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The Strain - S3E10 - The Fall

Previously on The Strain, “Do or Die”

The Strain - S3E10 - “The Fall” | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

If you told me that The Walking Dead and The Strain would air a new episode on the same night and that The Strain would be the better hour of television, I’d have told you that acknowledging you have a problem is the first step and then asked your drug of choice. I mean, The Walking Dead had a man with a pet tiger.

But The Walking Dead didn’t have a nation’s unparalleled disdain for New Zack, and if you love to hate that little bastard, then “The Fall” thrilled your hate-filled heart. But that wasn’t even the best part! For an episode this good, we need to do a scene-by-scene recap. Here we go.

Palmer meets with Abraham to deliver the news that Eichorst is incapacitated and that he has the Master’s nuclear bomb in his safe. When Palmer bragged last week that he was the only one who knew the location of the bomb, I figured it was someplace other than the first place the Master would look, but okay. They devise a plan to ambush the Master at Palmer’s penthouse when he comes to retrieve the bomb. You can tell Palmer is so pleased with himself! Meanwhile, Eichorst is rescued by two strigoi soldiers.

New Zach is playing catch with his Feeler when a nice man asks if he needs help getting out of the city. This is officially more love and care than either of New Zach’s parents have ever shown him, and how does he repay this man’s kindness? He lets his Feeler kill him, because New Zach is the worst. 

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Eph wants back in the gang, but Fet is still being petty. Fed up with everyone’s shit, Abraham says they all have to play nice or they can all GTFO. Their plan to take down the Master is as follows: Dutch will set up the Microwave Ultra-Neuro Communication Halting Equipment Rays, or MUNCHERs for short, in a security office below Palmer’s penthouse. Fet and Quinlan will stay out of sight with the box while Eph and Abraham meet with Palmer and wait for the Master’s arrival and they’ll ambush him.

Only thing is, the Master, in the body of a soldier strigoi, ambushes Palmer and his men in their parking garage first. Goodbye, Black Manservant #2! We hardly knew ye. The Master finally gives Palmer the eternal life he’s been wanting, and takes over his body using a clump of dirt and stomach full of ramen vomit.

Listen. You thought Jonathan Hyde couldn’t get any more dramatic and entertaining than when he’s having a Petty Off with Richard Sammell? Wrong. Palmer as The Master is so over-the-top in all the best ways. I had assumed the Master would eventually take over New Zach’s body, and that he was just waiting for the kid to bulk up and get some facial hair first. Nope. This is even better. So much better. 

New Zach thinks Kelly is angry because he allowed an innocent man to die. She would be if she were a regular human mom, but she’s a vampire, you asshole! She’s proud. He asks about being turned, but Kelly says she can’t because the Master has other plans for him. New Zach then remembers he has a father, but Kelly says she can’t turn him because Eph is following his own path… as always. Stinging ex-wife vampiric shade. 

As the team unloads their equipment, Fet makes it clear (again) that he hates Eph. They really should rename this show to The Petty. Then he slut-shames Dutch for sleeping with Eph for good measure. It’s like Fet really wants to be the worst in this episode, but there’s no way New Zach is going to let him run away with that title. Oh, no. 

Eichorst is deposited in Palmer’s penthouse and learns that The Master is in Palmer’s body. You might think it’s a bad idea to question the actions of an ancient vampire who really likes Nazis, even if you yourself are a Nazi, but you’d be underestimating Eichorst’s deep-seated hatred for Palmer so he immediately asks The Master, “WHY HIM?”

With The Master now in possession of the nuke, his victory is all but assured and Eichorst is sad he won’t be there to see it. But Eichorst is The Master’s favorite so he drops a few worms in his bullet holes and Eichorst is almost as good as new. Almost.

First he needs to go downstairs to Kelly to get his hair and makeup done. While she works, he pretends the Master’s new form was a brilliant idea and that he’s not screaming internally. He arms the bomb, dons his pimp hat, and then leaves to set the bomb in the Statue of Liberty. He gives the detonator to Kelly with New Zach in the room because that’s a good idea.

Out in his First Day of School clothes, Eichorst meets with Sanjay on the ferry out to the island and tells him he’s about to be very important in their organization. Sanjay accepts this news with the enthusiasm of a man who knows he’s made some shitty life decisions.

At Palmer’s, everyone gets in formation, but you don’t get to be a centuries-old vampire by just walking up into situations all willy-nilly, so Quinlan decides to sniff around the garage while everyone heads inside. It doesn’t take him long to find the bodies and piece it all together.

In the elevator, Fet gets in one last bit of slut-shaming followed by a half-ass apology to Dutch. Inside the penthouse, Master-Palmer does a really good job of pretending to be human. It helps that he can turn off the red eyes, use Palmer’s voice, and not be all gross and saggy. But when he mentions Zach, and Eph knows Palmer has never met his son, the jig is up.

They start to fight and Master-Palmer asks, “What are you going to do? Chop my head off again?” He petty and he got jokes!

Dutch struggles to get the jammer to work while Fet rushes in with the box. Quinlan’s on his way, but he has to take care of some badass business first.


In a massive display of vampire old-man strength, Master-Palmer slams Fet, Abraham, and Eph around, cuts Eph with his own sword, and tries to make a run for it, but…



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Quinlan beats dat ass and into the box Master-Palmer goes. Dutch is worried about Eph’s wound, but Abraham is like, “Nah. We gotta get this fucker under water.” Eph assures them he can take care of himself so they leave.

On his way back into the city, Eichorst panics when he can’t hear the Master anymore. Same goes for Kelly at Stoneheart HQ. Free from his control, it takes about 3.2 seconds for her to try and eat her son. She gets her shit under control when he suggests they go to the penthouse so she can see the Master for herself. He grabs the detonator before they leave and you just know this shit wasn’t headed anywhere good.

As Eph bandages his wound he also drinks some of Palmer’s dark liquor cause Eph gonna Eph. When New Zach and Kelly arrive, Kelly lunges at Eph immediately. New Zach is yelling for mommy and daddy to stop fighting, but to no avail. Kelly beating that ass for the old and the new. Eph stabs Kelly right under the chin and New Zach loses.his.damn.mind…. even though she was JUST about to heat him two minutes ago.

Eph asks if New Zach is okay, because he doesn’t know that the little shit wasn’t being held against his will. He figures it out quickly when New Zach brandishes the detonator. The little fucker yells, “I hate you!” and then presses the button because he’s the absolute worst child character in the history of ever and I say that in universe in which Joffrey Baratheon exists.

At the river, the rest of the team see the explosion and duck for cover… all except Quinlan who is mesmerized by the incoming blast. Eichorst and Sanjay’s car goes flying. Eph does too as the windows in the penthouse explode. Once the dust settles, the team at the river discover Master-Palmer is no longer in the box.

At the penthouse, Eph goes looking for New Zach, who dipped out. Eichorst leaves Sanjay wounded in their car and finds New Zach outside the building. When he learns what happened, Eichorst gives his condolences and congratulates him on a job well done. They take off into the smoke.

Fet, Dutch, Abraham, and Quinlan head underground to escape the fallout, as Eph stumbles into the street (strigois incoming thanks to the smoke cover from the sun) screaming for New Zach.

Look. I’m no expert because my children aren’t terrible, but I think you’re absolved of all parental responsibility when you discover your kid’s a damn psychopath.

Here’s what I know for sure, though:

THIS sweet baby would NEVAH.

On a serious note, this season has been a vast improvement over season two. The ten-episode run really served it well. There was a lot less of feeling like characters were just killing time for no reason. Dutch became infinitely more likable, and her romance with Eph felt natural. Their sexual chemistry was lacking once they consummated their relationship, but that doesn’t make them any less suitable on paper, and their moments trying to figure out the science to stop the Master showed what a great fit they are.

I thought New Zach was going to be the Master’s host, and perhaps he was meant to be since all season - and in the episode - Eichorst and Kelly kept saying the Master had important plans for him. He could still be, of course, since we have one final season left, and Master-Palmer’s body may have been severely damaged in the explosion. My prediction was wrong, but I don’t care because we get more Jonathan Hyde next season and I can’t wait.

Gus wasn’t in the finale, but he wasn’t missed because it felt like the show never really knew what to do with him, even though most fans online thought he should have been with our main group by now, kicking ass. Since the last we saw of him he was at a checkpoint heading out of New York, it’s possible we’ll never see him again as going back into a city after a nuclear explosion makes no sense.

I suspect next season we’ll get more insight into what the government outside of New York is doing to fight the strigoi, as well as some federal involvement now that a major U.S. city was rocked by two nuclear explosions.

Leave your thoughts on the finale below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

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14 Comments on The Strain - S3E10 - The Fall

    This was a fun season of The Strain. I enjoyed watching it and listening to the reviews each week. I am looking forward to seeing who they wrap things up in the final season. Here are a few highlights…
    1. R.I.P. Benson – Welp, last week I was wondering where this non descript black man servant was from because of his weird ass accent, and now I’m pouring out a lil liquor for him. So, in the name of Robert Guillaume (who’s still alive by the way. I didn’t know that until I Googled him to make sure I spelled his last name right), I say to this No Country For A Black Man ass nigga, Rest In Peace, Benson!
    2. Fuck New Zach – What ain’t no more to it. Fuck this kid.
    3. Eichorst – This show and this character make me feel bad. When he was all fucked up, I felt bad for him. I’m not supposed to feel bad for a Nazi Vampire! But damn-it, they made me do it. Damn you, show!!! Anyway, I hope this dude is at peak petty levels next season. I want a whole season of Eichorst Bars! Also, can we take a moment to show some love to that Carmen San Diego coat and hat he had on? He was out there like “I did not come to play with you hoes. I came to slay, bitch!!!”. And slay he did.
    4. Petty Fet – I really don’t like Fet Dogg acting so butthurt over Eph and Dutch. I get that he really liked her and all, but come on man, stay focused. You already have 2 huge tasks to handle. One being the mission to find and kill The Master, and the other being trying to figure out which accent to speak with. Maybe he and Benson are from the same place. A land called Parts Unknown. All the old school wrestling fans know about that place.
    5. FUCK New Zach – Say it with me, people. Fuck! New! Zach!
    6. Quninlan – This man is a beast. I hope he kills the fuck out of everyone next year.
    7. New Zach – FUCK THIS KID!!!!!!

  2. Man. Look. I’m guessing they were pushing all the budget to this episode because it was the best of the series. Fuck That kid.

    Anyway. Abe squashing Fet and Eph’s dick measuring contest was awesome.
    Old ass Jonathon Hyde wuppin ass was awesome. Vampire vomit-nutting in his mouth. Not awesome. Fuck that kid.

    92 year old vampire dude throwing niggas. But. This is the problem with Da Massa. He seems so ineffectual to anything going on and is always easily thwarted. Fuck that kid. Eichhorst is a better villain.

    Fuck that kid. Fuck him. You know what? Fuck that kid. This lil shit was about to be vamped by his own mother. Sees this chick try to kill his father and this lil sumbitch throws a tantrum tantrum by setting off a nuke releasing the Massa after these dudes took an ass wuppin to catch him?!

    Ok. I’m done. Sorry.

  3. For the podcast


    Had to get that out. His mama was about to eat his dumb ass 2 minutes ago! This dumb little shit! He needs to die horribly! Like ripped apart by something kind of horrible!

    So I’m no expert on nuclear weapons but shouldn’t all of them be dead or skin falling off from radiation or burnt up like everyone in that dream sequence in Terminator 2? I get that it blocks out the sun but why nuke the place? Isn’t that gonna make the strigoi’s food taste funny? Isn’t that gonna kill a lot of the food? What’s the end game?

    Quinlan is a badass. Water is wet. What else is new. I hope they have to hold Eph down while he beats the shit out of his fucking evil little shit Zach before skewering him with his sword. Cause I’m petty and feel like Eph needs to suffer for bringing that little shit into this world!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And who will Eichorst be petty with now? Abe’s in hiding and now he has to kiss Palmer’s ass cause he’s the Master. I’m gonna miss that old man petty most of all. Thanks for putting out this entertaining podcast!

  4. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey guys. F*ck New Zack. Love y’all!
    PS: Fetty is petty

  5. Can we raise a glass to the true OGs?
    OG Badass Strigoi Hunter beef-squasher, step-father & vampire expert Setrakian (bravo David Bradley)

    OG Badass My Daddy Never Loved Me I started with 10,000 But Look at Me now Best Old Man Expressions Ever Eldritch Palmer (hats off to Jonathan Hyde)

    OG vampire Always The Bridesmaid But Will Jack You In a Second and Leave you Trapped under a car in the apocalypse Thomas Eichorst (stay evil, Richard Sammel)

    and, my personal fave, OG Vamp/Hybrid/Sword Licker/Swagger Sexy Q—Never Die, Q.

    And Zach. The Strain trolled us hard by having that little sh*t “in a very dark place” monster whom we all detest detonate the atomic bomb ’cause he was ticked off that his drunk ass dad killed his rotting ass mom. This is an example of piss-poor parenting.

    About that eclipse that blocked the sun and allowed the strigoi to stream aboveground while the humans raced underground - Badass.


    This mother fucker detonated a nuclear bomb out of sheer spite Because he was mad at his father, he killed countless thousands of people and doomed countless more to an agonizing hell of darkness, radioactive fallout and hungry strigoi because his dad killed his Vampire mother. Then he leaves his father, walks through the ashes of the innocent ppl he killed to be reunited with his new daddy Eichorst. I am speechless, this was all so fucking good (can’t believe I’m about to say this) I am so excited for season 4. Do you guys still think the Master wants to use New Zack’s body as his own? I think he has something bigger planned but i can’t think of what.

  7. For the podcast:
    Excellent finale-here are my highlights
    Let’s start w/that ish brat zack-he detonated a nuclear bomb, releasing hell on earth, all because daddy killed the strigoi formerly known as mom Kelly. he caused the death of an innocent man in order to protect his pet feeler. W/that always obnoxious smirk on his face, the demon seed has fully blossomed.

    Palmer as the master-didn’t see that coming (apparently neither did he)but I like it. Palmer was his usual self to
    the end

    😍uinlan aka Qdog is the baddest of the badasses! He ripped that strigoi seal in two then the showdown w/master daddy was awesome-mano e mani then Qdog picked him up & slammed him in that coffin , I was like YES! Qdog could get some from me😄

    Eichorst-I thought he was a goner; will be interesting 2 see his relationship w/the master in the body of a man he loathed….will we still get the petty? Btw Eichorst was looking fly w/hat, coat & glasses as if he was ready for NYC fashion week.

    Eph’s wound-When he told the group to go w/o him, my thought was that he was going 2 kill himself but self preservation & all the alcohol u can drink won.

    Nuclear explosion was cool and when fet suggested take cover or be irradiated I’m thinking aren’t they already? And Qdog is stronger than nuclear blast-see how he got up after being thrown like a rag doll.😄

    That’s all I have-apologies for the length & eagerly waiting S4.

  8. Zach sucks so much. I spent the last 15 minutes of the show wishing for his painful death. Ugh.

  9. For The Podcast:

    What a bomb ass episode! I’m sad this is the final podcast T-T
    1) I swear, I’m so sad that they killed my baby Palmer. That sweet little ball of innocence! He was so young!….NAH! Just playing! Someone really needs to get their grandma off Twitter after that reaction I saw. King Petty just became a WHOLE LOT pettier. We should probably all pay respects to the fact that we won’t get a stair scene again.
    2) I mean, it’s great that “Trousers” had a win this episode, but when she says things like “Oh, it wasn’t plugged in.” I really question her technical capabilities. Fett is super petty tho. He needs to find New Nora again.
    3) Eichorst is back and STILL petty! He is SO petty at Palmer that he can’t even look at the Master no more. I guess Palmer got the last laugh in the end. I swear, I NEED to see promos of Eichorst and Palmer back to back next season. The Petty Patrol is back! Lock up your daughters, cause they are tearing up NYC!!!!
    -Quick Break to remind everyone that Palmer took a motherload of white and worms to the face this episode, then gave Eichorst some sloppy seconds to fix him up. I ship them.-
    4) Palmer straight up fights with petty slaps. That has to be the most white-privilege way of fighting I’ve ever seen. No wonder he got trapped. “I know what will stop this sword! A slap to the face!” Palmer still retains his ain’t shit way of thinking I guess.
    5) Eichorst was so proud this episode to be out-Nazied. He’s been teaching Zach to be the ultimate petty, and now that plotline comes to fruition with Zach dooming humanity just because he doesn’t like Eph having full custody. That IS petty.What does Eph do now? His son is a war criminal at this point. The family reunion special is gonna be awkward.

    I’m imagining Gus is on a ship somewhere with Regina King, with both of them looking back at NY in flames going “That’s messed up. Let’s go.”

    Cheers for the great coverage. Does Sarah go down into the sewers until the show starts back up again? ;o; Bye Sarah. I’ll leave Devin to say a proper farewell.

  10. For the podcast

    Hi Nina, John and Sarah! I know. I rarely leave comments BUT I HAD TO. At least once for this season of the strain.

    First of all you three had some great coverage over one of the most ridiculous shows on tv. In fact, I blame all three of you. If it weren’t for the hilarious coverage that you do, I would have lit my tv in flames before I watched this season. This season was better than last for sure. But then again, last season was booty and this season.. Well It was still booty but it did make me laugh. I’m not sure that was the intention but the ridiculous factor was way too high for me to not enjoy myself. Ok so a few things:

    No Gus. Perfect. His storyline was trash.

    Petty Fetty gave me life! He must have sniffed fresh booty in the air because he was hot as hell about Dutch and Eph. What did he expect? I’d be fucking all day long too if I knew death was a semen worm away.

    Speaking of petty, I couldn’t keep up with the old man shade in this episode. Was Palmer still alive in the master because this nigga couldn’t wait to talk cash shit when they walked into his office. He could have slaughtered them because they were super slow in the uptake but noooo. He had to get them jokes off.

    On Quinlan ‘da gawd’. All I need each episode is 2-3 minutes of him. The scene where he breaks a strigoi’s neck and the worms came out. Hot damn. And Nina I was nodding my head when you said his tongue was hot in a previous episode. Yep.

    I died laughing when the master got his ass whupped into a box. That old man body couldn’t keep up!

    I’m glad Kelly ‘the thirst was real’ is gone. This bitch couldn’t wait a solid minute after the master was in the box to try to kill her son.
    That piece of shit. First he gets another person killed then he KILLS AN ENTIRE CITY/WORLD after his DEAD mother dies who he was gonna watch kill his father?! Man fuck this kid. Also, I swore he had a five o’clock shadow in some of those scenes. Are we sure he isn’t 45?

    Anyways, sorry for the long feedback and thank you for all the fun I’ve had listening to the podcast!


    Sup fam, hey 👋🏾 Sarah!! I really didn’t like this episode at all!! I nearly threw my iPhone 📱 when I read the beginning of your review but realized the alternative would be a 💩y android so I calmed myself down!! The entire episode felt underwhelming to me!! Thank god I watched rasslin Sunday night instead!! That was great 📺 right nina?

    Anyways fet was all in his feelings bc eph was all in Dutch!! I get you don’t want your ex to smash a homie, but you smashed new Nora bruh so y’all even!!

    Then we had Eichorst walking around in a blyke woman’s church hat and a coat and we’re supposed to believe that blocks the ☀️?!?! Who the fuck is in charge?!!!

    Speaking of who’s in charge I don’t like the master in Palmer! I was ready for his character to die!! I really don’t care about him now that coco is gone!! *pauses for nina to sing she’s in love with dat coco*

    Lastly is new ZACH!! Fuck that nigga he sucks like his mom used to!! See what I did there!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! ✌🏾️ guys 👋🏾 Sarah!!

  12. Who knew in a world with a vampire who wants to destroy all of humanity and a Nazi Vampire that Zach would be the evilest?

  13. For The Podcast: Hope its not too late, loved this season and hearing you guys cover it. Loved it! Fuck new Zach, i’ve just gotta know, if you guys could write a death scene for Zach what would it look like?!?! Can’t wait to listen! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. This episode was Great and hot street trash at the same time . Cant wait till next season .

    Ps. I was humming the different strokes theme song when eichorst was walking up to new Zack

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