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The Walking Dead - S7E4 - Service

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Cell”

The Walking Dead - S7E4 - “Service” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

We didn’t get to see how Rick explained their run-in with the Saviors to the rest of the residents of Alexandria, but their actions in “Service” show that the group is in different stages of dealing with their new reality; some even question Rick’s ability to lead.

The most obvious response (after shock and tears), would be to figure out a way to minimize what is given to Negan so that they may still survive, but if anyone considered hiding provisions and weapons, they didn’t do it fast enough because Negan and his crew arrive at the gate before their one-week deadline. What followed next was one agonizing confrontation after another.

Half of their supplies was a given, but Negan has other plans and sends his crew to go through every home in the subdivision to take anything they want. Rick has to suffer the indignity of this while holding Lucille as Negan struts around. When a few of his men try to take all of their medicine, Carl fires a warning shot. Carl left all of his fucks in Atlanta, apparently. No one is punished for this (at least not physically), but it reminds Negan (not really; he was taking their guns regardless) that Alexandria has weapons. In fact, they have a shitton of Negan’s weapons. Olivia’s records show two handguns missing and Negan threatens to kill her unless the guns are located. Where could they be?

Well, Rosita and Spencer were headed out to scavenge when the Saviors arrived. After taking their guns and pouring out their water canteen, Dwight, with his petty ass, sends the two out to retrieve Daryl’s motorcycle. At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if Dwight just insisted people call him Daryl. As they find Daryl’s bike hidden where Denise was ambushed, Rosita slips into the woods to kill the Savior walkers they left behind. Only one is carrying a gun and it’s empty. Realizing that Dwight taking their guns meant they were taking all the weapons at home, Rosita was thinking ahead. Spencer? Not so much. He’s all too willing to go along and accept their new arrangement with Negan. Michonne is also out, using a rifle she’d hidden in the fireplace to practice her aim.


Rick pleads with the others at home to give up the guns. No one comes forward, but a few want to discuss other things like why the Saviors are worried about two guns when they have them so outnumbered, why they hadn’t thought to hide the weapons before the Saviors got there, and how long will they have to put up with this shit. Rick has valid reasons for not taking chances, stressing that he doesn’t want anyone else to die. Eugene notes Rosita’s and Spencer’s absence and Rick eventually finds the guns hidden in Spenser’s home. No one is more relieved than Olivia.

Perhaps more so than Spencer, who straight out blames Rick for Abe and Glenn being killed, Michonne also questions Rick’s decision to go along with Negan’s demands without even trying to prepare for a time when they can take back control. This leads Rick to finally admit what the audience has always known: Judith is Shane’s daughter. But because he loves her as his own, he’s not willing to do anything that will cause her, or anyone else, to die.

Negan definitely physically and mentally beat Rick into submission, and it’s nice to see Rick not having a complete tyrannical breakdown (as he did a few times in season 3) and choosing the more thoughtful approach. That’s not say he doesn’t want to see Negan dead. His grip on Lucille tightened a few times when Negan was being Negan; Rick came close to risking it all.


Rick isn’t the only one. Father Gabriel sounds like every white person trying to tell minorities that the Cheeto in Chief is something they can live through. Daryl may not be ready to call himself Negan, but when given the opportunity to plead his case to stay in Alexandria, he reminds quiet. Though his decision may be out of guilt more than anything else.


For all the talk of not taking a chance that the Saviors would sniff out any lies or resistance, the group makes a gamble in telling Negan that Maggie died. If Negan hasn’t yet figured out that Hilltop is the reason Rick’s group attacked one of his compounds, that doesn’t mean the community is off the hook. It would make sense if Negan paid a visit to all of the other communities to make sure everyone stays in line and not be tempted to launch a coup with Alexandria. If that man sees Maggie at Hilltop…

Rick may have convinced the group that going along to get along is the best course of action for now, but I’m not sure how long that can last. Carl is extremely reluctant, Michonne looks furious when she finds the Savior burned their stolen mattresses simply because they could, and Rosita finds a shell casing and demands Eugene make her a bullet.

The Walking Dead S7E4 = 8.2/10
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17 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E4 - Service

  1. For the podcast:

    Quick hits:

    - It might be book reader biased but, have loved every episode this season.

    - Negan is the best TV Villain of all time. Fight me. It’s like he jumps off the pages then beats the pages with a barbed wire bat

    - Carl doesn’t have big balls he’s just too young to know how stupid he is

    - I thought Michonne was moving out in that first scene.

    - Michonne had to know Negan saw her. There is no way Rick could walk back out there empty handed.

    - Spencer. You tried it. Rick’s black mama gene came out. I might have heard that line from my moms once or twice.

    - I got downright giddy when Negan did his big bad wolf impression

    - Some book readers have been waiting to see Negan beat Glenn but I have been waiting for him to issue the “dick down the throat” line. And. It. Was. Awesome.

  2. For the podcast

    I honestly feel this is the best episode of the season. Maybe because we got most of our group interacting and I missed them. Maybe it was seeing glimpses of killer Rick in Negan’s little bitch Rick. All I know is they held my attention the whole time and I was convinced someone else was gonna die.

    So both Spencer & Rick ain’t getting none from their ladies cause they’re both little punks. Rick’s comes from a place of trying to protect the group. Spencer just ain’t shit.

    How long do you think it’ll take Michonne to fully back Rick? Clearly she’s not entirely sold but the Judith confession showed her how much Rick will endure to protect those he loves.

    As much as I enjoy looking at JDM, Negan is just a petty bully and I’m tired of it. I just want him to die at this point.

    So who is Rosita saving that bullet for? Personally, I feel Maggie should be the one to kill Negan, but I’m cool with whoever kills him.

    This is getting long so that’s it. The women & kids seem to have more balls than the men at this point. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. For The Podcast:

    I can’t believe we got another skip forward, just to avoid the awkwardness that is letting Enid out of the cupboard (which, I might add, they waited until half way through the episode to reveal!!!) and everyone asking why Rick was blowing snot rockets. I love how happy Gabriel is to not be the most hated character on the show anymore. Spencer should have died like 5 times this episode, and was anyone else shouting at Olivia “Better Start Tickling Dem Balls!” when she was sitting with Negan? Finally, when is Rick going to recognise that Judith’s real father is Tyreese?

    Everyone should take a page from The Strain and Regina King their way out of Alexandria. Now let’s talk Westworld, PLEASE! Between that reveal and the tension with Richonne this episode, Nina is pretty much running all TV at the moment.

    Cheers y’all. *Throws up Deuces*

  4. It’s really stupid though for Neegan to take all of their guns because now they can’t hunt or protect themselves from a lot of zombies. Doesn’t sound like he wants them alive to me. Man Nina I think michonne listened to the podcast because she was not cuddling up with Rick in their bed. She turned and looked at him like “snot blowing, weak ass mf” lol. When neegan finally left I literally cringed and yelled out “oh no not a slipped dick!”. When did Father Gabe go back to preaching? At first I thought he was pulling a Carol but then he went all hippie dippie on Rick. How did Dwight know about Darryl’s bike? I thought he took darryl’s bike already. Finally, soooooo Tara and Heath gone return to a shit show. They might as well stay where they at. Looking forward to the podcast

  5. Hey girl! Hey fellas! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Okay first things first. Spencer needs to just be quiet and look chiseled. I feel like Rosita didn’t tell him about Rick’s snot bubble. If he knew about that, Spencer would have had a quick comeback when Rick shut him down. Also, these writers are schizo. It was just last episode that they wanted to make Dwight a sympathetic character. Now all of that is out the window? It just made me hate him even more. I’m glad Rick knows that Judith is Shane’s baby. I mean…we all knew it. Glad he does too.

    All I can think of without mentioning Negan slowly flicking his tongue. I don’t wanna be explicit on your podcast. Until next week!

  6. For the podcast:
    Riveting episode!
    1. Rick-I hate seeing him so emasculated & broken. Even he & richonne looked fractured & chilly in the opening scene. I recalled how cocky Rick & co went into one of neagans compounds, killed his people & took guns, etc, so, Rick, payback is a huge b***ch!
    2. JDM/neagan-such a brilliant villain-He owns nearly every scene. I love/hate him. His coveting Maggie-gross! if he’d approach her w/that proposition she’d go off on his a$$ & the d **k comment to Rick, I’d punch him alien style in the face 4 u Rick! Side note-did Rick let negan believe Maggie died?
    3. Liked that rosita/michonne/Carl tried to keep the fighting spirit alive-michonne target practice on the walker & dropping the deer carcas FU style @ neagans feet/Rosita finding & hiding the gun & Carl’s brief interaction w/neagans don’t write a check your butt can’t cover” warning.
    4. Spencer aka trifling a$$ soon 2 be a savior
    5. Judith is Shane’s-didn’t we already know this or it’s now confirmed?
    6. My Dwight hate is so strong-hioe Rosita or Darryl deep fry the other side of his face.
    7. Saviors looted Alexandria as if it was Black Friday, day after thanksgiving!
    That’s all I have for this week.

  7. For the podcast: When Rick was talking about Judith not being his I kept waiting for Michonne to be like “oh, I know, Andrea told me.” Lol, that bitch told everyone his business. I saw it coming from the beginning but I had held out hope that the group had taken the initiative and hidden away some guns and weapons from Negan and crew. They had a massive amount of them even before they took the ones they found from Negan’s men and I’m angry that these idiots didn’t even bother to hide the freaking bazooka. Wtf?
    So, I found out that it’s only been 3 days since ep1 but that’s more than enough time to start getting their shit in order. What? were they mourning this whole time? Sorry but I don’t even have that kind of time in the real world, to take a whole 3 days off and do nothing, so what’s their excuse? This is just incompetent and if I didn’t love Michonne and the others, I would start to root for Negan at this point because Rick and crew are making it way too easy. Gabriel and Rosita were great in this episode for me, his lie about Maggie being dead was brilliant (LOL @ his scene with Negan calling him a creepy mf) and Rosita was awesome. Now that she’s finally getting a storyline, I hope this doesn’t mean she dies by the end of the season. Shout out to the women in group cause they all seem ready to fight Negan. Ron Funches made a great point about it on TD (They had a great couch last night). Did you know he auditioned for King Ezekiel? Can you image?
    And fuck Spencer, he deserves no ass from Rosita or anyone else from now on. Talking shit about Rick when this dude has nothing but cry and steal crackers, alcohol and guns from Alexandria.
    2 questions: Do you think Negan knows about Rick and Michonne or not by now? And if Michonne is that bad of shot with a sniper rifle why was she with one back in s6 guarding the wall that day when she saw spencer walking around outside? Can’t wait to hear the podcast <3

  8. For the podcast: The Negan and the Saviours are the Pettiest Petty That Ever Pettied! When all this is over, Rick better make them get everyone in Alexandria a pillowtop Sealy Posturepedic! I also hope Negan had a breath mint the way he was all up in Rick’s grill like that. I liked that Rick still had some fight in him and that convo with Michonne at the end was everything. The women of Team Family are clearly going to kick all the ass while the men are temporarily down and I am here for it! Richonne is gonna be alright-if a woman is helping you make a pallett on the floor, that’s love!

  9. Fo da cast.

    I get going along until you can do better but Rick has totally lain down.
    On one hand I understand why he knows there’s nothing they can do at the moment.

    On the other he has to know there’s nothing stopping Negan from whack-a-moling anyone.

    But. I at this point Rick is ok with having his gag reflex of his manhood tested as long as it keeps Negan ok.

    Father G has a fuckin black Michael Myers on weed vibe going on. Smiling and shit while creepin around.

    Solid episode overall

  10. For the Podcast

    This episode was excellent I hear allot of people saying that it was boring ..yall are crazy, but then again i really loved last weeks episode but that just me i guess.

    It was tense The way negan gave rick his bat says “here let me give you the weapon that used to bash your friends brains in and i’m gonna turn my back on you multiple times cause i know you aint gonna do a thing about it .” I never hated a character so much before …hes gotta die

    My favorite part of this episode has to be father Gabriel, when negan turned around and was legit spooked by him it was hilarious. His quick thinking with the graves was great . When he looked a Rick and called him friend I had the same feeling whenever Hannibal would call Will Grham friend .Question do you think they’re setting him up to be a surragate carol / Intelligent sociopath cause im all for that ..

    P.S. Simon from the misfits and his refrigerator fetish still sucks #Sallyneverforget


    THIS NIGGA TOOK ALL DA BEDS THEN BURNED THEM?!?! OH HELL NAWL!! I would’ve killed myself right then!!

    Then this nigga Spencer stole beans and brown water?!?! This nigga should’ve been on probation for taking the crackers and pickles last season!! WHOS IN CHARGE?!?

    Onto to my questions!
    1. When will Rosita and Eugene FUCK?
    2. Where’s tits McGee

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!


    1. At the rate baby Judith is not growing, Maggie & Glenn’s baby will catch up to her. I thought for sure she would cry out and Negan would take her - I was sweating it out until he left.

    2. What fools keep lists of weapons in the post-we-met-Negan apocalypse? Destroy all records and feign ignorance on everything.

    3. Rick led the team to destroy the Savior’s compound without doing recon & checking it out beforehand. Then they get home from a brutal Lucille beat down AND MAKE NO RECON PLANS??!! No lookouts posted? No sniper training? What have they been doing - baking bread?

    First thing they should have done was posted 24 hour lookout not only for Negan but for all the danger that still exists. Alexandria’s making them soft & stupid.

    4. Does Maggie know she’s dead and buried? If Negan gets wind of her at Hilltop it’s over. Smart thinking on Father Gabe’s part, though.

    5. I’ve been saying Spencer is a traitor and look what he did this episode.

    6. #LoveDirtyDaryl

    7. I don’t blame Michonne for sticking with Rick. Have y’all looked around that meeting room at the pickings in Alexandria? slimmmmm.

    Hope it’s not too late for the podcast!

  13. This show gives me heartburn.
    What’s Rosita gonna do with ONE bullet??
    Rick lashing out at Spencer was laughable after he vowed down to Negan all episode.
    Negan is so sexy and terrifying.
    And Hallelujah, the Shane-was- Judiths-daddy reveal FINALLY happened.
    I love and hate this show so much.

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