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Supernatural - S11E19 - The Chitters

Previously on Supernatural, ““Hell’s Angel”

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Supernatural came back from what seems like its 5th mini-hiatus with a monster-of-the-week episode in which Sam and Dean investigate a series of disappearances that occur every 27 years in a small town in Colorado.

This episode centered on a gay couple Jesse (Lee Rumohr) and Cesar (Hugo Ateo), who also happen to be hunters. Jesse, as shown in the cold open, lost his brother to one of the creatures the townsfolk call “Chitters” - recognizable by their green eyes and proclivity to cause orgies. Much like Dean, Jesse uses his rage at losing his brother to become a hunter whereas Cesar, like Sam, is the shown as the more reasonable, but equally capable one.

As the boys further their investigation they learn they’re actually dealing with spirits who every 27 years use human vessels to procreate. In the past, Dean and Sam were always hesitant to team up with other hunters because, with the exception of Bobbi and Rufus, other hunters tended to be a step behind the Winchesters - which meant they usually ended up dead. So, you fear for Cesar as he and Dean team-up to take on a couple infected by Chitters while Sam and Jesse explore some of the townfolk who also lost loved ones. But like us, Dean soon finds out that these hunters are quite badasses as Cesar end up saving his ass a couple of times during their fight. Eventually, the boys find the Chitters’ lairs where they were using the humans as hosts for their larvae. The boys set about to burn all the bodies, along with the larvae, but not before Jesse gets some closure as he finds the remains of his long lost brother.

Once relieved of their main purpose, Jesse and Cesar retire from hunting, unless the Winchester need help. But as enticing as it sounds (because the Winchesters are going to need all the help they can get in the battle with Amara), and as competent as Jesse and Cesar already proved themselves, Dean can’t interfere with the thought of life-long hunters having a happy ending.

Supernatural S11E19
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Well, at least Supernatural didn’t succumb to the pressure of killing off another LGBT character like every show seems to be doing lately. Unfortunately, that’s about the only positive thing I can say about this episode as it was just plain boring. Nothing of note really happens and the only tension you feel is for Cesar and not because we care so much for the character, but because of something that’s prevalent in today’s society. At this point Supernatural’s monster of the week episodes need to be light hearted and funny. Anything else will fail because we know the brothers are not in any danger and any guest star will not have enough of a fleshed out story for us to care about.

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