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Lucifer - S2E10 - Quid Pro Ho

Previously on Lucifer, “Homewrecker”

Lucifer – S2E10 – “Quid Pro Ho” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia

Habeas Caput

Throughout season one we wondered what made Chloe so special. Lucifer was drawn to her, physically and emotionally weakened by her, and she seemed to have no discernible powers other than her steadfast commitment to justice. So far this season with the introduction of The Mother, those questions have fallen to the wayside, but Lucifer has never been a show to let a plot line drop.

Unsurprisingly, The Mother does not blow Chloe up. Amenadiel arrives in time to stop her. He tells her that Lucifer’s love for Chloe will make just turn him against them so The Mother tries a different tack, getting Chloe to sever ties with Lucifer. Her plan comes together because this week the man who killed Chloe’s father, Warden Smith, is on trial. The Mother takes on his case which forms an immediate wedge because Chloe thinks she and Lucifer have had a sexual relationship. In addition to that conflict of interest, the star witness, Boris the Russian mobster, turns up without a head. On top of that, Chloe doesn’t know that she needs to watch out for Dan who is still sleeping with “Charlotte”. And when evidence that calls Chloe’s ethics into question is revealed, Dan realizes he’s been used.

Devil’s Advocate

Everyone is coming together for Chloe though. Maze is watching out for her because she knows that The Mother is plotting. Dan is trying to track down the person who killed the star witness and connect it back to the warden. Sidenote: I truly liked the Russian mobster the warden killed. I thought he might be a regular informant. While Maze and Dan are working together, Lucifer shows up for Chloe in court, vouching for her and her commitment to justice. But even with everyone’s help, Chloe is still on the losing side of this case and “Charlotte” offers her an out; turn on Lucifer and call him a liar. In a move that surprises no one, Chloe’s unwavering sense of right leads her to pledge her loyalty to Lucifer on the stand. It doesn’t win her case but it shows The Mother that this isn’t a battle she’s going to win.


And here is where the plot comes full circle. Even though The Mother couldn’t turn Lucifer and Chloe against each other, while he’s trying to help his mother, Amenadiel meets Chloe’s mom and it turns out he already knows her. Before Chloe was born, God sent Amenadiel down to Earth to bless Chloe’s mother and father who were having issues conceiving. We don’t know how Chloe is special but we do know that God himself set all of this in motion. Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe, his attraction to her, none of it is incidental. The question is how omniscient is the All Mighty? Was The Mother escaping hell just another step in His plan or has her presence disrupted it? I’ve been saying that the story of The Mother has put Chloe on the back burner but now the heat’s on full blast.

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Using the Mother’s jealousy to resurrect this story arc about Chloe and her abilities was a great way to pull these two stories together. Whether Chloe is supernatural or not, God’s interference in her birth will have major ramifications. Lucifer doesn’t like being manipulated and if he feels like Chloe was put here to manipulate him, it will hurt their relationship. Similarly, Maze and Amenadiel clearly still have feelings for each other but Maze will never make nice with him if he stays on The Mother’s side. There’s also Dan. He continues to lie to Chloe and skirt the law when he’s backed into a corner. Although it was satisfying to see the warden get his punishment, that side of Dan isn’t something that Chloe will be able to let slide.

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