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ProWrap: To Catch a Parent Trap

ProWrap consists of quick reviews of the television shows we don’t cover with full reviews or podcast episodes during the week.

Secrets & Lies - S2E6 - “The Parent” | Sundays at 10pm | ABC

Every week, someone else comes under suspicion and this week the focus has shifted to Eric’s sister-in-law, Melanie. Not only was she having sex with Neil, but she erased some of the security footage from the night Kate died. This all comes on the heels of Eric and Patrick having yet another fight about how much everyone hates Melanie. And it appears Patrick may have also had shady dealings with the company’s money.

The episode hit an unexpected heartwarming note when Eric confronts the couple who adopted Kate’s son, and learns the mother was the woman hesitating outside of the building the night of Kate’s death. She’d previously told Kate she couldn’t meet her son, and later admits she worried about being replaced. Sadly, Kate’s son was able to see her, but she never got to meet her. Eric chooses to not tell Charlie about what an ass his biological father is, and insists his adoptive father is the only father he needs. For all of the lies Kate told to keep her past a secret, it was nice to see Eric feel a connection to her son and a display a desire to protect him.

I have no idea what plans this series has for a third season. Do they want to do a different case/family each season with Cornell being the common thread? If so, it makes sense that they would start to further flesh out her character beyond the suspicious detective who hones in on the wrong suspect for most of the season. We learn more about her partner’s death and how the stalled investigation into it cost Cornell her marriage. While Juliette Lewis turned in a better performance than she has in the past, this character development may be a bit late for anyone to truly care. Grade: C ~ ProFan Nina

Image: ABC

Image: ABC

Elementary - S5E5 - To Catch a Predator Predator | Sundays at 10pm | CBS

In this week’s exceedingly complex yet easily deducible episode, Holmes and Watson connect the dots between a string of perverts, the man who catfished them to exact justice, and the seedy practices of a law firm to ensure settlements lean in their favor. The murder of a vigilante that lured men in public seeking underage girls gave them plenty of suspects yet once the list dwindled to an unlikely few, the main plot of “Predator Predator” hastily concluded in a somber manner, with the culprit being the person who had endured more physical and emotional pain the pair had seen since Holmes’ temporary partner, Kitty.

Concurrently, Watson was assisting Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) on his job hunt and feeling more and more obligated to keep Johnson on the straight and narrow. It’s clear he appreciated Joan’s help yet he - along with Holmes - wondered why she was so determined to be a part of his life. Anyone verse in Sir Doyle’s books knows the crucial role Shinwell plays in some of their adventures, so there wasn’t much surprise when Watson offered to teach Johnson the skills required to be a competent detective. Both Shinwell and Sherlock agreed it isn’t the best idea, for differing reasons. The damage was already done: word was out on the street among Shinwell’s old crew about his relationship with a “cop lady”, meaning Johnson’s association with Watson will give Holmes a bigger headache sooner than he anticipated. Grade: B- ~ ProFan Rex

Image: CBS

Image: CBS

Lethal Weapon - S1E6 - “Ties That Bind” | Wednesdays at 8pm | FOX

While investigating the death of a young woman, Riggs runs into his wife’s best friend. They’ve had a strained relationship since his wife’s death, and things don’t improve when he learns she’s a part of a escort ring whose girls are being hunted and killed for sport. In the end, she leaves town, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her again. Their tension felt as though they had an affair at some point.

On a somewhat lighter note, Murtaugh’s daughter Rianna learns a lesson in sending suggestive photos to boys online. The subject is topical, but some of the Murtaugh’s lectures regarding respect for one’s body felt a tad on the slut-shaming side. “How can you expect boys to respect your body when you don’t?” Uh. Boys should be taught to respect a girl regardless. Grade: B ~ ProFan Nina

Image: FOX

Image: FOX

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