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Lucifer - S2E5 - Weaponizer

Previously on Lucifer, “Lady Parts”

Lucifer – S2E5 – “Weaponizer” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia | Guest starring: Michael Imperioli

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 Guardian Devil

It’s time for Lucifer to pay the piper. Chloe’s car accident wasn’t just an accident. It was a series of events set in motion by his brother, the angel Uriel (guest star Michael Imperioli). He gives Lucifer 24 hours to turn over his mother before he takes out Chloe. Even though angels aren’t supposed to kill humans, Uriel’s power is his ability to see patterns and alter them. He can kill Chloe without doing it directly.

Lucifer is freaked out and decides to stick to Chloe like glue while sending Amenadiel to take care of Uriel. Since Amenadiel is the first-born angel, he’s the one everyone has always looked up to and Lucifer convinces him that he can intimidate Uriel into going back to heaven.

This is where it gets sad again. Amenadiel tries to bluff his way through a meeting with Uriel but when Uriel calls his bluff, Amenadiel has to admit that his wings are gone and he’s lost his power. And this leaves Lucifer unsure of how he’s going to protect Chloe without giving his mom up.

There Will Be Hell to Pay

Uriel makes another attempt on Chloe’s life placing her between the suspect from the case of the week and his wife, who’s framing him for the murder she committed. Chloe’s able to talk him down and save her own life, but The Mother reminds Lucifer that Uriel is dogged and won’t give up until he kills Chloe or takes her back to hell, so Lucifer goes to confront his brother.

Lucifer doesn’t do fight scenes often but when it does, they’re always done well. This time Lucifer and Maze take on Uriel. Although Uriel takes them down handily, Lucifer manages to kill him with Azrael’s blade, which can wipe angels and demons out of existence. The moment is poignant. Tom Ellis truly looks devastated about killing his brother and you can tell that the repercussions of this will continue throughout the season. Justice is integral to Lucifer’s character and even though Uriel was acting on his own and plotting to kill their mother, Lucifer only killed Uriel out of desperation. Uriel does whisper something to Lucifer before he dies and that should be an interesting revelation when the time is right.

The Devil is Laughing 

“This; best birth control in the world” – Lucifer, after seeing Trixie throw a tantrum

“Welcome to Devil Time” – Lucifer trying out his new catchphrase

“Yes, I understand that pants need to be worn every day” – The Mother, who clearly doesn’t understand that pants need to be worn every day.

Lucifer S2E5
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    Performances - 10/10


The case of the week was resolved pretty easily, but these were the best guest stars ever. Charisma Carpenter a.k.a. Cordelia Chase as a former Playmate and trophy wife and Mark Dacascos playing an aging action star is spot-on casting. I wish they weren’t regulated to the B-plot. And Lucifer and Dan finally bonding over bad ’90s action films was “oddly adorable” as Chloe said. In terms of the larger plot, this show continues to balance the humorous with the mystery and the heartbreaking family drama. Michael Imperioli was great as the petulant and manipulative Uriel and it’s unfortunately another great guest star who’s gone too soon. Now that Amenadiel’s secret is out and Lucifer has wiped his brother from existence, there’s a lot more for the writers to mine with these characters. I know The Mother is shady, but for Luci’s poor heart, I hope there’s something redeeming about her in the end.

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