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The Walking Dead - S7E3 - The Cell

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Well” 

The Walking Dead - S7E3 - “The Cell” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

“The Cell” gives us our first look at the inner workings of the Saviors’ compound, The Sanctuary. They’ve done pretty well for themselves by extorting other communities: they make fresh bread, have power to watch VHS tapes, and they’re not hurting for weapons, produce, and other supplies. Not a bad environment if you don’t mind terrorizing other groups, dropping to your knee whenever Negan walks by, and answering “Negan” when he asks who you are.

Daryl’s accommodations consist of a small cell with no windows and a hard concrete floor to sleep on, and Dwight brings him dog food sandwiches as his only meals. This goes on day after day as Collapsible Hearts Club’s (featuring Jim Bianco and Petra Haden) “Easy Street” pumps through the speakers in his cell, denying him any peace or real sleep. It’s anything but easy street. This is just one of several interesting uses of music in the episode.

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Negan told Rick that Daryl was his insurance against Rick deciding to make good on his “not today, not tomorrow” promise. Still, as “The Cell” progressed, it became clear that keeping Daryl around was about much more. He doesn’t scare easily. He fails a test by sneaking out of his cell when the door is purposely left unlocked, and despite a warning by Sherry (Dwight’s wife/Negan’s wife, played by Christine Evangelista), he continues on and tries to steal a motorcycle to escape. He doesn’t flinch when Negan comes at him with Lucille.

Perhaps it’s true that Negan has taken a liking to Daryl, as Dwight says, but it seems as though breaking Daryl (and using Dwight to do it) serves to teach Dwight a lesson as well. When Dwight met and double-crossed Daryl last season, it was after he’d run off with his wife, Sherry, her sister Tina, and all the diabetes medicine the Saviors had. After Tina died, they went back to Negan and begged forgiveness. To keep Negan from killing Dwight, Sherry offered to “marry” Negan, as Tina was going to do before they left. He accepted, but Dwight still got his face burned with an iron as punishment.

Though Dwight seemed to take great pleasure in terrorizing Daryl in the latter half of season six, “The Cell” shows he still struggles with what he’s done and the consequences of his actions just to survive. He actually walks in on Sherry finishing up a medical exam to determine if she’s pregnant with Negan’s baby, and there’s nothing he can do about it. When a friend of his runs off, he volunteers to find him and retrieve “Negan’s shit.” Once he catches up to the man, no amount of begging or mentions of their past friendliness will sway Dwight, and he employs one of Negan’s tricks by threatening to kill the man’s friends left at The Sanctuary if he doesn’t return. Yet, Dwight kills him anyway after he agrees. Was that the kindest act he could have offered?

The most noteworthy part of this exchange is Dwight’s reasoning for going along with Negan. “We were losing, and now we’re not.” He has lost his wife, his sister-in-law, and half his face, but I guess as long as Sherry is alive, he’s content with his choices.

Look, Negan would just have to take the L on that lost shit.

Later, Dwight tries to appeal to Daryl by saying they’re in the same boat: Daryl got Glenn killed and Dwight got Tina killed. Doesn’t work. He leaves Daryl alone with the Polaroid of Glenn’s body, playing Roy Orbison’s “Crying” through the speakers before he goes. Daryl eventually breaks down and sobs, and as Dwight sits on the other side of the door, he smiles. He thinks it’s a job well done.

But when brought to Negan, and asked who he is, Daryl defiantly replies, “Daryl.”

The smarter play might be to go along and try to dismantle the Saviors from the inside, but clearly Daryl isn’t there yet. Or perhaps he’s truly ready to die. Time will tell.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts below or on the Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

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10 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E3 - The Cell

  1. For the podcast

    This episode sucked.

    Sherry definitely traded up. Negan may be a sadistic SOB but JDM is fine af! Plus it looks like she has free reign of the joint.

    Nobody cared about Dwight’s backstory.

    Negan don’t know Daryl. He’s had a hard life. Before the ZA. He’s not gonna break easy. Plus Norman Reedus said on that ass kissing show that airs after TWD that Daryl feels this is his punishment for getting Glenn killed.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. For the podcast:

    When this episode started with a sandwich montage, I knew it was gonna be bad. Every few minutes I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t care about anyone here what the fuck.” and then JDM would come into the scene and my mind would be at peace again. Daryl needs to fucking learn to swallow his pride for once in his life. This isn’t the time to be starting shit, when Negan could go kill someone else just because you are acting doggy right now. Maybe submit and become a double agent? Or do you want to REALLY be broken? Fuck Daryl.

    Also, whoever thought torturing Daryl with music obviously didn’t get the memo that he was rolling with Beth for a while. He’s hardened to that shit. Also, obligatory Fuck Beth, because even in death she’s still a shitty character. Finally, just wanted to point out that Daryl had a bigger reaction to Glenn’s death than Maggie, so Fuck You Too Maggie.

  3. For the Podcast:

    I liked this episode but I’m ready to go back to Alexandria to see the reactions of our group. Now that we’ve seen the Sanctuary and heard from some of the people inside, I want ALL these assholes dead. Dwight’s friend got me wondering how many people inside the camp want Negan dead, would you guys be ok following somebody with Negan’s tactics?

    So Daryl still wants to pop-off after eating dog food sandwiches for several days, here’s how it would’ve went if I was Daryl (and black):

    Negan: So I married Dwight’s wife and now we are cool.

    Black Daryl: DAMN nigga that’s fucked up!

    Negan: What’s your name?

    BD: My name is Negan and I have no wife, now how about those shoes you promised?

    Black Daryl would’ve proceeded to learn the inner workings of the compound and fuck up Negan when the time was right. But what the hell do I know? Can’t wait for the recap and I still got my eye on Bernard.

  4. For the pod:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. They dropped a bunch of stuff on us, but the biggest thing is Negan is a rapist. I’m not even sure the show feels he’s a rapist with that “Make sure you get a yes” talk so who knows if they’ll even address it. The show is seemingly getting more campy and I don’t really trust them handling a nuanced rape issue.

    However it was funny to learn Negan put Dwight’s face in a Panini press and that Dwight is Husband Penguin and Negan is Homewrecker Penguin.

    How long will Daryl angel like dog food, cause y’all know her ain’t washing no time soon even if given the opportunity.

  5. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    The Walking Dead can kiss my ass for trying to make Dwight a sympathetic character. It ain’t happening. FDB. Negan is a dickhead for telling him he can go smash anybody in the camp as long as they say yes. Ain’t nobody finna say yes to the skinny crackhead version of The Hound. Also, Sherry’s “super hot” sister is crazy for turning down Negan’s proposal. A fine ass husband AND health benefits? I’m down. BTW, Daryl can’t hold down an episode by himself. I was so bored.

    Love you guys!!

  6. I can’t believe Dwight and Sherry went back to Negan for some egg and tomato sandwiches. What kind of bullshit is that? They are like a worse and dumber version of the couple in The Gift of the Magi (that one literature class I had in college is really paying off now, lol), sacrificing for each other like a couple of morons.
    For the podcast:
    The actress who plays Sherry was on some Lori type shit on The Talking Dead. She was saying how Sherry was losing Dwight because Dwight was losing himself and brought up last season when Dwight confessed that he hadn’t killed a person because he believed that once you do there’s no going back, and now that he’s finally crossed that boundary, she’s finding it difficult to look at him the same way. Which has played into her trying to help Daryl because she sees in him something that Dwight has lost (irony, considering this dude is wearing Daryl’s vest, and has both his motorcycle and crossbow). This reminded me of something Lori would do, this whole wishy washy back and forth attitude. Their regrets are coming in a little too late and I refuse to feel sorry for these two.
    You both made the active decision to go back to Negan. You knew exactly the kind of man he was to begin with, it’s why you ran in the first place. What do you mean “how can she look at him the same way?” Umm, because you made this happen?, you had options, you had Daryl and you chose this instead. Like, what did you expect to happen? For it to be all sunshine and rainbows back at Negan’s place. That you both wouldn’t have to get your hands dirty and do whatever it was that Negan wanted you to do just so he wouldn’t kill the both of you. It don’t work like that and it was naive to think that way in the 1st place.
    As for this episode, I enjoyed it. Negan’s runs his place like a cult leader, which I find interesting and I’m wondering 1) how many wives he has and 2) if he’s trying to purposely get these women pregnant. I can’t see the benefit of having a bunch of babies/toddlers around, just look at the groups struggle with Judith and Maggie’s pregnancy complications as to why, but maybe Negan is just that confident that nothing can touch him. Which is going to make his eventual defeat that much sweeter.
    That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3
    (P.S when you think about it, Dwight giving Daryl dog food isn’t such a big deal, the man’s eaten an actual dog and possum before, Daryl ain’t picky.)

  7. For the podcast
    It was an interesting episode
    We learned more about Dwight’s backstory-did we first meet him S5 or S6 &
    Darryl invite to them 2 Alexandria? Instead dwight chose negan & was rewarded perks in the inner circleo via burnt face & losing/sharing his wife w:negan. At least those egg sandwiches looked somewhat tasty.

    Darryl-I don’t think he can be broken but perhaps tamed.i liked his face off w/negan and I believe the latter will take a shine towards him over Dwight. Darryl also seems the feral sort-he killed almost every moving critter so I wasn’t shocked at him eating dog food.

    What was the purpose of keeping the walker & were they former saviours who I got on neagans wrong side? And why didn’t Dwight just kill his buddy instead of turning him?

    Neagan what an egotistical yet charming
    a***hole. His view on women-IDK…he tells the group the women have 2 consent yet he takes sherry as a wife not by her choice.

    That’s all I have/sorry 4 the length


    Although the episode seemed like it was 30 mins with 25 commercial breaks I didn’t need that Dwight 💩!! Onto my questions

    1. I’ll be negan, Denny, Jeffrey whatever that nigga wants if I get free nootsie and the pussy( ugh 😷) bar and unlimited sammiches!! My question is how long would it take for y’all to break?
    2. Who looked worse in they cell? Cersei with sister slap a bitch or Daryl with his alpo appetizers? There is no wrong answer btw!!
    3. This is for all the negan lovers!!! Y’all know he got a small dick bc y’all love him so much right?!!! Nobody can be that good looking and have all that charisma, and have a big dick!! It’s facts 😏!! Does that change things for y’alls love fest?!? Yes I’m hating

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Nina after I watch raw(rasslin) I’ll watch queen 👸🏽 sugar!!! ✌🏾 fam

  9. For the pod …just a quick observation
    Some people have questions as to why Dwight is wearing Daryls vest and using his cross bow . My take it might be a way of him seeing himself as a better man than he is right now subconsciously…like dress for the job you want not the one you have .he knows this is fucked and he tried runner no before …it’s like a secret defiance in a way ….at least that’s what I think .

  10. For the podcast:

    What do you think Negan sees in Daryl to hold him hostage? Is it just a way to screw with Rick and crew?

    The episode was fine. JDM plays a sexy sociopath. Daryl’s character is becoming boring. Surprisingly, Daryl was more interesting with Beth than being a defiant dummy. Anyhoo, great podcast and thanks!

    (*Nina, you are pronouncing correctly, btw)

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