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Lucifer - S2E7 - My Little Monkey

Previously on Lucifer,”Monster”

Lucifer – S2E7 – “My Little Monkey” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia 

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The Devil in Her Heart

The show opens with a flashback to Officer Decker (Chloe’s father) on the night he was killed. Decker was a kindly cop who was well liked by the local shopowners, and his last conversation before dying was about how much he loved his daughter and was proud of her. So it’s pretty devastating for Chloe to find out that her father’s killer, Joe Fields, is being released on family leave to see his granddaughter. As Chloe points out, her father never got to meet his granddaughter either.

But when her father’s killer is then murdered himself, Chloe is able to reopen her father’s case and find some discrepancies. As it turns out, Officer Decker was investigating cases on his own (even though he told Chloe he didn’t want to be a detective) and an enemy put a hit on him and covered it up. Lauren German gives an amazing performance throughout. Chloe is overwrought and vulnerable. There’s one scene in particular where Chloe and the daughter of Fields (guest star Caitlin Stryker) confront each other. It’s a tense scene as Fields holds Chloe at gunpoint with Trixie in the next room and both women execute it perfectly.

LuciDan or Is It Douchifer?

Providing some levity to this episode is Lucifer and Dan. Lucifer decides that he needs to be more like Detective Douche in his quest to become a better person. He basically follows Dan around, calls himself Dan, dresses like him, and even puts on a fake American bro accent. Excellent acting from Tom Ellis by the way. But the kicker is when he follows Dan to an improv class and sees Dan doing an imitation of him. Kevin Alejandro does a great Lucifer Morningstar impression. Even with all the laughs, Lucifer always has a moment that elevates this show beyond devil puns. When trying to entrap the lie-detecting mobster responsible for covering up Officer Decker’s death, Lucifer, masquerading as Dan, puts out a hit on himself. Hearing Lucifer say that he deserves to die for how he hurts the people around him is devastating. His self-loathing has been palpable these past few episodes. Fortunately, they temper the heartbreak with abs.

Similarly, Maze goes to see Dr. Linda and realizes that the doctor knows what she is. Unlike Maze’s Halloween face reveal to Trixie, this goes totally left. Dr. Linda is still terrified and she wants nothing to do with Maze. At one point the two of them literally stand on opposing sides with Maze begging her to be friends again. Hopefully, Dr. Linda can come to terms with all this. It’s amazing her brain isn’t a puddle. 

The Devil is Laughing 

“I’m going to learn how to douche!” – Lucifer

“The name’s Dan.” – Lucifer, introducing himself to a Russian mobster

“Let me play me’s advocate for a minute” – Lucifer

Lucifer S2E7
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This episode combined everything that Lucifer does right; heart, laughs, and vulnerability. Dan opened up to Lucifer, Lucifer opened up about himself, Chloe dealt with a festering hurt and Dr. Linda is slowly coming around to the new normal. I’ve been saying for weeks that Chloe has been getting short-shrift since the introduction of The Mother (not that it’s been bad but it’s been noticeable) and this episode brought her back to the forefront in a big way. Also it’s good to see Dan working on himself, even if he is taking improv classes (*shudder*). It shows that he takes Chloe’s impression of him to heart and seeing their first meeting via flashback also gave me hope that their love story isn’t finished. Overall, this show is one of the most consistent and well-plotted shows on television and it’s not experiencing the usual sophomore slump issues that you would expect. Continued kudos to the writers and cast for showing up and showing out each week.

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