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The Walking Dead - S8E4 - Some Guy

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Monsters”

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They finally did it. The Walking Dead has broken King Ezekiel’s spirit. Killed his #BlackBoyJoy. Quieted his iambic pentameter.

Waking up under a mound of — and surrounded by — body parts will do that to ya.

Just as he’d decided to be the hero his people needed him to be, Ezekiel is taught a violent and heartbreaking lesson in being someone people are willing to die for. After realizing that they hadn’t, in fact, lost one of their ranks as he promised, the Saviors gunned down every member of The Kingdom’s crew outside Gavin’s compound. At least four died because they dove on top of their king. Zeke pulls himself from under the bodies, nursing an injured leg and spirit. His fallen brethren slowly rise as walkers, and Zeke has to crawl away from a new set of problems.

He’s rescued by one of his own, Alvaro (Carlos Navarro), who also survived the massacre, and even though Zeke tells him not to further risk his life for him, Alvaro won’t leave “your majesty.” They don’t get very far before a Savior kills Alvaro and becomes Zeke’s new escort. He’s heard the orders not to harm Rick, the widow, or the king; but more than that, this guy really just wants to talk shit.

Continuing the trend of the Saviors henchmen being the absolute worst, everything about this guy (whose name isn’t important because he’s the evil, over-the-top character meant to die in the same episode in which he’s introduced) makes you wish for his death: his large teeth, 1980s glasses, pronunciation of the word “situation,” and his annoyingly pristine khakis. Pre-apocalypse, you know This Guy voted Trump, carried a Tiki torch or two, and used the hashtag #NotAllMen.

This Guy yells at Zeke for not moving fast enough while exacerbating his leg wound. He taunts Zeke for getting others to buy into his act and then getting them killed. When Jerry finally shows up and splits This Guy in two with his battle axe, a collective cheer went up across the nation. Zeke tells Jerry to leave him, but of course he won’t. As the two prepare to take on the mini herd that’s cornered them at a gate, Jerry thanks his king for being “a cool dude.”

Meanwhile, Carol’s inside the compound killing Saviors like it’s her job. She overhears their plan to take the cache of guns to the Sanctuary and won’t let that happen. She faces off against a handful of men as they load the weapons onto a truck and deploys the harmless lady routine to draw one close enough to take hostage. But this is the Saviors, not the most loyal of men, so they opt to shoot through their comrade to get to Carol. She has the last two pinned down when she notices Jerry and Zeke on the other side of the gate, about to be swarmed by walkers.

Carol lets the Saviors get away with the guns so she can save Jerry and Zeke. Don’t fret, because at this point the episode turns into a Mission Impossible movie. Rick in a jeep and Daryl on his bike are hot on the asses of the Saviors headed for the Sanctuary. Daryl shoots and kills the Savior manning the mini gun on the back of his truck and Rick pulls up alongside the truck and jumps into the passenger seat. He stabs the driver in the gut and the trucks runs off the road. Rick and Daryl are now in control of the guns they were looking for.

Carol and Jerry assist Zeke through the woods, only staying slightly ahead of the herd. They come upon walkers playing in a toxic chemical spill, explaining what befell the walker they encountered in the woods in “The Damned.” Again, Zeke begs them to leave him, but Jerry won’t abandon his king. Finally, Zeke screams that he’s not a king; he’s just some guy. (Note: Being Some Guy is better than being This Guy, who was an asshole no one will miss.)

Then Shiva appears, reminding us and Zeke that he’s not just Some Guy. He’s Some Guy with a Motherfucking Tiger. Shiva mauls the approaching walkers, but is eventually overwhelmed and eaten. Jerry has to physically restrain Zeke from going to help. By the time Zeke limps through the gates of The Kingdom, it’s clear he’s forever changed.

Bits and Bites

Kudos to showing Ezekiel in his silk scarf, oiling his locs and moisturizing that glorious melanin in the cold open flashback. This almost makes up for Heath’s horrid edges.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your brief thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Some Guy"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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8 Comments on The Walking Dead - S8E4 - Some Guy

  1. FOR THE PODCAST:This is the first episode of the season that kept me engaged, had me hype from start to finish, moved my spirit, and that I will watch again on repeat. Zeke and Carols’ conversation about becoming what is needed in the moment cemented this as the best one so far this season. I love that convo-but I also love how even with Zeke trying to bring out the best in people he didn’t understand the unintended consequence-that people were and continue to be willing to lay down their lives for him. He feels like he’s unworthy-when the opposite is true. This was such a great episode-and R.I.P. Shiva. That one cut deep (not as deep as Jerry, but deep).

    and yes, that Mad Max chase scene with the Saviors, Daryl, and Rick was great-I loved it!

  2. I may have freeze-framed the shot of King Zeke getting dressed; TWD must find ways for Khary Payton to walk around without a shirt on. **fanning** Seriously, Khary nailed it the entire episode. From the conversation with Carol about choosing what to be in the Z-POC, to his horror, realization, and despair upon realizing that being a leader comes with grave consequences—he acted his ass off. This, along with Clear, is now one of my favorite character exposition episodes.

    The King is broken, but his people need his leadership more now than ever. He’ll be back! I love Jerry and what he said to Zeke, and I’m so happy Cobbler Man lived.

    Dayum, did TWD spend all the Shiva CGI money? Heartbroken.

    Looking forward to the podcast.

  3. Don’t worry, nina. The same thing happened to me once when I was eating a plantain, I sneezed and it went up my nose from the inside; I thought I was about to die.
    For the podcast:

    did anyone else feel that touch of irony when Jeffery dahmer’s twin called Ezekiel’s followers a bunch of sheep and then 2 seconds later proclaimed himself to be Negan or was it just me?

    I really enjoyed this episode but damn, King zeke finally broke character. Now there’s only like 12 people living in the kingdom. I actually felt bad watching him hobble away at the end all sad like. He didn’t even make a speech or nothing. Y’all think Shiva dying is gonna trigger Ezekiel’s own brand of “all I see is red”. That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

    P.S. Shiva’s death is all Rod’s fault. 😒

  4. Three Neganless episodes in a row. JDM is the only reason I started watching this show. Not pleases at all.

  5. For the podcast

    Favorite episode of the season so far! If they continue being this good, I may stop talking shit about the show.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kang Ezekiel! No only is he fine af, he really inspired those folks. Poor baby is tho. What do you think his next step will be? Will the remaining Kangdom folks continue to follow him?

    Rick & Daryl stay being badass as does Carol. I call bullshit on those tiles holding a full grown woman tho!

    Jerry is the man! Can’t stress that enough.

    RIP Shiva & Kangdom soldiers. Burn in hell Jeffrey Dahmer adjace Savior!

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  6. I’m not gonna say that this episode is bad.
    I’m not gonna say it was good either . I’m just heading to the area of where I don’t care. Although I really liked the scene last week of everyone rushing to protect Ezekiel, but trying to artificially make me care for these nameless people is too little too late. The show even knew this because the only reason they showed that kid giving that woman a flower was so we knew who she was later . Also this shows has way to much plot armor on our main characters. Carol Rick and Daryl should be dead . You can’t go from killing all of the kingdoms men to hesitating to shoot carol and barely hitting rick and Daryl with a heavy machine gun. …..Ridiculous oh and the tiger tied ..sad emoji I guess.

  7. For the podcast:
    Enjoyed this episode -lots of action even though it was kang centric
    1.First, RIP Shiva who sacrificed 4 the team. I felt for the Kang losing his people &Shiva but when he was going thru his crises of conscience yelling leave me I’m like Negro, get yr a$$ moving! I’m glad jerry made it.
    2. So what becomes of kang Ezekiel (hey I finally spelled his name right😁)? He was a source of encouragement & the kingdom seemed 2 flourish but now……is there anyone left 2 fight? Do you think he ditches the king persona & just becomes plain old ezekiel ready to seriously kick some savior
    3. that Jim Carrey look alike savior was a total douchebag!
    4. Carol is at her best when she’s a badass.
    5. Did that chase scene w/rick, Darryl & saviors seem out of place? I enjoyed it but it’s there then we’re back to Kang E.
    That’s all I have this week.

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