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Lucifer - S2E4 - Lady Parts

Previously on Lucifer, “Sin-Eater”

Lucifer – S2E4 – “Lady Parts” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Idle Hands

We’ve been focused on Lucifer for the past few weeks and with Dan dropping the “d”-bomb on Chloe last week, it’s only right that she takes precedence. Lucifer is looking for every little distraction to avoid facing some hard truths and having some hard conversations. During his session with Dr. Martin, he’s too busy texting Maze and playing Words with Friends to talk about his issues. Because Chloe won’t let him be, Lucifer decides that she needs a distraction as well and tasks Maze with taking the detective out and getting her drunk.


There’s two things that come out of this that I really enjoy. The first is Chloe bonding with the other women on the show. With the addition of Ella, as well as Dr. Martin and Maze, we now have four female leads on the show and that’s not even counting The Mother. Chloe spends most of her time with Lucifer and her relationship with Maze has been antagonistic. It’s nice to see all of the women interact on this show and it opens up opportunities for new team-ups in the future. The second thing I enjoyed was Chloe calling Maze on her imbalanced relationship with Lucifer. Even though Maze has been trying to separate her life from Lucifer, she’s still at his beck and call. She’s still pouring his drinks. The moment when Lucifer pours her a drink felt like a breakthrough in their relationship. And generally, the different personalities these women have will always make for great comedy. Maze’s stoicism, Dr. Martin’s analytical personality with Rachael Harris’s comedic timing, Ella’s bubbliness, and Chloe’s relentless pursuit of justice somehow meshes into comedy gold.


Although Chloe gets mad at Maze for hanging out with her because Lucifer asked her to, they’ve reached a really nice resolution and because Chloe blacked out from 8:17 to 8:47, she forgot that she agreed to let Maze move in with her and share expenses. This means MORE TRIXIE! (now with added Maze.)

Raise Cain

The boys also have their own night out. Amenadiel, Lucifer, and Dan go undercover to solve the murder of the week and Lucifer wants to get Amenadiel to loosen up. And boy, does Amenadiel loosen up. He’s clearly an angel with a low tolerance. But because Lucifer is so busy avoiding hard conversations, he doesn’t use any of this time to talk to Dan about Chloe or talk to Amenadiel about what’s going on with him. Even though Amenadiel hints at not being able to fly back to hell, Lucifer never presses the point. Same with Dan and Chloe. In the context of his avoidance, it made sense that Lucifer wouldn’t push, but Lucifer is so nosy, I thought that might outweigh him running from his problems. But at least we got drunken, dancing D.B. Woodside.

When Luci finally faces his problems we learn what he’s been avoiding. Part of his deal with God was that he would return his mother to hell for Chloe’s life. Though he’s found a loophole by punishing his mother on earth, we know God don’t play games like that. He’s the NeNe Leakes of theology.


Now there’s a good chance that God may renege on their deal and Chloe is in danger. 

Motherly Musings

This episode was light on The Mother but that doesn’t mean I’m not teasing out every morsel for more info. This week Maze refers to her as “the supreme goddess”. Given the patriarchal system in Christianity, there aren’t many goddess references, but there are two sources the writers could be drawing from here. One is Isis.  sis is an Egyptian goddess, but she’s often worshiped as a mother deity. She is the daughter of Geb, the Earth, and Nut, the sky. She is also the mother of Horus and the wife of Osiris. She resurrects Orisis after he is murdered by his brother, Set, and is depicted suckling Horus. Both of these relate to the Christian depictions of Jesus. The other possible inspiration might be Sophia. Sophia means wisdom in Greek and in Christian mysticism Sophia is worshiped as the incarnation Holy Wisdom (“hagia sophia”) of God. In the trinity, Sophia would be the “holy ghost”. I particularly like this interpretation because it would set up the conflict between God and The Mother as a battle of the minds.

Lucifer S2E4
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This week’s episode really excelled because of the characters that were able to interact. While the case of the week was pretty bland, it succeeded in giving us a boys night out and a girl’s night out. Ella and Dr. Martin met for the first time and Amenadiel and Dan got to interact which is a rare pairing for this show. It will be interesting to see how the show gets these characters together again. The revelation of Amenadiel losing his wings should also move the plot forward. I think Lucifer is always his best when he’s forced to consider others and that juxtaposition between losing your wings and choosing to clip your wings will be good added tension for the brothers. But, most importantly, MORE TRIXIE now that Maze and Chloe are living together. I can’t wait for morning carpool.

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