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The Strain - S3E4 - Gone but Not Forgotten

Previously on The Strain, “First Born”

The Strain S3E4– “Gone but Not Forgotten” | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones

Strike Back

With the Master freshly decapitated, the strigoi are off running amok, and that includes one trying to kill Zach, who is supposed to be protected and off limits. Kelly comes in with the save, but is again forced to control her own urges to drain Zach’s blood. Eichorst informs her and Zach that they’ll retaliate fast and hard.

He enlists strigoi who were previously part of Justine Faraldo’s team for an important (suicidal) mission.

Images: FX

Images: FX

Crimson Worm

With Quinlan still alive, but unconscious and healing, Eph declares their mission a big fat failure. Fet disagrees and celebrates the death of The King Rat with drink. Eph admits his role in helping Quinlan steal the Lumen and is kicked out of the team’s fancy new digs, but not before Fet punches him in the face - something you know he’s been dying to do since season one. Eph heads to Fet’s place, the only other place he has left - which is pretty sad when you think about it.

There he encounters a stinky and drunk Dutch, who also has nowhere else to go. A drinking buddy is probably the last thing Eph needs, but here we are.

Once Quinlan awakens, both he and Abraham doubt the Master’s demise despite the fact that the strigoi are running around the city “rudderless.” Also, Quinlan is still alive, which shouldn’t be the case if the Master were truly dead. They head to the Ancients for answers.

The Ancients really don’t want to hear from Abraham, but Abraham got that old man attitude and does whatever the hell he wants. He describes the red worm he saw slithering into the sewers. As they feared, this means the Master is not dead; he’s just without form.

Quinlan is like, “I’ve been around for 203,202 years and you’re just now telling me about some damn crimson worm?” He declares himself done with the Ancients. Can’t say I blame him.

Due Process

Faraldo is blindsided in an interview with the news of criminals being denied due process, and instead forced to work on sweep teams. When she later confronts Frank, he sums it up as doing what needs to be done. She wants to see the operation for herself and questions Gus about the conditions. Though he’s fresh off watching innocent and unprepared men die in a tunnel sweep, he doesn’t snitch. And even though Faraldo knows it’s wrong, she allows the operation to continue.

Eichorst’s strigoi bombs detonate themselves in two of Faraldo’s command centers, including one with her and Fet inside. White gooey worms everywhere! One burrows inside Faraldo’s face, but Fet burns it with a UV light. Still, Eph tells her it will be two hours before they can know for sure if she’s uninfected. That’s just long enough for Fet to have an awkward conversation with Dutch and learn that she’s staying at his place with Eph. Lovely.

Season 3

Once Faraldo gets the all-clear, she claims to have a come-to-Jesus moment. Is she going to disband the chain gang being forced to fight strigoi against their will?


She tramples over more civil liberties by arresting the journalists working on the story and confiscating their equipment.

Keep it classy, Justine.

The Strain S3E4 = 7.7/10
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogue - 7/10
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    Performances - 8/10
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10 Comments on The Strain - S3E4 - Gone but Not Forgotten

  1. For the podcast:
    Another good episode; I like the pace of the show thus far.
    Enjoying sertrakians interactions w/ his “sons” fet/eph/😍uinlan
    Eph deserved to be butch slapped for being an a-hole; I like the way Sertrakisn put him on timeout by asking him 2 leave for his bad behavior aka stealing the lumen-sertrakians way of celebrating the masters “demise”-that same expression-I laughed when fet told him to loosen those face muscles

    😍uinlan-check out that physique-buffed/sculpted/toned in all the right places-the cherry on the sundae would be he’s intact.
    The ancients had nerve to have attitude after he confronted them about things they knew of which he was unaware-they even tried to quiet Sertrakisn but he was having none of that & quinlan’s like I’m done!

    Eichorst looking slightly worse for wear after the masters apparent demise but the evil mind is constantly working aka suicude strigoi blowing themselves up simultaneously throughout the city.

    Dutch is back-meh! Didn’t miss her-watching her make Google eyes @ fet-lets say I hope that “ship” has sailed-she & eph drinking buddies now?

    Feraldo hoped 4 the best/prepared 4 worst-now that she’s clean, is her new mission 2 turn nyc into a police state!?!

    Zack still zack…..

    That’s all I have-looking 4ward to the podcast.

    Pretty good episode. Here are a few thoughts
    1. Gus – It was nice to see Gus not doing shit that made me want him to die this week. Good job, sir.
    2. Eichorst – Shout out to our loveable Vampire Nazi for doing his best Beyonce impression and saying “OK, Vamps now let’s get in formation”. His diabolical plan actually worked too.
    3. Quinlan – I laughed my ass off when Quin Dogg was talking shit to the ancients and that one bucked at him. Other than that, despite not shooting shit up this time he was his usual badass self. Just on GP.
    4. Abe – Yo, why the fuck did Abe sound so out of breath in that scene with Fet and Eph??? I thought his old ass was gonna die on come computer monitor when I watched the episode.
    5. New Zach – Fuck this kid.
    6. Vampire Kelly – I need this woman to stop looking like she’s having multiple orgasms every time she is touching or close to New Zach. That shit is creepy.

  3. For The Podcast:

    Dear Diary. Today was pretty good. I got to spend some quality time and a cuppa with dad basking in our victory. It’s a shame Druncle Eph had to ruin it by making everything about him and his problems. I’m pretty sure Geraldine made a pass at me today; I made a joke about the vampire wifi down and she only rolled her eyes at me rather than walk away, so I think that’s progress. Sure, when white started exploding out of people it got pretty freaky. I know I probably should have brushed that worm off of Geraldine’s face instead of waiting for it to go in her eye, but I was just too busy laughing at the idea of Geraldine getting a long white worm getting poked inside her. Man, I’m so funny. Dutch came by later and smelt like she came back from the least productive Alcoholics anonymous meeting ever with Eph. I reckon she’s still into me too. Maybe we’ll hook up again because the writers have no idea what to do with her character. Man, I’m so cool - all of the two remaining ladies on this show want me. Shame I couldn’t spend more time with dad though. He seems more interested in Quinlan. It’s not fair! Quinlan already decapitated his dad, why does he want mine?! Anyway, bye for now I guess.

    Dear Diary. Today something really weird happened. One of the vampires tried to kill me! I KNOW! That came out of nowhere! One minute I’m chilling on my bed getting ready for a game of Mario Kart with my favourite Nazi dad, next thing you know a vampire is bashing down my door. And this vampire didn’t even TRY to put its face on!!! If I’m going to be a guest in this vampire nest, I DEMAND to be kept safe and secure. #WhiteMalePrivilege Anyway, Mom did that thing where she has numerous orgasms over my neck again. #KeepItInYourPantsMOMGeez. Good job Nazi Dad was there to stop her. Shame about…what’s her name? Dora! Haven’t thought about how I killed her a few days ago since I got here. Oh well. Better ask Mom for another sandwich. Bye!

    Can’t wait for the podcast. Also, those hashtags are going to come back to bite me at some point XD


    Sup fam, 👋🏾 Sarah!!! I really don’t have much to say about the episode! I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either!! Although I could still be numb after the 🏈 I had to ⌚️ on Sunday!!

    First is bizarro Maggie from the walking dead!! She is really capitalized on that role, I’ve seen her like 3 times since she got dealt with!!

    Anyways was I the only confused why they were even semi ok with thinking the master is dead!! Abe watched the crimson 🐛 for like 10 secs I was sure he knew that was the master!! Speaking of Abe, why was this nigga pausing after every word?!? I was like did he catch new zach asthma?!?!

    I did love ❤️ when eichorst came in and told the other strigoi calm yo tits I got the juice now!! Then his plan to suicide slime the command centers was amazing!! I’m still confused how that didn’t infect everybody 🤔?!?!? Then bc of it Geraldine takes a heel turn at the end?!? Again I ask who’s in charge?

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast!! Oh and almost forgot I love when the master FaceTimes with eph!! And someone get Dutch some Irish 🍀 spring!!! Now I’m done ✌🏾️, and 👋🏾 Sarah 😉

  5. For the podcast

    I enjoyed the episode but I call bullshit on a lot of this stuff.

    So frying the worm that went thru Ferrara’s eye stops it? BULLSHIT
    Shouldn’t that have saved Jim in season 1?

    There’s no UV lights at the doors of the command center? BULLSHIT

    Eph & Dutch ain’t see that strigoi in the backseat? BULLSHIT

    All these years and no one ever mentioned the Crimson worm to Quinlan? BULLSHIT
    He’s been around for centuries! How is this the first he’s heard of it?

    Ferrara just sold out that reporter? BULLSHIT
    She seemed fairly on the up & up except for trusting Palmer. That was just some cold blooded murder right there.

    Fet ain’t know Eph was living at his house? BULLSHIT

    Ugh! So much bullshit in this episode but I was entertained the whole time.

    Gus sure is cocky for someone who was just passing out from loss of blood. Doesn’t mean he don’t have the skills. It’s just kinda ridiculous. And those cops are the worst! You gonna send untrained folks into an infested sewer. Looks like it’s just a convenient way to sentence people to death.

    Who was controlling that strigoi at the end? Did the Crimson Worm, which sounds like a spicy alcoholic beverage, take over Zach or someone else? I am curious to see what would happen if someone is infected by just the worm and not the others.

    At least it looks like Q is on Team Abe for good. He was seriously pissed at the Ancients.

    That’s it. Can’t wait for the podcast!

    I was glad to see that Bella was able to escape the zombie apocalypse only to move to New York and face the vampire apocalypse.

    The chain gains remind me of a story the that TBWT covered of firefighters using prisoners to fight the forest fires in New York in exchange for time off their sentences. Both situations to me are unethical as fuck.

    When the council woman went to talk to the prisoners, I was like why does she think she would get the tea with the guards in ear shot? That’s like asking a kid if daddy touched them inappropriately with the daddy standing right there. But if she was so against it, then why didn’t she disband the chain gangs? Does she not have that power? I was surprised that the council woman’s big revelation was to grip up Bella and not free the people on the chain gangs

  7. For the podcast:

    The ancients ain’t shit. They really ain’t shit. They want the master dead, they want Quinlan to murder him, but they withholding information? If they ain’t gonna get their wrinkled 🍑 up they need to start talking.

    How Eph gain weight in the V.A? Is that cirrhosis setting in? He gonna be yellow next week.

    The Master should’ve just Skyped Eph as Zack, he’s in Zack’s body right?

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