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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E10 – AKA 1,000 Cuts

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA Sin Bin’

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This was the most infuriating episode so far. Hogarth cut the wire which connected the electrical shock to the room, which allowed Kilgrave to kill his mother. That is not the end of how awful she is. She takes Kilgrave to her soon-to-be ex Wendy’s house for medical help.

Meanwhile, Simpson stops by the hermetically sealed room and finds Detective Clemons waiting for backup. He convinces Clemons to tell him where Trish and Kilgrave’s father went and then kills him.

Jessica arrives at Wendy’s and finds Hogarth on the floor in the middle of death by 1000 cuts (thanks to Kilgrave, who has escaped), Wendy with a glass table in her forehead, and Pam holding the vase that pushed Wendy into the table. If you ask me, this death is on Hogarth.

Back at home, Jessica finds Kilgrave there. He offers Jessica a deal, Hope for his father. Kilgrave tries to convince Jessica that she loves him by recalling a moment from their time together when he allowed his effect on Jessica to wear off. They remember it differently, though, and when Jessica reminds Kilgrave that their “nice moment” ended with him almost making her cut her ear off, she punches him and knocks him out.

Malcolm spills his guts about Ruben at a Kilgrave survivors meeting and Ruben’s crazy-pants sister overhears and riles up the group, leading them to Jessica’s for some revenge and answers. They storm Jessica’s apartment, Crazy-pants sister knocks Jess out with a 2×4, like, where did she even get that? Crazy-pants then runs into Jessica’s room where Kilgrave is tied up and gagged. She pulls the tape off his virus-shooting mouth.

Simpson stops by the hotel where Kilgrave’s dad and Trish are making the possible antidote and attacks the doctor. Trish kicks him out and in the process steals his red pills.

Jessica wakes up to find she’s late to pick up Hope from the jail and rushes over, but Hope is gone and there’s a message waiting for Jessica.  She’s with Kilgrave at her favorite restaurant and if she doesn’t bring his father, all Hope is lost. Jessica rushes to the hotel and grabs the doctor who has completed the antidote.

Kilgrave has, of course, set up some safeguards and when they walk in Malcolm, Crazy-Pants, and the two idiots who followed her are standing on the bar with nooses around their necks. After Jessica apologizes for the pain she’s recently caused Kilgrave, he summons his father, who isn’t immune to the virus. In an effort to end it all, Hope stabs herself in the neck, forcing Kilgrave to send his four hostages off the ledge and to run out with his poor father in tow. Jessica does the hero thing and saves the others and rushes to Hope’s side. Hope tells her “You can kill him now. Promise me!” Hope dies in Jessica’s arms.

So let’s tally this all up:

  • Deaths: 3
  • Attempted Suicides: 6
  • Injuries: too many to count (Wendy was in the middle of killing Hogarth by cutting her 1,000 times when she was clunked on the head.)
  • Number of red pills Simpson ingested: too many to count
  • Number of times I jumped out of my seat and said “WTF?!”: 4
  • Number of people who are currently on my list of THE WORST!: 5 (But trendy guy who lost a jacket is only sort of on that list… so maybe more like 4)
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