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The Strain - S3E3 - First Born

Previously on The Strain, “Bad White”

The Strain S3E3 - First Born | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones

The Chosen One

Kelly tells Zach the story of his birth in autotune. He was born via c-section and still in the caul, which is very rare. Kelly always thought this meant he was special and now that the Master has special plans for her son, she’s certain of it.

And just like that, I’m convinced the Master is going to take over this kid’s body and I hate everything.

The Stupid One

This show has no idea what to do with Gus. For some reason, they refuse to see he’s most interesting and useful when he’s actually a part of the team we care about. Last season, we had to suffer through episodes of him delivering takeout during the vampire apocalypse, and so far this season, we’re watching him deliver himself to his vampire mother. For reasons.

Images: Michael Gibson/FX

Images: Michael Gibson/FX

He passes out from the blood loss, but thankfully Angel breaks down the door to the apartment. Unfortunately, he’s not able to talk any sense into Gus (nothing to do with the blood loss, by the way) and the two literally fight over putting Gus’ mother down. Their tussle is interrupted by one of Faraldo’s sweep teams. Angel agrees to subdue and cover Gus’ mother and so they can try to smuggle her past the police. For reasons.

Of course, they’re busted and instead of giving up and admitting defeat, Angel decides to sacrifice cops just doing their damn jobs to Gus’ strigoi mother… who just ate for fuck’s sake!

They’re gripped up anyway, but instead of going to jail, they’re deputized to join sweep teams… which is what they should have been doing in the first damn place.

The Other Chosen One

Roman Countryside 58 AD

A woman named Anarchia frees a freakshow attraction called The Leech. She explains that he’s the seventh original Strix, who bears the mark of The Master, but is also prophesied to be his undoing. He is destined to thirst after those he was born to save. He alone can free the world of the scourge of the Master and his kind.

the-strain-s3e3-quinlanOh. Is that all?

In present day, Quinlan explains his biological origins (pregnant mother infected) because Eph is obsessed with the Master’s sex organ or lack thereof.

Roman Countryside 60 AD

Anarchia trains Quintus to be a strigoi-killing badass, but insists he’s not yet ready to face the Master. So they flee their camp and take up residence in a cave. The Master eventually finds them, trapping them inside to test Quintus’ human tendencies. Can he resist feeding on the woman he’s come to view as a mother?

How long Quintus would have lasted, we’ll never know. A dying Anarchia offers herself to her starving son. He feeds, ending her suffering. Like raggedy-ass clockwork, the Master appears to gloat, but his plan has backfired. All this test has accomplished is strengthening Quintus’ resolve to kill his maker. Keeping his promise to Anarchia, he doesn’t fight the Master then, but promises they’ll meet again.

Eph and Quinlan find a strigoi to use to communicate with the Master. While Quinlan holds him still (and remains out of sight), Eph shows the Lumen and demands an exchange for Zach (alive and unturned). He only wants to see the Master, Zach, and Kelly.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Fet realize Quinlan has made off with the Lumen. While tracking a hidden GPS in the book, they also figure out Eph must be helping him since the book is crossing moving water. Abe understands being fueled by revenge, but vows to stick a silver grenade up Quinlan’s ass if he screws up his chance to kill the Master.


The exchange for Zach goes about how we all expected. They didn’t really bring Zach, but a turned child with a hood over his head. As the Master watches from a distance, Eph fights Kelly and the child strigoi, losing the Lumen in the process. But before the Master can make his escape with the book, Quinlan appears with guns blazing, the turned Navy SEALs arrive (also shooting because strigoi can do that now), and Abraham and Fet show up like, “What the entire hell is going on?”

A perfectly lobbed silver grenade from Abraham incapacitates the Master long enough for Quinlan to cut off his head. His destiny fulfilled, Quinlan also dies… maybe. The Master’s… um… big worm wiggles into the sewer.

So, to recap: Bolivar Master is dead, Zach is still with his mommy, but the good guys retain the Lumen. Zach will become the new Master and now Eph (or somebody) will have no choice but to cut that kid’s head off.

I’m gonna go ahead and call this a win.

The Strain S3E3 = 8.2/10
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    Plot - 7/10
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    Performances - 9/10
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6 Comments on The Strain - S3E3 - First Born

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: I hope y’all spent a cool 30 minutes lighting Gus’s ass up. How 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 thought 👏🏾 this 👏🏾 was 👏🏾 going 👏🏾 end 👏🏾 boo! Seriously, you think the Master dies and your mama’s hair grows back and that snake thing stops living in her throat? What was the endgame? I’m so disappointed in how they are using Gus this season.

  2. For the podcast

    WTF did they do to my Gus? Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he has to be stupid too. Last season he was on the boat with Quinlan, Abe & Fet & Angel. Now he’s back in his apartment killing himself to feed his mama! I understand him not being able to do it himself but to not allow Angel to do it and proceed with that stupid ass plan? WTF!! And he let some dude get bit to protect his mama? WTF!!! Now she’s free to eat up all the neighbors. Maybe being in the sweeper teams will be a step up. Maybe. Do they even know what to do with him this season?

    Ok. Had to get that out. Rest of the episode was interesting. Eph still fucks things up but hanging with Quinlan makes him more interesting. Why he trusted the master is beyond me. Idiot

    So how exactly can they tell Q is half human? And does his blood have the white? Could Abe get some from him? Does his bite turn people into strigoi? If no, could he have fed on his Hunter Mom without turning her? If she wasn’t dying that is. And at least now we know how he came to be.

    Please don’t let that giant master worm take over Zach! Please don’t let that happen! Please! That would be the worst thing ever! Cause that would mean we were stuck with that kid for longer. So who do you think the worm will posses next? And is there a way to actually kill the master? Cause his worm got out of there with a quickness. Abe would’ve had to have been Quinlan fast to nail it. And is Quinlan dead? I would think not because the master still exists in some form. Or did the silver kill him? I’m so confused. He better not be dead!

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. I’m especially looking forward to any Gus shade cause WTF??!! I can’t state that enough. WTF!!

  3. FOR THE PODCAST: This nigga Gus is a dumb ass. Come the fuck on, man. That is not your damn mother anymore. This trying to save her shit has me on the edge of wishing death on you, Gus. You better tighten up… I need Eph to stop worrying about Vampire penis. I mean hey, I am shipping DeRay and Jussie Smolette in real life, so I’m not trippin on that, but all the dick jokes need to stop. Especially with a half man, half vampire bad ass mutha fucka who is my Man 200 Grand… Speaking of Quinlan, am I the only one who thinks it’s weird when he uses his stinger? I know he’s half vampire, but for some reason seeing his stinger in this ep was strange. Also, where is that fine, chocolate sista that was with him??? I need her back on my screen… Finally, we saw the end of the Bolivar era of The Master and saw him in his true form. Who know this nigga was literally Big Worm from Friday? I think I saw rollers in his lil worm ass head too!

  4. For The Podcast:

    Man, it’s times like this, when EVERY character is acting their dumbest self, that I wish Regina King was still here - by far the smartest character. Even with a twisted ankle, she knew to run away and STAY away!

    But now, let’s return to what we got:

    No Palmer - so fuck this
    No Eichorst - so fuck this

    Zach - It’s a very interesting choice to have this episode open with the birth of the antichrist who will doom humanity due to their bitchiness, but that’s what we had. Fuck Eph for making jokes in the surgery room - and fuck that he made it sound rapey! “Just lie back and it will all be over in a second”? WTF?! Anyway, Zach is still annoying as shit, and I don’t even know what is up with him anymore. He was angry! He was angry at his vampire momma for doing vampire shit! THIS IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR!!!!

    Gus - Guys, why are you so angry? I checked out on this character ages ago. Gus has done nothing in this show that wasn’t either a) someone else’s idea or b) involving him just standing there looking pretty. It’s no wonder that the thing he does himself is dumb as shit. Angel is no better - how do you go from trying to kill the vampire to trying to smuggle the vampire out of the building???? Anyway, I guess we won’t see Gus for another 5 episodes if we go by the show’s history.

    Eph - Dude, stop making dick jokes when you’re the biggest dick in the car.

    Quinlan - Decent flashback, although why would you ever wait to fight The Master in a place with only one exit? I know why, it’s because the writers are dumb af, that’s why. But that dual-wielding pistol entrance at the end made up for all the bullshit I guess.

    Abe and Fet, I guess? - David Bradley was making some weird sounds this episode. I don’t know what else to say.

    Also, official prediction is that Eichorst gets the Master’s worm, and becomes the endgame boss for our “heroes” to defeat. Hopefully, everyone dies killing him and Zach. Then Regina King comes back to reign supreme over NY, picking up the pieces of Geraldine’s failed government. RK then builds Miracle, and we are transported to a better show.


    What’s up fam, 👋🏾 Sarah!!! I loved this 🚂 wreck of an episode!! I said what the fuck is happening several times but I’m ok with that!!!

    Lets start with Gus’ dumb ass!! This nigga still outchea playing dodge the stinger wit low blood sugar…? Where dey do dat it?!?! Then he puts her in a sleeper hold and don’t get any of dat whyte on him…? WHOS IN CHARGE?!?!! Then they bring in the luchador to help, but gus’ dumb rubs off on him!! I was actively rooting for her to kill them both tbqh!! Speaking of killing is momdukes dead? They just smooth left us with no resolution on that…!! Then on top of it all they made me go look up conscripted 😓😓😓!!! Y’all know my motto, say it together #readless!!!

    Next is Q!! I love this nigga OG name is the same as the bad guy from Spartacus(nina watch that 💩) ! It was confused as fuck when the master and his flunkies came in that cave to be petty!! I was like now who dis nigga..?

    Next is Eph and nem!! I loved how this nigga FaceTimed the master!! That was 🔥🔥🔥!!! Then we got to see new Zach’s origin story!! Who knew he came from Sarah’s butterfly garden?!? That’s one you should’ve put in the freezer Sarah!! Then there’s the exchange!! It was dumb as hell but I loved it anyway!! First eph slaps the 🐶 💩 outta Kelly ( I’m waiting on the think pieces on that) then the kid vamp just lets eph kill him..? I didn’t have a problem with the master controlling seal team strogoi( I didn’t have a seal emoji 😒) but damn they lit up Q like he was Ricky from boyz in the hood!!! But I would’ve preferred the master got away, I don’t want new zach to be master!!

    That’s all I got, can’t wait to hear the podcast!! 👋🏾 Sarah, nina answer my texts niggette!!!

    I hope I’m not too late 2 post my thoughts…..

    😍uinlan truly dead!!? Wah😩
    Enjoyed Quilans backstory & relationship w/surrogate mom though my ? is did she find him pre or post Roman Empire? Remember quinlan was a Roman gladiator (s2 born) & here he’s a sideshow freak w/Hannibal lecter mask? We finally see quinlan a strigoi side which was weird but he looked good in that bearskin outfit. He needed a hug when he described himself 2 eph as an orphaned monster.
    Speaking of, why is he riding in that raggedy taxi w/eph rather than being driven in that sleek Cadillac from S2 w/the sister??!?

    Eph is a phucking idiot! Kelly should’ve beat that ass w/the lumen. Now eph has nothing-no zack (that may be a good thing) & no book.

    Sertrakisn getting his petty & shade on this episode-calling quinlan white bastard, SOB, but he came thru to distract the master so quinlan could complete the “kill” but he wasn’t fast enough to squash the big worm.

    I’m thru w/Gus & his mama (though I liked the helmet he put on her). How has he not turn strigoi w/all those worms flying about-silver Angel should’ve bitch slapped Gus & put mama out of her misery. Gus was an empty plasma bag at that point.

    That’s it for me-looking forward to podcast as usual.

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