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Saga #41

Previously in Saga #40


This issue we got a few confrontations that had been issues in the making. First, Marko interrupts Prince Robot IV’s drug-induced suicide attempt long enough for Alana to knock him out. Then they have a new problem. The March has interrupted the children’s game of hide-and-seek and demand Hazel and her parents surrender themselves.

Alana tries to convince the freelancers that Marko took off with Hazel, leaving her to raise their new baby alone, but The March has already seen Marko while he was out hunting for Isabel and followed him back. After Alana is tied up, and just as Hazel is about to surrender, Marko breaks his no violence stance by lighting The March up.


The Will finally finds Sophie and Gwendolyn, but little Sophie refuses his offer to leave with him and learn to be a freelancer - plus Lying Cat forces The Will to reveal he technically isn’t a freelancer anymore. This reunion was so highly anticipated, but very disappointing. The Will gives up easily, wishing them both the best with their politicking. Hopefully, he won’t stay gone for long and kudos to Gwendolyn for keeping her fat-shaming to one shocked, insensitive comment.

This wasn’t the best issue of the series, but it had a lot of what makes Saga so compelling: humor, brutal and honest depictions of war, and it continues to inspire the reader to root for this ever-growing, motley crew of a family. And they’re not out of danger, yet. Remember: Phang is set to go boom soon.


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