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Ms. Marvel (2015) #10

Previously in Ms. Marvel #9

Ms. Marvel #10 | Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona | Colorist: Ian Herring | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Cover Artist: Cameron Stewart

Ms Marvel #10

Captain Marvel’s attempt to achieve predictive justice has pitted heroes and friends against each other and has cost two superheroes their lives. Kamala and her Jersey City community have not been immune from the fallout. Bruno is seriously injured trying to break Josh out of the detainment center guarded by Kamala’s cadets. Seeing her best friend - and one time love interest - near death drives Kamala to do what has been in her gut since almost the beginning. She demands the cadets disband.

Totally nailed that superhero landing.

While most of the team reluctantly agrees, Basic Becky won’t budge. One gets the impression she’s not so much resolute in her convictions and faith in predictive justice so much as she likes the bit of power she’s been able to obtain. With the help of plasma armor, Becky puts up a respectable fight until Captain Marvel arrives to break it up.

Despite the blood that’s been shed, the lives lost, and friendships ruined, Carol remains firm that her way is working, and asks Kamala to stick it out a bit longer. This is one of the more frustrating aspects of Carol’s actions. She’s playing on Kamala’s admiration so she’ll be compliant. As expected, Kamala doesn’t say no. Though she does set in motion a plan of her own meant to prove to Carol that they’re on the wrong path.

Kamala Has a Plan

This issue also opened with another flashback, this time to the first time Kamala and Bruno met in third grade. Willow has always handled this relationship with a maturity not often found in teen romances/friendships. Things don’t look too good for Bruno by issue’s end, and I’m hoping he’s not the latest casualty in Civil War II. Though, it would be in keeping with the realities of war: each side believes they’re right and innocents become collateral damage.

I need to, once again, point out how wonderful the art is in Ms. Marvel. I’ve been reading faithfully since issue #1 and it truly feels like we’ve watched Kamala grow. Sure, she’ll still fangirl with the best of them, but there are panels where I’m struck by how much she’s changed from a young girl to a young woman. This is even evident in the action panels where she has grown into her fighting style and has command of her powers.

Their reactions are gold.

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