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Lucifer - S2E8 - Trip to Stabby Town

Previously on Lucifer, “My Little Monkey”

Lucifer – S1E8 – “Trip to Stabby Town” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia 

Don’t Know What Possessed Me

During the cold open, a sunny L.A. day turns into a deadly chase when a girl is knocked off a bike and killed in an alley by a hooded man. When Lucifer shows up to the crime scene and sees a picture of the knife used by the killer, he immediately recognizes it as Azrael’s Blade; the same blade that’s supposed to be buried with his brother. This provides a conundrum. Lucifer can’t include Chloe in the investigation because the blade compels humans to kill, but he also needs the help of his police friends to track down the blade. You know what this means … team shake-up!

Lucifer works with Ella, the new lab tech, and uses Maze and Amenadiel to circumvent Chloe’s investigation. Chloe obviously thinks that Lucifer is hitting on Ella and spends the episode trying to figure out why he’s avoiding her. Things are further complicated when Ella’s forensic work leads Lucifer to his mother. It turns out that she led someone to the blade in order to start a killing spree and get God’s attention. She says it’s because she wants to grieve with her husband over her lost child but, I don’t think so. The Mother definitely wants to get God’s attention but it’s not to mourn and talk.

When God Closes A Door

The blade causes a weird death orgy in a yoga studio and that leads them to the last person to have the knife. Unfortunately, Maze and Amenadiel can’t get to it first and when Lucifer shows up with Dan and Chloe, Dan gets his hands on the blade and unleashes the resentment he’s been holding in. He tries to kill Lucifer while complaining about Lucifer ruining his marriage and stealing his pudding cups out of the fridge at the station. The scene is both comedic and intense and it takes a turn when Dan starts fighting the power of the blade and admits that his marriage to Chloe and everything that happened with his career started before Lucifer came on the scene. It shows that Dan has a stronger character than we give him credit for.

Lucifer is able to recover Azrael’s Blade but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped his mother. She and Amenadiel want to go back to heaven and get their rightful places. Lucifer points out that the only place he’s truly felt respected and at home is on Earth so now there’s definite lines drawn in the sand and The Mother’s plan is starting to take form. I think Mommy Dearest definitely wants to go home by any means necessary and she might start another angelic war to get there. There’s also a common theme amongst stories involving celestial beings; an absentee God. The adages of God working in mysterious ways and being remote and aloof leads to a common theme in these stories. If God is all-knowing and all-powerful then why doesn’t he react to what’s going on? Why isn’t he around? Why doesn’t he DO something? This season of Lucifer seems very focused on The Mother but the real question is what’s going on with the father? And since Lucifer is in possession of a knife that can kill celestial beings, what does that mean for his feuding parents?


Little Devils

Some side points:

  • Linda is back. Even though she spends half the episode wanting to know about who’s in hell, by the end she manages to go back to dispensing advice.
  • Maze and Amenadiel finally spend some time together and there’s still lots of chemistry there. But once she finds out that he’s fully team mom, I don’t see that ending well. 

The Devil is Laughing

“Have you heard of something called the reverse cowgirl?” – The Mother

“Speak of the devil’s mom” - Lucifer

Lucifer S2E8
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    Case of the Week - 7/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Performances - 8/10


We’ve returned to the larger season arc after diving a bit deeper with Chloe and Dan. Now that The Mother’s plans are starting to reveal themselves, I think we’re going to get a deeper understanding of how everyone got here. It’s frustrating not having God around because I feel like the story we’re getting from mom is definitely one-sided. I don’t know if I trust that she was cast down from heaven unjustly. Either way, the fight to return to heaven could be epic. It looks like Lucifer is getting a full 22-episode season which could be great. The story they’re telling is massive and the pacing seems to be good so far, although the case of the week format might hamper where they can go if they keep the story grounded on earth.

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