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The Flash - S3E7 - Killer Frost

Previously on The Flash, “Shade” 

The Flash - S3E7 - “Killer Frost” | Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, Violett Beane

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Ay yi yi. 

This episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It definitely didn’t live up to the hype - and neither did the other Kevin Smith directed episode “The Runaway Dinosaur.” Much like that episode, the reason “Killer Frost” didn’t work for me has nothing to do with the directing; it’s the writing I have a problem with. In “Dinosaur,” we were hit with things we had no idea existed: Barry is struggling with not saving his mom and the Speed Force is capable of keeping Barry and communicating with him in the form of his loved ones. Okay. Sure. This week, Caitlin’s power makes her evil. For reasons.

After Savitar makes off with Barry in a trip very much like the You Ain’t Shit Tour Zoom took him on, Caitlin and Cisco use their powers to track them down and Caitlin freezes Savitar. This massive use of her power awakens Killer Frost and saves Barry, but Savitar gets away.

While everyone worries about getting Wally out of his chrysalis, Caitlin sneaks off to the CCPD to interrogate the lone Alchemy disciple they were able to capture. She’s busted by Julian so she kidnaps him and demands he figure out a way to locate more disciples. She hopes one can lead her to Alchemy, who can then take away her powers… because the villain would totally do that for her. Caitlin ends up injuring Julian with her powers before Barry comes to knock him out and try to talk her down. She blames Barry for everything, citing his desire to make sure his life was perfect and how it ruined hers and Cisco’s.

Since Barry didn’t bother to disguise is face or voice, I’m assuming Julian figured out he’s The Flash since he knows Caitlin is Barry’s friend. More on that in a bit. (However, if not, I’m calling bullshit.)

Then Caitlin drops a bomb I hadn’t considered. She tells everyone that Dante was alive before Flashpoint. Now, I thought everyone could assume the things Barry didn’t know about were different in Flashpoint, like the Speed Lab. So, if Barry doesn’t know Caitlin has powers, and he didn’t know that Dante was dead nor that he and Cisco fought over it, it would stand to reason that those things weren’t in Flashpoint. I guess I was wrong, because this news both shocks and angers Cisco. He has to put his feelings aside, though, in order to locate Caitlin after she takes off in search of a disciple.

When Caitlin finds one, he tells her he has no idea who Alchemy really is, and that they both serve a higher power who showed them the future. In it, Killer Frost is glorious. Barry and Cisco eventually take Caitlin down and lock her in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, everyone is acting like they don’t know how cocoons work. They’re acting like they don’t know Alchemy restores powers and that the meta-humans leave behind a husk. So, Joe takes a power tool to it and it explodes. Wally is a vibrating mess and speeds off. Maybe if they’d just let the poor guy finish cooking…

Anyway, back to Caitlin Barry goes, because they need a doctor for Wally. After he delivers a mega-Flash pep talk, Caitlin is able to resist her inner Killer Frost and make a serum to help Wally. The day is saved, but now Barry needs to convince Julian not to snitch that the ice-wielding meta-human who terrorized the city that night is Caitlin. Julian agrees, but only if Barry resigns from his job because anyone who would put aside justice to help a friend clearly doesn’t deserve to work in law enforcement. Of course, Barry agrees. He already feels guilty and Cisco still lowkey wants to kick his ass.

Also, Julian is a whole bitch. And Alchemy. I guess. Ugh.

Quick Hits

  • HR is still the man. I love the different versions of Harrison Wells we’ve seen and Tom Cavanagh has done an amazing job making them all unique. And it’s cool that he actually is a muse to the team.
  • The Greg Grunberg cameo as a police detective we’ve never seen before and will probably never see again was nice.
  • Iris is fantastic. She’s fierce, loyal, and supportive. I know we’ve all been a little tired of Barry needing constant reassurance, but that’s the character and I guess we just need to get used to it. I have my fingers crossed Iris will have more to do with her own storyline after the crossover is done.
  • Wally is adorable. He was so happy to have his speed.

Speed Bumps

  • So, that’s it with Killer Frost? Are we not getting the fight between her and Vibe? Or is that still to come? Will Cisco be the evil one when and if it happens? That would be a welcome twist.
  • Why does Caitlin’s powers make her evil? Can they counteract that with more pep talks should they require her services?

  • Savitar is cool to look at, but lacks the quiet menace we got from Reverse-Flash and Zoom. I don’t fear him. I don’t care what he wants. He’s just here and we have to deal with him eventually.
  • Why, oh why, is Julian Alchemy? Can we not do the whole, “the bad guy is in our midst the whole time but only the audience knows” again? I’m hoping that Julian (who they’ve shown over and over again to be brilliant) did figure out Barry is The Flash and since he seemed to be resisting Savitar’s call, maybe he asked Barry to quit because he knew Barry would be in danger around him. Please let it be that. Actually, I think I would just prefer it if Julian wasn’t Alchemy at all, but alas…
The Flash S3E7 = 7.9/10
  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dialogue - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Action - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Performances - 8/10
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12 Comments on The Flash - S3E7 - Killer Frost

    I didn’t leave feedback last week so I need to drop this hot fiyah. BARRY WAS TAKEN ON A THE AIN’T SHIT TOUR 2! HE GOT MOLLY WOPPED.

    And dare I say it, Caitlin was pretty damn good. I think that if they keep her this way, I will be down with her developing more as Killer Frost. She split those truth bars and stabbed Barry and I laughed. But she also kissed him so here the fuck we go with sNOwberry shit. They probably saw the kiss and the hug she had with Barry and ignored her lust fuck people up. It cannot be that simple that she is simply Caitlin Snow again. It shouldn’t be.

    It was nice to see Cisco sad and pissed again because I was worried he forgot his dead brother. He totally will be the evil one of the two.

    When is Barry and Iris fucking? I mean my head cannon is that they already are and if they aren’t they both dumb.

    Joe is dumb for breaking Wally out of the cocoon. This is the first time I want to beat the shit out of Joe. Yes he got Wally out but I hope they know that Wally won’t be “right” right? It cannot be that simple. If so, fuck you writers.

    So now that Barry quit his job, he has no money and Cisco is pissed, so he has to move into Joe’s place again right? I would love if they have him move in with Iris but the show doesn’t love us.

    Finally why the fuck is Fivehead Alchemy? They did the least surprising thing and it still pissed me off. This show has a permanent side eye for the whole season for this.

    Finally, Wells is fine and I would love to see him in glasses again. It’s just another thing of his that makes him so damn fine.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t let food terrorists mess this holiday up for you.

  2. For the Podcast:

    I really wanted to like this episode but the execution of some things were sub-zero.

    That CGI at the start was terrible. This new villain is not starting out well.

    Killer Frost was a lot better this time around. It wasn’t overdone in terms of performance, but I feel like a few scenes were cut for time. Like, how did Cisco capture her, and why everyone immediately trusted her after Barry let her out. I’m not asking for complete suspicion, but Joe could at least be on his guard.

    Iris saying that Barry cared the most about justice in the police department with Joe right there was the funniest thing to me. Like, your dad cop of 18 years who gave up relationships in order to be a father and a great detective doesn’t care compared to Barry who constantly rewrites time for selfish reasons. Also, Joe’s husky threatening voice kinda reminded me of Rex, so I may have been out of it for a few minutes during the episode.

    We didn’t get Iris and Barry getting down together, so thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing.😭

    Cisco doesn’t get to be sad after not caring about Dante for weeks in any form.

    I’m so disappointed that Alchemy is Malfoy, but I bet Nina is a lot happier that it wasn’t Queen Petty herself on the scene. 😂😂😂

  3. For the podcast:
    👏I👏told👏y’all👏that👏Malfoy👏was👏a👏serial👏killer👏! Well sort of 😋. I actually quite enjoyed this episode & Cait-frost wasn’t so bad (until she reverted to her ever present ‘cry-face’ 😩). Her Barry shade was delicious. & Cisco chiming in was the 🍒 on top. Barry’s lucky Iris was there cos this was a ROUGH episode for him. She’d better make room for him at her place too. & start giving him pocket money since he’s unemployed now. This👏Petty👏bitch👏Mal-Chemy. It all seems too simple. Is he possibly 1 of multiple Alchemy’s? Cos his ‘I don’t want to do this no more’ reaction confused me. Almost sounded like he’d given up his ‘god of speed’ serving long ago & resents being asked to re-commit. Anyhoo, I’m excited for next weeks crossovers. Yay for the Flash and Yay for y’all!


    It’s my first time leaving feedback! Woohoo! I agree with everything you’ve said here, Nina. Killer Frost was cool, and I think (and really hope) that we will see more. I was thinking the same thing about Cisco being evil in his vibe. I’m not sure that I trust these writers to be able to come up with such a cool twist at this point, but let’s hope! When Killer Frost kissed Barry, I wanted to just scream. SnowBarrys must have gone WILD, and I was ready to cuss some of them out. Iris is the kind woman that everyone needs in their life: men, other women, children, literally everyone. She was the only level-headed one this episode, and I have officially nominated her captain of Team Flash, cause she was the only one not making rash decisions in this episode. Julian is Alchemy - “whole bitch” is right. He is FAKE as FUCK and I knew I didn’t like him. I can’t say that I was surprised, but damn, I’m annoyed that this show did this shit again. I hope there’s some twist, like him being able to use his powers for good or something. And if he doesn’t know that Barry is The Flash, he’s an idiot, and so are the showrunners. If that’s the case, its just sloppy. Barry should’ve been disguising his voice and face around Julian if they didn’t want him to know yet.

    On another note, a huge thank you to y’all doing this podcast. I left another 5 star review that I hope gets read, so I won’t repeat myself, but just know that y’all are the highlight of my weekends and breaks from school when I get to catch up on TV. I can chill and relax, but I can still be part of the most important of conversations - diversity, social justice, and quite frankly, how damn stupid some of my fellow white people are. Thank you for calling us on our shit, Nina, some of us need to hear it. Looking forward to the podcast!!

  5. This is starting out long so I’m editing as I go along.

    For the podcast

    I liked the episode but still not as good as I wanted it to be. Definitely better than that Runaway Dinosaur tho.

    Barry basically got dragged by everybody tonight except the West family & HR.

    Caitlin didn’t annoy. And she was speaking some hard truths. But I feel like it would have been more meaningful if Cisco was the one to let her out. They’re way closer than she and Barry. And I don’t go into snowbarry places but I’m sure they’re trying to make attempted murder into a grand romance.

    I hope Iris makes Barry move out of Cisco’s place before he gets home. Cisco is likely to punch him. The break between the BFFs is killing me. Will they ever get back what they had?

    Now that Barry’s resigned, how would he rent a place? Don’t you need paychecks or some kind of proof of income to rent somewhere? Is it too soon for him to move in with Iris? He might be rooming with HR at Star Labs.

    Since Julian is Alchemy, 🙄 clearly that’s the opening for Barry to get his job back.

    Joe had a #blackfatherhood fail! It’s a freakin cocoon!!!! You don’t just open them up before the butterfly is ready! So will this early release mean Wally is going to remain good or what?

    So Iris saying Barry will never have to do this without Iris is basically foreshadowing that something bad is gonna happen to her, right? How crazed will Barry get? Despite how much he fucked things up last time, would Barry go back in time to save her?

    That’s it. So sorry for the length. And I hope it’s in time. Definitely can’t wait to hear this podcast!

  6. For the podcast

    I think I like the Zoom version the best because he showed his ass in front of everybody but this will do.

    This is the episode I’ve been waiting for. Where everybody tells Barry he’s a fuck up. No more free passes. No more friendship will conquer all. Nah hold this icepick Bear Bear.

    And from Caitlin of all people. I was cheering every time she threw shade. Talk yo shit Cat. Talk yo shit. Oh my god I loved her so much this episode.

    Barry gone learn this lesson and mark my words Iris is gonna die by the end of the season. All the other Wests have died, it’s her time.

    Can’t wait for the podcast

  7. For the podcast: I am trying to keep this short. Westallen was everything this episode! When Iris said to Barry this job is your life and he countered back your my life…I swooned and its a good thing she was being supportive cause Barry was taking all the L’s this episode.
    Cisco, Caitlyn, and Julian all told him about himself and let’s be honest they wasn’t lying. Major side eye at Julian being Alchemy and that Snowbarry kiss😷😷😷 lord the delusional shippers were creaming over that. But I would like to give props to Danielle this is some of the best acting she’s done on the show. Finally good to see that Julian still that bitch from work who gets you fired one drink didn’t change shit for him😂😂 pretty solid episode I enjoyed it that’s it can’t wait for the podcast

  8. I swear, this is the second time that I think Nina has spoken something into existing by saying, “they better not.”
    First we got lame ass Jay Garick as Zoom, we all know Zoom was supposed to be more badass than that. And now Julian as Alchemy (sounds like a sneeze, god bless you).
    Nina, why do you NOT write for the show? You’d be so much better and less predictable.

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