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ECCC 2018: For the Geek Girl Who Wants Everything

I’ve been covering conventions for the past 3 years and it gets to a point where you can buy only so many prints (Believe me, I have no wall space). But lucky for me, there’s now lots of gear and interesting merchandise to appeal to geek girls of discerning tastes and they were all on display at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con.

Inspired Pins


Pins are definitely in. They come with many of the collectible subscription boxes like Marvel’s Collector Corps or DC Legion of Superheroes and now individual artists are getting in on the fad. At Wicked + Divine colorist Matt Wilson’s table, there were skull and snap pins. And Kris Anka was selling a collection of “Thirsty” and “Petty AF” pins. These are great purchases because they’re small and light and  I saw lots of people mixing and matching their pins as the weekend went on to match their outfits or moods.

Gilted Gams


The folks over at Bombsheller Leggings know about quality and inclusiveness. Their leggings are made to order and from material that is opaque, moisture wicking, stretchy, soft and breathable. Because of their commitment to quality, this Seattle company was chosen by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly) to be the merchandiser for her Milkfed Criminal Masterminds shop. Bombsheller makes leggings inspired by Bitch Planet, ODY-C, Pretty Deadly, and Sex Criminals. They also hosted a digital signing with DeConnick and ECCC special guest Jen Bartel during the convention. You could purchase a pair of signed, made-to-order leggings from your favorite comic writer. Now that is a special gift to take from a convention.



Espionage Cosmetics offers a variety of cool beauty products for women who want geek-inspired makeup and nail art. Their nail wraps come in a gajillion patterns. Everything from pizza to Peter Pan. Their Wicked + Divine bundle features art inspired by Tara, Sahkmet, Minerva, Dionysus, Woden, and Ananke. For old school folks, there’s even The Last Unicorn and Swan Princess inspired nail art. The pre-sale for their Cartridge Compacts (single color eye palettes shaped like old-school video game cartridges) will open on March 15th and they have two multicolor Nerd Makeup eye palettes; one inspired by RPGs and the other by Harry Potter spells. One of my favorite products is their nail wrap humidor. It’s an airtight container to hold opened nail wraps and lengthen their life and it’s a rather ingenuous device.


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