve been studying her. Akecheta has been talking to Maeve’s daughter, but really Maeve. He shares with her his history (see above; Akecheta) and promises to look after her daughter as if she were his own. (Episode 2.8)

Maeve’s admin privileges are copied into Clementine, who is then reactivated and able to resurrect dead hosts and make them kill each other all over again using only her mind. Charlotte Hale wants to take Clem into the park to take care of the rest of the hosts and says if it works, they will decommission Maeve. Bernard watches. Ford instructs Bernard to go to the lab where Maeve is held and allow her to download a message Ford has stored for her. Ford appears to Maeve and admits that he had plans for her to leave the park, but she surprised him by staying behind for her child. He has done the same and tells her she was his favorite and the closest he’s ever come to having a child. He urges her to not let the humans end her story. He kisses her on the forehead and Maeve accesses the system. (Episode 2.9)


Dolores, Teddy, and the rest of horde encounter The Ghost Nation who will not let them pass to the Valley Beyond. During a gunfight, Dolores kills the Ghost Nation member whose control unit is viewed in Episode 2.1 (see below; two weeks after the massacre, paragraph 1). This means this encounter is eleven days before Bernard wakes up on the beach. Even though Dolores tells Teddy to kill any Ghost Nation members left, he lets one walk away. It’s just the two of them now. Later, Teddy tells Dolores he can no longer protect her and kills himself. (Episode 2.9)


Akecheta finds a wounded MIB (see above; Maeve 2.7) and takes him back to his camp. As Akecheta speaks to Maeve’s daughter (see above; Maeve 2.8), Emily arrives to take her father and promises what she has in store for him is worse than anything than can do. They allow her to take him. (Episode 2.8)

MIB wakes up at a rally point with Emily. She has tended to his wounds and sent up a flare for help. They discuss the night Juliet died (see above; a year before season one, paragraph 6) and Emily says she blames herself and not her father. She wants information on his project in the hopes she can find out why her mother did killed herself. MIB becomes suspicious that she’s actually Ford (again) and Emily finally admits that she only wants info on the project so she can expose her father and have him committed. She saw his profile card and does blame him for her mother’s death. The QA team arrives and MIB kills them, thinking they are also hosts controlled by Ford. Emily reaches for something in her back pocket and MIB shoots and kills her. He believes that no one else would know about his profile (only Ford), and this proves Emily isn’t real. But as he goes to cut into her arm, he sees his profile card in her hand. It’s what she was reaching for. He contemplates killing himself, but begins to cut into his own arm instead. He seems to think he may be a host. (Episode 2.9)

Approximately Two Weeks After the Massacre

Bernard wakes up on the beach and is confronted by one of the PMC rescue teams. Stubbs saves him from getting shot and introduces him to the new head of operations, Karl Strand. Bernard witnesses hosts being executed on the beach. They review the data in a dead Ghost Nation host and learn that he was killed by Dolores. (This happened eleven days prior to this moment.)

The group arrives at the scene of the massacre. Despite seeing Ford’s body, Bernard still has trouble recalling what happened. They find the body of a dead bengal tiger, presumably from park six and Stubbs notes that they’ve never had stray animals cross park borders. They find a sea where a valley used to be and the bodies of hosts floating in the water, including Teddy. Bernard says he killed them all. (Episode 2.1)

Bernard, Strand, Stubbs, and other PMCs arrive at the mesa there’s signs of a massacre in there as well, and that the cradle has been taken out. (see above; Dolores 2.7) They encounter Charlotte Hale, who says that she had Peter Abernathy, but now he’s gone. She wonders if Bernard has any idea where he went and also expresses surprise at Bernard making it out alive. (Episode 2.3)

The valley is being drained and the hosts bodies are being sent to the mesa for examination. A third of the hosts pulled from the water never held any data. The fires in the cradle have been put out, but all the hosts backups were destroyed. (Episode 2.5)

Bernard is sleeping in one of the lab rooms when Stubbs wakes him up and says he believes Hale will have them killed since they know about the secret project. They head for Theresa Cullen’s old office to use a SAT phone, but are stopped by Strand who suspects one of them have the information from Abernathy and plans to sell it. He also found a large amount of Theresa’s blood in the room where she really died and takes them there. He’s convinced either Bernard or Stubbs killed Theresa. Bernard begins to confess when Strand threatens to kill Stubbs, but they’re interrupted when one of Hale’s men find a secret passage. They all follow it to a room with a half dozen Bernard hosts. Now that they know Bernard is a host, Hale has him tortured to find out what happened to Abernathy. She knows Bernard was there when Dolores attacked because it’s in his archives. She walks him through what they each remember from that day. Those events are explained in the 2.7 sections above. In the end, Bernard tells them that the data in Abernathy was taken to the Valley Beyond. (Episode 2.7)

Still Unknown?

What happened with Bernard between leaving Elsie to waking up on the beach?

What is in the Valley Beyond exactly, and how does Dolores plan to use it against the humans in the park and how will it help her in the new world?

Why was Teddy’s body in the sea with the other dead hosts?

What will MIB find when he goes digging in his arm?

The hosts in the water never held data. Are they decoys created by Dolores and to what end if so?

I’m sure there are a ton more questions, but at this point I’m just so ready for Sunday night and I’m exhausted. Hope this helps!

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