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Lucifer - S2E9 - Homewrecker

Previously on Lucifer, “Trip to Stabby Town”

Lucifer – S2E9 – “Homewrecker” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin AlejandroRachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Last week, Lucifer had a revelation that Los Angeles is his home. He feels like it’s the only place he ever truly belonged. So while Amenadiel and The Mother are fighting to get back to heaven, or The Silver City as they refer to it, Lucifer is fighting to stay in L.A. Ironically, his home is now under attack because the owner of his building has died and his son wants to sell everything immediately. It makes sense because Lux is sitting on some prime Hollywood real estate. This puts Chloe and Lucifer at slightly cross purposes since Lucifer is trying to save his home and everyone who might be able to help is on Chloe’s suspect list.

Eventually, Lucifer decides to hold a sit-in which is more of a party-in. He convinces the movers to party with him and Lux has one last hurrah. It’s one of those “this shit is ending so let’s go out with a bang” joints and I’m seriously miffed I wasn’t invited. Hey folks at Lucifer, I will gladly come to L.A. and be an extra in a Lux party scene. Chloe also shows solidarity when she arrives with the police to shut down the party and instead sends the other officers away and keeps the party going. Unfortunately, that leads to another revelation …

Face the Devil (And His Mother)

When Lux comes under attack, Maze is immediately suspicious of The Mother and accuses her of trying to take away Lucifer’s home so he’ll go back to heaven. She’s incorrect about that, but the accusation gives The Mother another idea. She uses her lawyer connections to find an explosives expert to blow up Lux. Of course, that plan backfires once she sees the sit-in Lucifer is staging, but watching him interact with everyone lets The Mother see how close he is to one human: Chloe.

Armed with that information, The Mother now has a target for breaking Lucifer’s ties with Earth. She goes on a date with Dan who foolishly tells her everything about their relationship because Tricia Helfer looks like an actual goddess and it’s his first time dating since he and Chloe broke up. And even with Maze and Amenadiel spying on her, no one realizes the lengths she’ll go to get Lucifer on her side.

And because Lucifer gonna Lucifer, after Chloe saves Lux by getting it declared a historical site, he starts questioning why someone would do something nice for him. Being confronted with genuine feelings of friendship and love always causes Lucifer to regress so he stands Chloe up on their celebration dinner giving The Mother the perfect opportunity to kill Chloe. Luckily we have two more episodes before the mid-season finale so Chloe might be safe … this time.

Mother Musings

Because The Mother mentions The Silver City, which is the DC Comics representation of Heaven, I’m going to dive into some DC lore as well as some creation myths this week. In the comics, the Silver City is where God or The Presence resides along with the angelic beings of the DC Universe. This concept of heaven was introduced in the DCU in the 1940s but reimagined in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series which is also the origin of the Lucifer series (Lucifer was a spin-off from Sandman created by Mike Carey in 1999). So if we’re pulling from the DCU, it’s unlikely that The Mother is Lilith because in the comics, Mazikeen is a lilim which would make Lilith, Maze’s mom not Lucifer’s.

Multiple times The Mother has been referred to as the goddess of creation. This may be a misnomer since she’s also said that God created the humans and she doesn’t seem impressed by that creation at all. In particular, two cultures have goddess creation myths that seem to closely resemble the characteristics of The Mother. One is the Aztecs and the other is Sumerian mythology. In Sumerian mythology, which originates in the same part of the world has Judaism, the goddess Nammu, the sea goddess, gave birth to the sky and earth and along with the god Enki, fashioned humans out of clay (sound familiar?). Nammu’s legends were later attributed to the male diety Marduk when the Sumerians came under the rule of the Babylonians, who were a more patriarchal society. Later, their myths found their way into the Judeo-Christian religions. The Aztec myths seem very in line with The Mother’s characteristics. The female deities involved in Aztec creation were often the givers of life and death. The goddess Coatlicue is depicted with a skirt of writhing snakes and a necklace of human hearts. And Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca created the earth from the body of a giant goddess who weeps from her thirst for human blood, which is why the ancient Aztec performed sacrifice as part of their religious practice. Our version of this creation goddess doesn’t put much stock in human life, but is fiercely protective of her children. Often with these myths, the goddesses are fierce and loving in equal measure.

The Devil is Laughing 

“It’s like the DMV with less screaming” – Lucifer, referring to Hell

Lucifer S2E9 = 9/10
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    Performances - 10/10


Although The Mother picked up on Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship early on, I don’t think she really thought Chloe was one of the reasons Lucifer calls L.A. home. That revelation is going to inform where we go from here. Last season, Lucifer agreed to track down his mother in exchange for Chloe’s life but he tends to run from those feelings whenever they get to be too much. Part of facing his mother is going to be facing up to those feelings. The show has always wavered on whether those feelings are romantic or platonic but either way, they’re strong. In the comics, Lucifer’s human sidekick is his niece. I don’t know if that will inform where the Lucifer/Chloe relationship will fall but there’s also the Dan of it all. He clearly still has feelings for Chloe as well and now The Mother has placed him in the center of her takedown. I think it’s a good thing that Maze is Chloe’s roommate right now. She’s going to need the protection.

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