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Black Lightning – S1E11 – Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion

When the villains are under pressure, the bad guys feel the heat. Lala pressuring Will led to the kidnapping of the Pierce sisters. Lady Eve threatening Tobias led to the shooting of Khalil. Now that Proctor has informed ASA spotter (posing as Garfield High’s vice principal) Kara Fowdy (Skye P. Marshall) that Black Lightning has been right under her nose the entire time, she has something to prove and that doesn’t bode well for Jefferson Pierce.

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Fowdy (a.k.a VP Thristy) cannot allow herself to believe Jeff is Black Lightning, and her plan to disprove (or prove) Proctor’s claims involves framing her co-worker for drug possession. She pays Deputy Chief Cayman (Anthony Reynolds) and Detective Glennon (Faron Salisbury) to plant a massive amount of Green Light in Jeff’s car and fast-track a search warrant. Jeff is arrested for selling drugs in front of the entire study body, including his daughters.

This leaves the people without superpowers to step up to prove his innocence. Jenn and Anissa have to resist the urge to power their way into freeing their father; doing so would not only put them at risk as well, but confirm to the ASA that Jeff is Black Lightning. Gambi uses a Black Lightning hologram running through the streets of Freeland to trigger Jeff’s release, but it takes Henderson (Damon Gupton) outing the corrupt cops in his department to get the job done.

Solid episode this week. Even without “I see dead people” Lala there were plenty of laughs. I’m not always a fan of Nafessa Willaims’ acting, but she certainly embraces her Thunder persona and it’s always fun to see her strut in the costume and kick ass.

There’s always an episode or so two in a superhero show where the non-powered characters have to step up and prove there are other ways to solve problems, and it typically cements their roles within the team. Gambi has always been full of tech and tricks, but it was nice to see Henderson finally take on the corruption within the department by employing their own tricks against them. Though, now that he’s got a promotion, I worry for his safety.

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"Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion"

Black Lightning – S1E11 – “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion” | Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry, Jill Scott, Chantal Thuy, Skye P. Marshall

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9 Comments on Black Lightning – S1E11 – Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion

  1. For the podcast
    Liked this episode-imho it has been the blackest to date. From the opening scene w/Funkadelics “Lets Take it to the stage” playing in the background,the planting of drugs the arrest, police brutality, the strip down-cavity search-Jefferson, regardless of status, knows the plight of being a black man in America. I liked that he not only maintained his cool but convinced his girls to do the same because they were ready to throw down.

    Did any1 think Ms Thirsty, fooled by the hologram, seemed relieved that Jefferson wasn’t BL???

    So Jefferson/Gambi aka fake Alfred kissed & made up and New Deputy chief Henderson aka the fake commissioner Gordon??

    EAGERLY looking forward to next weeks episode-is it the penultimate one?

  2. For the podcast: Did they have to show so much of the booking process? I mean … cavity check … nuff said. Anyway, the hologram running down the street was hilarious. The way Alfred kept saying not to let any objects come between Anissa and Jeff made me nervous. I thought for sure the plan would fail. Lastly, how come Vice Principal Thirsty can’t use her ASA money to buy a better wig. ?

  3. For the podcast:

    Hey Nina, Donald and John. I love that yall record on Thursday so that I have something to listen to at work on Friday. Also, I’ve been meaning to say shout out to you Nina for being able to pronounce my name without any assistance. You’re pretty awesome. Anyways. I liked this episode but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I think you all are right about the episodes focusing mostly on the Pierce family isn’t as interesting but I still enjoyed what I got.

    I’m glad there is some healing happening in the Pierce/Gambi family but I also think seeing him all bruised up may have lead them to be more forgiving so quickly. I know I was like, “Damn, Gambi is looking rough.” It’s hard to be mad at someone when they are all beat up.

    That hologram with Anissa was good. Also, I don’t know if it was Rod putting this out in the universe, but Nafessa’s acting improved this week. Hopefully, she will continue to improve become the next Viola Davis.

    BAM: cops planting drugs on a Black man. I’m not sure if this counts but it felt hella black


  4. For the podcast:
    Hey Nina, Donny, & John. Just wanted to share my Black Ass Moment: “You gotta bring ass to get ass”. I hate Henderson but that shit made me laugh so much!

    Love your recaps as always. Love all of yall especially because you make my workday and commutes so much better. Take care.

  5. FOR THE PODCAST: This was a dope episode. Once again they gave us some dope Daddy/Daughter Superhero action. I love seeing Jeff and Anissa working together. That scene in the beginning was cool as fuck. The stuff with Jeff being locked up had me pissed off tho. The ‘Cism was so real. And the worst part of it all is VP Thirsty is involved. It pains me that she’s using those wonderful cakes for evil. She’s out here on some Double O Negro shit selling out her people for “The Man”. She gotta die! Shout out to my man Henn Dogg. He came through this episode. He held it down for his boy, freed him, and got promoted. I still don’t really fuck with Gambi Espisito, but he was key this week. That hologram shit was dope. He did well. One more thing before I go. Did y’all see my lil homie Jen buck up when the cops came to the school? Calling it now, she bout to be the Serena of this shit. Anissa is Venus, but Jen is the one niggas really better worry about when she gets into the family business… BLACK ASS MOMENT OF THE WEEK: The street interviews. Especially the guy lusting over Anissa while standing next to his lady.

  6. For the podcast:
    Hey fam, they couldn’t play any songs to jam to this week, with them going up Jeff’s doodie shoot and all.

    Let’s take it to the people by Funkadelic

    This Land is Your Land by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

    Sun is Shining by Bob Marley (they were going were the sun don’t shine in this scene)

    Struggle Sounds by Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

    Black Ass Moment

    “You gotta bring ass to get ass” Nigga what? What negro proverb is this? Whatever do you mean?

    That’s it. That quote is the whole episode

  7. For the podcast:

    That was a good episode y’all, it was real as hell. Are white folks watching these Freeland police make up warrants and put black folks in the system? Sounds about white.

    I enjoyed seeing the daughters almost pop off but hold their powers back. Looks like Jenn might use her powers for good after all (but also fuck up a lot of corrupt white folks). They showed one of the captive meta-humans die, do you guys think that might affect BL and thunder or it’s just due to Trumpcare?

    This episode showed Vice Principal Big Butt a lot but didn’t show her big butt at all ?. I do appreciate her trying to help BL though, she’s still redeemable in my eye.

    Blackest moment: Henderson bumping shoulders with that bad cop in order to set it off. He should’ve stepped on his shoes too.

  8. For the Podcast:
    Hi Nina, John and Donnie! First time caller, long time listener!
    I have been trying to figure out the time window of when to leave my comments and I believe I may only have 15 mins left before you record!

    This show was awesome!
    My favorite BAM is “Yo

  9. For the podcast:

    Ahahahahaha! I took a look at Gambi’s eyes and I had a flashback of watching Friday for the first time in ‘95.
    Smokey: how’s ur eye?
    Red: “Oh it’s cool!” (takes glasses off)
    Craig and Smokey: DAAAAAAAAAMN
    Smokey: put ur glasses back on ?

    Anissa with her ole (sigh) you have
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Uncle Gambi?. Bitch! U couldn’t just say “black eyes”?? Maybe two back eyes- if you wanna get technical??? Two things I CAN say about Anissa is she does drip sauce in that bodysuit an her acting wasn’t tooooo bad this episode.

    I‘M??CALLING ??BULLSHIT! In NEVA times have the police allowed a black/brown man to calmly speak to his children (Biological or otherwise) that long while he’s handcuffed, rights read, and being taken to the precinct.

    Kara is still messy. Only in this episode she wears the appropriate attire. Devil In A Blue Dress!

    Look at Insp. Bill “John legend” Henderson…I mean Deputy Chief. He’s brought ass and he took ass…no homo?? “u have to bring ass to get ass”. ??☺️ I’ve never heard that one b4.

    BAM: the way that woman looked at her man when he showed too much enthusiasm talking about how fine Anissa is when talking to that reporter. U can look nigga but don’t get beside yourself!!

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