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The Flash - S4E9 - Don’t Run

Previously on The Flash, “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4”

“Don’t Run” proved to be a somewhat satisfying hour for a mid-season finale, even though the ending twist was apparent almost immediately.

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On the same night that Caitlin is abducted by Amunet (Katee Sackhoff), Barry is ambushed on the street by The Thinker and taken back to his lair. As team leader, Iris has to decide which rescue attempt to give priority because they’re wearing their resources thin. Never mind the fact that this wouldn’t be an issue if they hadn’t sent Wally off again, but whatever. Cisco’s vibes are no match for The Thinker’s mental blockers, and after weighing their abilities against each other, Iris decides Barry has a better chance on his own and directs the team to focus on Caitlin.

This time, Amunet doesn’t require Killer Frost’s muscle; she needs Caitlin’s medical expertise. Amunet’s latest meta-human acquisition, Dominic Lanse (Kendrick Sampson), a bus meta, put up a fight and got one of her metal shards lodged in his head for his troubles. Amunet needs Caitlin to operate in order to save him so she can deliver him to the buyer in perfect condition. With her powers dampened by some of Amunet’s tech, Caitlin and Dominic attempt to escape using his mind-reading ability but they’re quickly caught. Caitlin uses the successful surgery to try another escape, and this time she and Dominic are breached away by Cisco.

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Meanwhile, The Thinker taunts Barry, teasing that Barry will never be able to out maneuver him. Barry can’t appeal to Marlize either, as she once again demonstrates her loyalty to her husband and whatever they have planned. Barry eventually escapes (after yet another tour of his city while a villain whips his ass), but his problems with The Thinker have just begun.

The West-Allen family and friends Christmas party is interrupted when the security alarm at Barry and Iris’ loft is tripped. Barry speeds home to find blood and a dead DeVoe on the floor. Dominic, Caitlin’s plus one for the Christmas party, calls Barry’s cell phone and reveals he’s actually The Thinker’s consciousness inside Dominic’s body. Barry knows he’s been set up. The murder weapon most certainly has Barry’s fingerprints on it because it was one knife out of set, which he and Iris received as a wedding present. The police were tipped off, and as they bang on Barry’s door, Barry considers running. As the Speed Force crackles through his body, Barry instructs himself: “Don’t run.” He’s promptly arrested by Singh.

Up To Speed

No matter what Olicity fans say, interrupting someone else’s wedding so you can get married too is simply rude. It was a dick move. People who were unbothered noted that they were correct and cited Iris and Barry’s non-negative reaction as proof that the act wasn’t a big deal. Well, the first few minutes of “Don’t Run” cleared up how Iris AND Barry feel: they think it was pretty shitty, too. Iris makes a sarcastic remark about the double wedding after she and Barry noted that their gift from Felicity and Oliver was something not on their registry. Barry sat the box firmly in the “return pile,” along with the 40 stolen toasters Mick Rory gave them. Now you would think folks wouldn’t have a problem with WestAllen’s completely normal and understandable reaction to an act that is considered, almost universally, fucked up. But they do and they think Iris’ remark was purposely done to pit the two women against each other. For the love of all that is holy and sane, people, please back away from the fandom. Shippers who lose all common sense ruin it for everyone.

Even though the outcome was predictable (there was yet another mention of DeVoe’s body deteriorating; and he promised Marlize despite what he looks like, he’ll still be him), the ending raised the stakes going into a winter, month-long break. Just like, “Therefore I Am,” this episode held a more mature tone, despite Ralph still being the worst.

Caitlin’s feelings of insecurity after learning the team gets along with Killer Frost was a surprising development, and a long overdue deeper dive into how Caitlin and Killer Frost can co-exist.

Barry’s decision not to run shows a maturity the character has pretty much lacked for two seasons. Not only could Barry have ran, moved the body, and cleaned up before the cops even busted through the door, but he could have run back in time to stop it from happening. Instead, he realizes the advice he gave Marlize about losing everything that’s good and positive about her marriage isn’t worth whatever DeVoe has planned. She insisted she could and would do the hard thing in order to preserve her marriage and wondered if Barry could say the same. In that moment, when he puts his hands up and accepts whatever fate awaits him, Barry did just that.

Speed Bumps

Not calling the body swap is understandable, but considering how they’ve already figured out that DeVoe purposely created the bus metas by pulling Barry out the Speed Force, and since they know Dominic is now the second bus meta Amunet has tried to sell, it’s baffling how the team failed to figure out the Dominic-Amunet-The Thinker connection.

I’m not so woke that I have a huge problem with The Thinker stealing the body of a Black man to act as his life support, but after last week’s Nazi-fest it does feel tone deaf at best and gross at the worst.

Leave your brief thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

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"Don't Run"

The Flash - S4E9 - “Don’t Run” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer

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15 Comments on The Flash - S4E9 - Don’t Run

    • The Olicity shade was everything!! And well deserved, if Candice Patton improvised that line, I’m glad they kept it.

    • As soon as Caitlin and Barry were attacked at the same time I knew Amulet and the Thinker were working together. And then the Flash presented a FIONE speicem of a man, Mr. Kendrick Sampson. Yep, that’s right I did my Googles and now….feel ashame I’m so late to the game with this guy, he’s seems to work non-stop. Hell, I don’t even care he’s the bad guy….let his fione ass flourish!!!

    • Ok I’ll be honest….at the moment I’m like let him Devoe it UP but in January I’m going to be pissed he’s messing with my WestAllen.

    • Now I don’t trust Ralph….I think he’s working with the DeVoes.

    Thanks Nina, John and Donald for the podcast and will patiently wait for your return in January.

  2. Hi, Nina, Donald & John! I finally got a chance to leave feedback for the show! You guys are one of the key reasons I ever started watching the Flash; I binged all of season one and two at once summer before last and bunged all of the Podcast Fandom episodes as well.

    I enjoyed hearing Iris privately shade Felicity about colonizing her wedding. In my head canon, this was ad-lived by Candice Patton and they kept it in. Because - BECAUSE - thexrest of this episode was not good. The idea is fine; the outline was probably even good; the execution was just tacky.

    “Iris, we’re overtaxing our resources! We can’t find both Barry and Caitlyn!” Gee, if only Iris had a whole, full brother with superpowers, hmm? Also, I’d have thought they’d start softening Ralph by now; as is, he’s starting to grate, so if they don’t bring in Sue Dearborn (his future wife) soon, we might be in trouble.

    Re: DeVoe and Brainstorm: Jordan Peele’s lawyers have to be looking like that meme of Kermit typing furiously right now. Cisco, you’d BETTER make a “Get Out” joke before this season is over to redeem this. Also, _please_ don’t let Caitlyn and Brainstorm date; we did this already in Season 2 (plus, I’m not yet convinced she’s not racist herself - see also Jax).

  3. So did Devo frame Barry for his murder so that he can be out the way for whatever his next plan is? Also how could Devoe know that a meta would be made with mind powers that would allow him to take over his body? I really did like this episode I’m just peeved that no one has brought up that they should be working on a cerebral inhibitor to defeat Devoe or that Devoe isn’t really defeated yet because they haven’t made the inhibitor yet. Lastly, Devoe’s wife is the true victor in this story with her new Get Out husband model. Can’t wait to hear the podcast

  4. I guess Cisco forgot his cumming pants cause Joe told him to get the fuck out of his house with box . Lol

    Okay look I just don’t like this switch thing , not because of the “Get out” implications….it’s just I really liked
    Neil Sandilands portrayal of the thinker. the way he was menacing both Joe and Wells at the door was a great scene . I take him more seriously as a threat than Kendrick Sampson right now. But to be fair I’ve never seen HTGAWM and just judging from minimum screen time so maybe he’ll bring in something different to the character.
    Flash in jail is gonna be interesting. You think the next time we see him hes gonna be tatted up smuggling Heroin and shit?

    Side note
    So they literally just brought Wally in for the wedding . When he slid in last week he literally said He was there to help with Devoe ?
    Hey Flash writers take note on what legends is doing …that’s how you write out a character with closure . Not this Hi Bye shit.

  5. For the Podcast

    I really enjoyed this episode!

    Lovely WestAllen scenes, especially Iris shading the fuck outta Olicity.

    I actually felt bad for Caitlin this week. KF is way more fun and has a drink named after her. I bet it’s delicious too! Lol

    So DeVoe pulled a Get Out scenario with the hottie from HTGAWM and framed Barry. That’s pretty ingenious. So how will Team Flash get Barry outta jail? Will they believe him about the body switch? And can they finally bring Wally back since they’re gonna be down a speedster?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I’m gonna miss y’all over the break.

  6. For the podcast

    This was the episode the flash needed and I’m so happy with the twist because it was planned out so well. Easiest way to be the flash us to not be the flash but beat the man instead and Barry is so fucked I can’t stop laughing. I’m glad they got this actor to be the new Devo because he’s great in almost anything I have seen him in. I loved the shade Iris threw at olicity and I loved all the Caitlin stuff with her basically having her own recurring villian to fight. I also didn’t mind Ralph for once he’s starting to grow on me but Cisco needs to make him a better suit but before I forget this show needs to either have Wally on the show or move him over to the new Titans show coming out next year because he would work better there instead having that show is a mix of teen Titans and young justice and the perfect place to put him he deserves better.

  7. Hi guys! I don’t really know how to feel about this episode. The ending makes me excited for the rest of the season but it feels like there was a better way to get to that twist.
    Barry running so fast, he turned invisible was cool, but like I still don’t understand why DeVoe took him. Setting Barry up for his murder doesn’t really require that, did it? He already got Dominic, he planted the knife, and he had access to the apartment because everyone was going to the party… idk. Kinda disappointed too from the lack of action. But maybe that’s just because we just had the crossover.
    Thanks for the pod and looking forward to the Bates Motel pod!!!

  8. For the podcast

    Really liked the episode
    I only have 3 things to say:
    1) Iris shading Olishitty gave me so much life!! Lmao
    2) Dominic is fine as fuck!!
    3) Shit! Barry’s in jail! Just got interesting..

    Oh! And can Ralph get tf out?! Tired of him! Ugh!

    Btw.. Damn! Westallen can never catch a break.. I’m tired of that..
    Thanks for the podcast

  9. Hi Nina, Donny and John. Since the show will be off until Jan 16, i’ll like to wish you all an early Merry Christmas and an amazing new years. This will also be by last feedback to you guys this year! Thanks for a wonderful source of entertainment.
    On to the episode:

    I loved Iris getting to voice her annoyance, but it sure as hell doesn’t make up for it. The Devoes have truly become villains with they did to Dominic. That shit was foul and evil and there is no coming back from it. Marlize at least gets to kiss someone who matches her in the pretty department.

    The men sans Barry bro-ing it up was gross and I never want to see that again. The whole “you can only choose one” nonsense they had Harry put on Iris was contrived as fuck and made no damn sense. Including the stupid reason they made Iris say. Harry and Ralph were on my damn nerves this whole episode and can he please go now?

    I look forward to next year but I don’t think this writers are clever and skilled enough to do this storyline justice. They always have great ideas but screw it up in execution.
    Anyways, thanks that’s all.

  10. Gumby is terrible and I’m pissed he’s back. That’s all.

  11. Hello Nina,Donny, and John. I really liked the episode as always because WestAllen is EVERYTHING. I am just sick and tired of all their moments getting interrupted. Weddings,Kisses,Honeymoon UGH the writers are annoying me. Anyways question for you 3, do you think that at some point it will be married couple VS married couple because there is a lot of parallels between the two and I have seen some people say their theory is that it will be WestAllen VS Marvoe because if that happens I am here for it 100% I would love to see that?

  12. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey y’all! I hope this isn’t too late.

    Iris shading FeeFee and Olivander: LOVED IT. LOVED. IT.
    OLICITY stans (all week): Well, Iris didn’t stop her when it happened, so OF COURSE she had no problem. She smiled at her!
    Iris (this episode): BITCH YOU THOUGHT. Candice delivered that line with perfection. A++++

    I loved the episode for the most part, but can we talk about Amunet? Can Amunet carry her metal shards in a backpack instead? Amunet carrying around a bucket makes her completely non-threatening. How is she taken seriously when she threatens people, and then exits frame, only to return with a big ass bucket????. I laugh every time!!!!

    The GET OUT reveal in the last five minutes was actually a huge shock. I didn’t see that coming! I do hope the writers never have Devoe commenting on Dominic’s “natural athletic ability” tho. It was cringe enough when Stein (RIP) said that in S2.

    Oh, and Devoe staging his corpse in the same manner in which Barry’s mother was murdered is both poetic and fucked up. I am glad we didn’t get a flashback to Nora’s murder. I took that omission as further proof Barry’s finally moved on.

    Can’t wait for the podcast. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Suck it, Trump!) 🎄🎄🎄

  13. For the podcast: This was a pretty good episode I’m impressed with the cliffhanger didn’t see that coming at all. West Allen was on point I nearly melted when Barry called her Iris West-ALLEN 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 the gold standard is showing up and showing out! Anyways blah blah Stretch Armstrong gets on yalls nerves blah blah blah Wally🙄 blah blah Get Out lite happened.

    Let’s talk about what really matter Iris with that sweet, delicious, cold, refreshing glass of petty shade for Olicity👐👐👐. And all the little fan girls mad about it whoooo! For the past week I’ve had to see those heifers in their feelings cause(say this in a condescending tone Nina) the “westallen fans were attacking Felicity instead of the nazis that interrupted the church wedding” or “Iris was happy for her friend she wanted to get married with Olicity look at the smile on her face” or even worse pulling shit out their ass like “what about the funeral Iris interrupted trying to get married and climbing on the alter”(to which I say the funeral was over and the family had left if she was a felicity she would have interrupted and asked the reverand to marry them and then finish the funeral🙃🙃🙃) and “what about Barry causing flashpoint and diggle/lila losing baby sara shouldn’t you care about him having to do the ceremony for the guy who did that to him🙄🙄🙄” anyways had to get that off my chest can’t wait for the podcast!

  14. Hello Nina, John and Donald,

    Hope I made it in time.

    The best part of this episode is Cisco calling out Amulet’s “white girl dreads”.

    I am intrigued with the rebirth of DeVoe, I actually thought it was clever. Is it me or did Ms. DeVoe look slightly doubtful as she kissed the new DeVoe?

    I hope that this is the beginning of some balance between darkness and levity, in the writing of future Flash episodes.

    Lastly, is it me or did Grant Gustin look almost grown, this episode. He’s cute but too boyish for me, usually, but THIS time he looked like he was coming into manhood. Maybe it was the haircut.

    This finale was decent and I’m interested in the second half but honestly, ya’ll are wayyy better than the show itself.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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