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The Flash - S3E22 - Infantino Street

Previously on The Flash, “Cause and Effect”



I love this show. I do.

But this episode was a convoluted, hot-ass mess.

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One Does Not Simply Walk Into A.R.G.U.S., Except When One Does

Tracy’s (Anne Dudek) speed bazooka (don’t even get me started) needs a super power source and Cisco has tracked one at A.R.G.U.S., so he and Barry head over to beg Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) to let them borrow it for a minute or ever. They don’t know what it is, they just know they need it. Turns out, it’s a piece of tech taken from the Dominators’ alien ship and Lyla isn’t too keen on handing it over to Barry since his unchecked actions are what had aliens jumping in their asses to begin with, and that ended with the death of the damn president.

So, fair.

I Said I Would Never Do It Again, Except When I Will

Barry decides that he’ll just break into A.R.G.U.S. and steal the power source. Mind you, he’s never seen the damn thing and still doesn’t really know what it is or where it’s held, but he’s certain he can run in there and grab it. Maybe he’ll bring a pair of tongs or those reusable grocery bags. I don’t know.

Anyway, doesn’t matter much because A.R.G.U.S. is cloaked in meta-human power dampeners and soldiers who don’t give a fuuuuuck.

You know else is out of fucks? Barry. Remember how he said he would never, ever travel back in time since that’s what started all this mess, AND sent aliens after them, AND changed Cisco’s and Caitlin’s lives? Well, no one else seems to care about that because when Barry reveals he went back in time to snatch Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) out of it, he gets barely a tongue lashing. I don’t blame Barry for doing it, but it makes no sense that Cisco wouldn’t at least give him a “See? THIS is why I wasn’t fucking with you before and shaded you on four different TV shows in front of our super friends.”

Snart is down for a little B&E (naturally), and with the help of H.R.’s Earth-19 transmogrify tech, Barry poses as Lyla placing Snart under arrest at A.R.G.U.S. After a brief fight and a lot of unnecessary King Shark, Barry and Snart almost make it out with the power source, but the real Lyla shows up and punishes Barry by giving him the power source anyway. Huh.

Fleeing Won’t Work, Except When It Does

H.R. suggests putting Iris on a plane to Paris and Barry says there’s nowhere Savitar won’t find her. Once it’s on the table, Savitar knows it’s been batted down by Barry. But then why wouldn’t the team minus Barry come up with a place for Iris? Oh, wait. That’s EXACTLY what they do not five minutes after Barry said that wouldn’t work. Barry entrusts Joe and Wally to take Iris someplace safe (while he’s breaking into A.R.G.U.S.); but they need to keep him in the dark so Savitar won’t know where. THIS is actually still risky since — as I just mentioned — Savitar will at least know that they’re attempting to hide Iris.

Still, it was a pretty decent plan until H.R. told Barry where she was (Earth-2) and it turned out Barry was Savitar. Even that wouldn’t have been too terrible if Harry had taken Iris, Joe, and Wally to someplace other than the breach room in Earth-2’s S.T.A.R. Labs. Let’s just all stand at the door to save Savitar the trouble of searching an entire planet should he happen to learn of our plan.

Savitar “you’re not my real dad”s Joe, beats Wally’s ass, and then snatches Iris.


We’re All Going to Save Iris, Except When We’re Not

H.R. feels like shit. He’s finally found his groove with the team — still haven’t heard a peep about that museum, but *Kanye shrug* — and has fallen for a woman he just met last Thursday, but he totally screwed up by dry-snitching Iris’ location to Savitar and that means he has to die. His final conversation with Cisco — where Cisco tells him how great he is and how he shouldn’t feel bad for his mistake — was dripping in “this is absolutely our last conversation.”

Again, without Barry present, H.R., Cisco, Tracy, and Joe come up with a plan to stop Savitar at Infantino Street. This intricate plan involves shooting Savitar with the speed bazooka (I can’t even!) while Joe sits on a rooftop with an ineffective gun, and Tracy presses buttons on a tablet. Where’s Cisco, the other powerful meta-human in their group, you ask? He got a vibe of Killer Frost asking him to come out to play in the same wooded area he saw in his vibe of their future fight. He decides he has to go to her and Barry co-signs (even though Barry’s ass should have already left for Infantino Street and not be privy to any pre-save Iris plans), telling Cisco that without Savitar around, this might be their only chance to get through to Caitlin… you know, after them telling us for fifteen damn episodes that once you go Killer Frost you don’t go back.

At the fateful confrontation, Barry manages to shoot Savitar with the speed bazooka (I mean…), but it doesn’t work because of all the fucking things they decided to keep from Savitar, the creation of the trap four years earlier wasn’t one of them. He’s already figured out how to beat the trap to begin with and it’s due to the Philosopher’s Stone. Thanks, Caitlin.

Savitar then gets down to the business of killing Iris in front of Barry; the one thing we said wouldn’t happen, until it did.

Up to Speed

The fact that Grant Gustin is so damn good as Needs More Hugs Barry only convinces me further that the Savitar reveal should have come a lot sooner. He’s scary good when he looks at people we know Barry loved with nothing but scorn and contempt. And when he threatened to kill Harry? Damn. So good.

Iris and Joe’s last conversation was beautifully written and acted… I just wish they’d had it in a hotel room under an assumed name in Earth-2’s Australia.

More Wentworth Miller, please.

So many great H.R. moments/lines. *sniff* I’m going to miss him.

Speed Bumps

Considering Temper Tantrum Barry is Barry minus goodness in his heart, it’s tempting for the show to hit that dead horse one more time: Barry shouldn’t lose himself to save Iris, or anyone for that matter. I wish the show had resisted that temptation. Not just because they’ve gone to that well a few times before, but it feels particularly hollow when he just broke the rules to get Snart and no one said squat.

Lyla had several good reasons for withholding the tech from Barry: his reckless time travel shenanigans caused aliens to attack them and the tech is so powerful it would be catastrophic if it falls into the wrong hands… like Savitar’s. So it was a bit annoying when Barry asks if her refusal to help was because he changed the fact that she had a daughter when he created Flashpoint. Basically, are you petty or nah? Nah. How about she’s a competent woman who understands the importance of her job? Of course, it made it even more absurd that Lyla would then hand it over after he lied to her, injured her men, and compromised her job, just because she saw him spare King Shark and not leave Snart behind.

Killer Frost is just… ugh. Since when does she want to be a god?


Questions & Predictions

So, there’s no way Iris West is really dead or will stay dead. If it’s the former, that means someone else took her place. One way this could have happened is if everything we saw go down was part of the plan we didn’t see the team formulate when Barry left them alone. Since he’s not in on it, his reaction is real. Of course, this doesn’t explain Joe’s reaction unless he’s just jarred by seeing someone die while looking like his daughter.

The most likely candidate is H.R. since he felt extremely guilty for giving up Iris’ location and was staring at the piece of Savitar’s suit they obtained in “The Wrath of Savitar.” Since it acted as a way to locate the suit, perhaps H.R. transmogrified himself to appear as Iris, found where Savitar was holding her before midnight, and managed to swap places with her. How he knew to behave just as Iris had in those visions of the future is something we can forgive, I suppose, if need be.

There’s the pesky question of Savitar’s endgame and the exact nature of his “birth.” If Iris is already dead, can’t Barry alter the future and Savitar’s origins by not making time remnants? Sounds like the best play is to get the stone away from him and use the speed bazooka (*sigh*) again.

And what does any of this have to do with Killer Frost? It’s possible Savitar wishes to end this loop by going to, or creating, another some kind of new reality. Has he promised a way of bringing Ronnie back? But why would Killer Frost care about Caitlin’s husband? Since they’ve spent zero time exploring how her powers work or what she wants (other than to just cause trouble and speak in auto-tune), it could literally be anything and that’s annoying because it guarantees that only diehard fans of the character(s) will give a shit.

Or maybe Savitar really needs Cisco and Killer Frost is his bait to get him. Vibe’s powers seem like they’d be more useful to Savitar that Killer Frost’s.

Will we ever go back to the night Barry thought he was going to save his mother, but another version of himself told him…

Could that be the key to stopping Savitar once and for all? I don’t know. I have a time headache.

Also, where the fuck is Julian?

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Flash S3E22
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"Infantino Street"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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14 Comments on The Flash - S3E22 - Infantino Street

  1. Hey Nina, Donnie, and John. I didn’t really care for this episode because, reasons. I didn’t really like that lya just gave Barry the power source. It just seemed so anti climatic after everything they did to get it and also a dumb move for her to make career wise. I’m so pissed that the writers have H.R. Tell Iris’s location. Why didn’t he stop to think that Barry wouldn’t be asking where Iris was because he wouldn’t want Savitar to know! Even with the tech they still needed to trap Savitar first before she was safe so why in the hell would HR answer that! Ugh. I did find it funny though that savi Barry had to run in with the the good side of his face showing. I’m going to be really upset if all Savitar needed Killer Frost for was to serve as a distraction so that Cisco wouldn’t be there to help Barry. Like that would’ve been a way to change history. Forget Caitlin’s ass and have Cisco there Barry to just shoot Iris to a portal somewhere away from Savitar should the gun not work. And why wouldn’t Barry tell iris to not wear that wool poncho. Why wouldn’t he try anything to make that moment different? I hated all of this.

  2. I love this episode it’s my favorite episode this whole season of the flash. The opening song set the tone for the episode for me just realizing shits gonna go down besides the heist. But seeing iris start to make a video at the beginning I saw the show tugging at my heart strings for a second and said she gonna die and it’s gonna be Glorious. I been waiting all season for this to just happen because something’s like fate happen and barry should have listen to barry from the start but overall the episode was amazing with Snart being back for the episode because anything wentworth Miller is in he will be great. The king shark bit worked so well to not over use him and I like how they pointed out the budget. Joe Sang again with his moment with iris and the real reason why she didn’t wear the ring in her finger. HR is HR but I hope he doesn’t die this season but he fucked up royally with saying where iris was. Tracie is starting grow on me and would be a fine Caitlin replacement even with the hands thing also where Julian at. But overall I love this episode and the moment I saw iris die I smiled because sometimes I like watching the world burn.

  3. Hey Nina, John and Donny (It’s Flash time bitches!) This was a great episode. I know they are going to finish strong even though this season was weak. Hopefully they do better next season. Candice and Grant are working overtime right now and bringing it every scene. I did want more SaviBarry/Iris interaction though. I know you’ll cover everything so question for the class: what do you think would be a good overarching story for season 4? Not a specific villain but something that motivates the story. I think Flash’s strength is their character and their relationships. I think if they focus on that rather than a Big Bad we’ll have a stronger season 4

  4. Hey guys!
    They gave me so much life last episode, and now this! They didn’t come to play… 😭
    Ok, I’m still crying over the last scene, but overall this episode was great.
    1) the opening scene was so sad..
    2) I hated Lyla at the beginning, but later I was ok w/her
    3) Snaaaaaaaaart!!! 💜
    He’s a Westallen shipper! Love him even more!
    4) Since when can Barry fight? 🤔
    5) Joe/Iris scene made me happy and sad at the same time
    6) I was ok w/ King Shark
    7) Barry/Snart dynamic was good
    8) The video, the music in the last scene had me crying like a baby
    9) SaviBarry.. Boy.. U fucked up!
    10) I didn’t noticed Julian wasn’t there ’till someone said it on Twitter 💀
    11) I was ok w/KF this ep

    Oh! Still don’t care abt HR and Tracy as a couple..

    That’s it. Thanks for the podcast 😁

  5. For the podcast:
    Hi y’all.
    So they really just went & did that. Iris better be undead by next week! I don’t even care if her undeadening doesn’t make sense. Where was ‘I love you 🤔?’ Julian? He’d better be out there fixing this mess. Let’s just swop Cait-frost with Snart. He has the cold thing down & we can teach him medical stuff. I’m just ready for it to be over. The writers need to take notes from the AoS guys for season 4 (which was just straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥). WestAllen & Kidflash were the best thing about this season. I’m ok with Tracy staying if she replaces Caitlin, but she needs to get it together.

  6. For the podcast

    IRIS👏🏾 IS 👏🏾NOT 👏🏾DEAD👏🏾!!!!
    I refuse to believe that! There betta be a plausible reason for that bullshit! What are y’alls theories on how she comes back?

    DP can’t act! Ugh! That scene at the end with Vibe was so bad!

    Damnit HR! Stop talking for once!

    Snart needs to visit more often cause that was awesome! And karate/burglar Barry was sexy af! But why is SaviBarry smarter than everyone else? Where are these smarts in our Barry?

    Ok. That’s basically it. Damn stupid episode making me cry when Iris is reciting her wedding vows and Joe singing to his baby girl! Ugh!!!!! It’s so frustrating! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  7. Hey Ya’ll,
    I’m kinda through and do not have much to say. Besides, I’m sure everyone else has made great points.

    I’ll say, that’s a bold choice. Now I see why they did not write Iris with much agency, thus far. We’ll see what episode 23 has to offer.

    I did not feel a thrill until the last 5-10 mins of the episode. The rest of the episode seemed a bit all over the place.

    I would like for the writers to be firm on KillerSnow and maybe give us an ever so slight explanation as to why she’s so angry other than, cuz her powers made her that way.

    Question, are we convinced that Barry is going back in time again, to “fix” this?

    Another question, if he does go back in time, will this be a season 4 of Barry fucked shit up for everyone and doesn’t give a shit?

    I really want everyone except for the special effects team, to do better next season. I’m starting to be seduced by the Jamelle-side. There is too much better television out there. *cough cough, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., cough cough*

  8. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST

    I read in the group that SaviBart killed Iris. Yikes. Well, two things should happen. Either Candice Patton leaves The Flash and gets a good role on a much better show…or Iris is somehow alive and leaves that mangy ass raggedy ass sloth Bartholomew and gets some Black Boy Joy in her life. Speaking of Black Boy Joy… viva la Wallace!!

    All I got!

  9. Hi Nina, Donny, and John!
    I don’t how to feel about this episode. A lot of what happened feels too compacted. While it was sorta unexpected to see Iris actually die because we were all expecting the best, that’s kinda ruined because you know there’s another episode after this. Ending the season here would’ve been annoying but the stakes wouldn’t have felt low somehow.
    I’m glad they didn’t have that manufactured conflict of “should I or shouldn’t I” tell Capt. Cold he was gonna die.
    I liked the opening until they overdid and literally had a clock in every shot. Digital ones too so ERRYONE can understand they’re running out of time. Of course they’re running out of time! It’s episode 22 and literally all season they were solving problems they created themselves.

  10. Let’s just have a quick look at the villains this season:
    Baltimore Rival, Two edgy teenagers, Frank from HTGAWM, A shadow, Caitlin and Julian, Aliens, Cisco (when Savitar controlled him using his brother, that plot point disappeared pretty quickly), A modern day pirate, Twinsco-19, Ashy crack head that gave Wallace the speed AIDS according to John, Motherfucking Gorillas, Barry and Wallace being petty to one another, The SpeedForce, A Fucking Musical Villain, Abra Ka-FuckBoi the magician, Caitlin again with a new hair colour and autotune, Future Cisco stopping Barry from going back to the present, Tracey Brand’s hands, Cisco when he wiped Barry’s mind for no result, Great Value Heatwave, King Shark, Argus who ended up surrendering for no reason, and a Transformer that ended up being “Burntholemew Allen”.

    So yeah, weaksauce.

    In other news, Iris’ death was tragic, but I’m more concerned about Wallace’s leg tbh. This episode was half good half bad, time for Barry to fuck the timeline some more I guess.

    WTF DID I JUST WATCH? This episode bored me. The only thing this episode made me want is Harry’s fine ass with those glasses that frames his face and that long sleeve high quality cotton shirt. Other than that, this episode was a slap in the face, I am supposed to be hype for the finale, not uninterested. Boo hiss. I want caitlin to DIE. The end.

  12. Hey Everyone
    1.) The show even went through the trouble of making Barry explicitly say that he can’t know where Iris is. So how would HR just go out and blurt where she is to who he thought was Barry?
    2.) In general they seem very flippant about what they allow to be said to Barry knowing that Savitar knows it as well.
    3.) I find it really really hard to believe that Team Flash would reject TimeRemnant!Barry. I mean, they’re already on Wells #3, they wouldn’t ditch Barry #2.
    4.) My god the beginning and especially the end w/Iris saying her vows was extra sad. If I had emotions I woulda cried.
    5.) Even having watched Iris die for real, I am still 100% sure that Iris is gonna be alive at the end of the season.
    6.) This is probably one of the best episodes this season imo.

    EDIT: Question: Assuming that Iris ends up alive in the end, how do you predict that she will be saved?

    Thanks for the Podcast

  13. I always forget about this and only remember them when i’m listening to the podcast. I’m so horrible with being active on social media and staying up to date. I can’t even do legit live reactions because i’m too focused on watching to think about even writing anything.

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