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The Strain - S3E2 - Bad White

Previously on The Strain, “New York Strong”

The Strain S3E2 - Bad White | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones

Bad Medicine

Since the last time he defied the Master it ended with his boo-thang dead, Palmer has decided to play along as the obedient servant, all the while paying for secret research that will turn the Master’s essence into medicine to prolong his life. His medical team’s test subjects are people using Palmer’s Freedom Centers, and it’s not going well. Everyone injected with the White so far has died and Palmer’s head physician walks from the project.

Eichorst isn’t forthcoming with the essence since he still holds a grudge from that time Palmer cut off his funds in the middle of the auction for the Lumen and made him look like a punk in front of Marlo from The Wire and his boys. And he’s not too happy with the low number of people giving their blood at the Freedom Centers. He suggests Palmer work harder to influence Faraldo to make the medical exams mandatory.

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Palmer promises to get right on that, after he meets with Abraham and Fet to strike a secret deal: He’ll withdraw his support, vital to the Master’s success, if Abraham will tell him how he uses the White to stay so young and spry.

Abraham tells him to kick rocks in flip-flops.


Dutch is back doing hoodrat things with her hoodrat friends. The group’s leader, Braden, an old hacker friend of Dutch’s, seems to think the vampire apocalypse is a fresh start. Now, nothing separate the Haves from the Have-Nots. This guy is an idiot.

As such, he totally gets infected when they raid an empty high-rise for supplies. Dutch does everyone a solid by cutting off his head.

Stay in the House, Carl!

New Zack is still cooped up in the Master’s evil underground lair, but his vampire mommy brings him books to read so… there’s that. She’s still walking around in that blue sweater and that pink coat, and she has to smell like hot garbage by now. This is even hinted at when New Zack asks if he can get out for some fresh air, but Kelly says no. He has to be patient. The Master has a plan. In the meantime, she offers to read him a story, but New Zack passes because he doesn’t like his bedtime stories told with autotune.

Later, he sneaks out of his room and finds Kelly chowing down on a little boy. Okay. This is weird, right? I mean, weirder. It’s like when someone cheats on their spouse with someone who looks very much like their spouse. What’s up with that? Zack, you in danger, boy. But you already knew that when you took your happy ass off to parts unknown with your vampire mommy. Ugh. This kid.

He has an asthma attack, but Kelly doesn’t have his inhaler because she’s the The Master appears and gives Zack a few drops of his high in demand essence. Zack doesn’t even say thank you.

Strange Bedfellows

The military has had just about enough of getting their ass kicked in NYC, so they’re retreating to D.C. This doesn’t sit well with Fet, who believes they’re close to capturing the Master. To make matters shittier, several of Faraldo’s “safe zones” have been breached by strigoi and many are just now questioning putting a councilwoman in charge of New York City’s defenses.

Luckily for Fet, a one-night stand helps ease his woes.

Eph reunites with the gang and breaks the news about Nora and New Zack. I was surprised Abraham and Fet didn’t sniff out that New Zack still being alive means that Eph could be compromised, but they were pretty broken up over Nora’s death since they really liked her for some reason.

Thankfully, Quinlan did not come to play around with these heauxs. He IMMEDIATELY calls out Eph as shady, suspect, and downright sketchy. While Abraham meets with Palmer, Quinlan catches Eph with the Lumen. Eph finally admits he’s being offered his son in exchange for the book, and Quinlan convinces Eph they should work together instead.

The Strain S3E2 = 7.6/10
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogue - 7/10
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    Performances - 8/10
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    Action - 7.5/10
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6 Comments on The Strain - S3E2 - Bad White

  1. For the podcast

    This was a good episode!

    Fet doesn’t seem to understand how one night stands work. He ain’t seeing that chick again. Lmao

    Even Ke$ha was entertaining. She just has stupid friends who make her look like a genius. You knew that group was screwed the moment you realize she’s the only one with half a brain. I love that she sliced up that dumbass too. The other 2 won’t last long.

    Eph is still the worst. But I thoroughly enjoyed Quinlan dropping him on his ass & calling him on his bullshit.

    Abe is still cranky and I love it! Eichorst is still petty and I love it! And Palmer may have finally realized how fucked he is and truly comprehending how much he’s screwed up himself and everyone. Once the Master gets what he wants, he’s just food. Idiot.

    Kelly is the worst vamp mom ever! That boy is almost as tall as her. I think he’s past the age to be read bedtime stories. Smh. Plus clearly she wants to eat that boy so badly. Why won’t she make everyone happy & just do it? So now that the idiot, I mean Zach, has had some of the good white, is he gonna become an addict? Will he betray his asshole father? Or perhaps put his his vamp mommy out of her misery? Ooh. Murder suicide with his parents works. Is it bad that I want that family dead so much?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And next week looks really good.

  2. For the Podcast:

    Dutch - When she threw that empty gun at the strigoi I lost it. Like, what? I don’t understand the point of this character anymore - all she does is pout and break down, even though she’s meant to be tougher than everyone else. Shout out to discount Alisha from Misfits as part of her raid team - made me do a double take.

    Abe - Part of me thinks that David Bradley isn’t even acting anymore. He just looks and sounds so tired of this bullshit. Another part of me realised that the quality of the show is tied to Abe’s health - it was great when he was kicking ass, but as time goes on without the white, the show is getting worse.

    Zach - Every scene has just devolved into me shouting “KILL HIM. KILL HIM. KILL HIM.” when he talks to his momma. I just don’t understand what he’s thinking. Plus, you can’t look at the way that actor looks and tell me that it’s been less than a month since this all started - heck, he’s grown a foot in like 4 days!!

    Palmer - If you would have told me that the best part of a vampire apocalypse show would be the three old white guys getting petty at each other, I would have said you were on some coochie heroin trip or something. How can Palmer be too weak to pass a tablet across a table, but able to drive across town to join forces with Abe? And has this raggedy ass 1-percenter not learnt not to fuck with his Master?!?

    Eph - Once again, the show decided to cut before we could hear Eph’s answer to the world vs his son, because we all know that he would say “Forget my son, let’s just save the world. Full custody of that kid wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Alcohol is my one true son.”

    Meh episode - but Nina tho! “Eph-Society” XD Don’t try to make this show sound better than it is!

  3. For the podcast: pretty good episode. Ke$ha wasn’t irritating. At least someone finally got infected from fighting. The best line of the episode ‘ I miss Cocco’ 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏. I laughed out loud. Yes Quinlan, Eph ain’t shit so you need to keep on him. Finally, Eph explaining how Nora died made me hate new-Zach even more (I didn’t think that it was possible). This kid just needs to die! How the hell do you think your mama feeds? His dumb really should get him dead soon.

  4. For the podcast:

    Guys, I have issues with everyone being so stupid.

    1st Zack her really out her acting like his momma not a vampire, dude… You know she can’t go out during the day and she can’t protect you at night. Stop asking to go outside you made this bitchass decision, with ya bitchass! BTW, why was it not okay for you to see her eat a kid you don’t know, but watching Nora for was okay enough for you to walk of with her to be a happy family party season?

    Ditches friends are Zack levels of stupid, I think that pretty much sums it up.

    Fet and Abe walked all round the readings Eph might be there but just didn’t put it all together? If I recall correctly it wouldn’t be the first time Eph put his family first.

    Anyway it was still fun to watch, I just three my hands up several times.


    Sup guys 👋🏾 sarah, really enjoyed the episode and was surprised when the started with strong sexual content and nudity! I immediately said I knew fet and Geraldine was fucking!!! But as you know I was wrong, fet was fucking just not who I guessed!! Also doesn’t fet know you don’t kiss after a ☝🏾 night stand..? IS she my new show boo to replace coco…? (Pause for nina to sing she’s in love with said coco!!)

    Speaking of coco RIP BOO!! We still miss you and your hard nips!!! Palmer really desperate outchea I totally expect him to be sucking dick next week for 🍔 ‘s at this rate!! The scene between him and eichorst was full of petty and I loved it all!!

    I didn’t hate Dutch this week and I’m glad she was ok, but her homies were wack so ✌🏾️TO them!! How long until she back with the crew?

    Lastly is eph and his dumbass family!! 1. Why didn’t eph just come out and say da master got my kid y’all I need help, especially since they were all tore up!! I mean if it was me I would’ve told him that sounds like a personal problem but I ain’t 💩!! The whole episode I was just waiting on Q to walk up on that nigga and say got chu bitch!!! Anyways then we got zach in his jail room and he’s turned to reading…? #readless zach!! Do you guys think zach knew his mom was about to chow down on him or did she just need some secret..? Then this nigga interrupted her meal and caused himself to have an asthma attack… how inconsiderate!! Luckily the master was on top of things and came thru in the clutch 👛 with dat white!! Did that cure his asthma or just act as a nebulizer for his attack? Bc if it’s a cure I know a couple bad ass kids I’ll exchange for dat whyte!!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Bye guys 👋🏾 Sarah

    I enjoyed this episode with new alliances and shade from all angles,
    Q-😍uinlan/eph-I too liked the way q called eph on his bs. And this is the second week in a row q got some shade-eph calling him out on being half human strigoi w/no man plumbing-lol!!! 😄
    Q has nice biceps but those white eyes are freaky!

    Eichorst/Palmer-e throwing the shade about coco & all p had nothing 2 say/hardly any air and white in that pompous arrogant windbag.

    Sertrakisn in his “see me now” moment to p re: knowing how to make the white & having the lumen.

    Dutch/hacker pals-didn’t miss her but pals are douches 4 leaving her behind @
    The hotel. And karma came 2 the guy who left her there, Dutchs “headoctomy” was a cool effect.

    Last & least zack now whining for his dad-if he had listened to Nora (who I don’t miss either) & just run, he’d be w/daddy instead of mommy who’s twitching/clicking/talking like a live mannequin.

    That’s all I have! Nxt weeks episode looks g😍😍d!!!

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