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Saga #43

Previously, in Saga #42

To celebrate Image Comics’ 25th anniversary, the latest issue of Saga, which kicked off a brand-new story arc, is only 25 cents. It seems criminal to pay so little for such an exquisite issue. So much of what makes Saga great is present here: stark political commentary, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and art that demands you stop and soak up every color and line.

After breaking our hearts with the Phang arc, issue #43 deposits us right into WTF territory as Alana and Prince Robot IV are posing as a couple in Abortion Town. Though Alana suffered a miscarriage at the end of the last issue, she’s yet to have the fetus removed. Abortion Town is the nearest planet capable of performing the procedure, but Alana is too far gone for it to be done safely. They’re directed to the sinister Badlands where the doctors are less than ethical. As this plan was Prince Robot’s, and it has failed, Alana refuses to let him return with her to their ship. She’s probably still salty about his drug-fueled advances and suicide attempt.

Hazel has always had a number of guardian angels, and now that the cast of characters has been reduced, we’re getting to spend some much needed time with the latest of Hazel’s protectors, Petrichor. Thanks to their time together at the refugee camp, Hazel knows that Petrichor is transgender, but she doesn’t know what that means. A normal child would have questions, but Hazel isn’t normal and goes about asking them as only a child of Alana’s could. It’s probably a bit on-the-nose, but it feels like Hazel has this… superpower of touching people; this being who shouldn’t even exist, who’s a blend of two species who have hated each other for longer than anyone can remember, has the ability to bring folks together. If only people would stop trying to kill her.

Marko is taking the miscarriage hard, as is expected. He’s working on the ship’s septic system and you get the feeling this shitty work (pun intended) is what he feels he deserves for breaking his rule about violence and killing; killing the bounty hunter on Phang set in motion the events leading to the miscarriage. I’m most looking forward to seeing how this plays out. While fathers also suffer a loss when a woman miscarries, their grief is not always properly addressed in fiction.

Wait. I just lied. What I’m really looking forward to is learning more about the power Alana has apparently gained because of the miscarriage. Her maternal and badass instincts kick in when they’re attacked by Dung People — animated feces in the likeness of the person who shat it out. Alana goes all Wonder Woman on them and it’s pretty damn awesome.

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