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Civil War II #5

Previously in Civil War II #4

Civil War II #5 | Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: David Marquez | Art Assist: Sean Izaakse | Color Artist: Justin Ponsor | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles | Cover Artist: Marko Djurdjević| Publisher: Marvel


I know I say this almost each issue, but… Carol has lost her damn mind. Then again, the whole world may think the entire superhero community has lost it. Both sides finally come to blows outside The Triskelion. Most truly believe they’re on the right side, while others are just being loyal to either Carol or Tony. Either way, it’s a pretty vicious battle and the world watches.


With the deaths of Rhodey and Banner, plus Hawkeye’s acquittal, all signs point to the end of “the age of heroes.” And it does appear that there may not be a way back from the events of the last few issues. Even when presented with evidence that Ulysses’ visions aren’t 100% trustworthy and that what he sees can be prevented or changed, Carol still believes trampling over civil liberties on even the smallest chance it will prevent disaster is worth it. Carol sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

So, it should come as no surprise that when Ulysses pulls them all into a vision of the future where Miles Morales kills Steve Rogers, Carol promptly places Miles under arrest.


If you’re not familiar with Captain Marvel (like me), this isn’t a very good introduction to the character. Prior to this, my only experience with her was as Jessica Drew’s best friend, and I loved her. Here, she keeps doubling down on this incredibly troubling endeavor. No amount of blood shed will change her mind. And while it’s bizarre viewing Tony Stark as the voice of reason, I believe he’s absolutely correct in trying to shut it down.

This event has been extended two issues and I truly hope it’s worth it. It’s frustrating to know that other series will be beginning their post-Civil War II arcs before it’s complete. Still, I’m completely invested in seeing how this all plays out.

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