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Lucifer - S2E6 - Monster

Previously on Lucifer, “Weaponizer”

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Lucifer – S1E6 – “Monster” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia 

Pity the Devil

I probably mention this every week but Lucifer has a strong sense of right and wrong. So what happens when the man who believes that killers should be punished, becomes a killer himself? Apparently lots of drinking and self-destruction. In the last episode, Lucifer was forced to kill his brother Uriel using Azrael’s Blade. This week, he’s cancelling therapy sessions, chugging drinks, and recklessly messing up Chloe’s case.

Chloe is trying to juggle her new roommate, Maze, and Lucifer’s self-destructive behavior. Chloe is tracking down a sniper who is targeting the loved ones of the people involved in his wife’s murder and Lucifer isn’t holding back on anything except his personal emotions. He uses his powers on everyone forcing confessions and leads, and even stealing records when warrants take too long. Chloe tries talking to him, but finally shuts him down when he punches Dan.

Hurts Like the Devil

Amenadiel is also suffering, but in a different way. While Lucifer acts out, Amenadiel takes on the guilt of Uriel’s death and blames himself. He and his mother go on a hike to Uriel’s grave and by the time they’re done, she’s convinced him not to take that guilt on himself but instead to place the blame at God’s feet. I’m pretty sure this was all a part of her plan. Even though I don’t think she wants any of her children hurt, The Mother isn’t above breaking a few eggs to make an omelette.

Lucifer’s quest for punishment ends with him standing in front of the sniper’s intended target basically daring him to shoot. Chloe, exhibiting the patience of a saint, finally tells Lucifer that if he won’t talk to her, he has to talk to someone before his guilt eats him alive. This sends Lucifer back to therapy and leads to one of the best scenes of the series.

Lucifer tries to tell Dr. Martin about what happened with Uriel and she finally demands that he stop speaking in metaphor and tell her the truth. Although he’s the devil, Lucifer believes in truth and justice, so when Dr. Martin asks for it, she gets it. And I believe Jack Nicholson said it best, she can’t handle the truth. Lucifer gives Dr. Martin a glimpse of his true face and she nearly goes catatonic. He leaves her stunned and staring into the middle distance. It might be a while before the devil opens up again.


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The Devil is Laughing 

“A sex swing is not furniture” – Chloe, discussing décor with Maze.

The entire B-plot of Maze and Trixie trick-or-treating was nothing but amazing moments; Trixie dressed up as the President of Mars, Maze saying she’ll take Trixie for a walk like she’s a dog. I could basically transcribe every interaction.

Lucifer S2E6
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This show continues to showcase amazing performances against a fantastical background. D.B. Woodside and Tricia Helfer gave stellar performances at Uriel’s graveside. And Tom Ellis perfectly showcased Lucifer’s self-loathing. The look on his face every time someone innocuously told him it’s not your fault was tragic. Also juxtaposing Maze revealing her true face to Trixie as a Halloween treat with Lucifer revealing his face to Dr. Martin and basically breaking her mind was such a great choice by the writers. In one instance, it endears and strengthens the bond between two characters while the other may permanently destroy a relationship we’ve watched build since season 1. It will be interesting to see where we go from here. Also shout-out to little details like Lucifer playing Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” on the piano. They are really using Tom Ellis’s piano skills to enhance the character.

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