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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E11 – AKA I’ve Got the Blues

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA 1,000 Cuts’

Jessica spends most of this episode trying to fight the typical effects of sleep deprivation, but there are some things even her strength can’t beat – like the painful flashbacks of her final moments with her family and her first moments with a new one. Trish and Jessica’s friendship is deeply explored this episode, and we learn the real reasons behind why they both hate Trish’s mother. She’s an evil, crazy bitch!

Hope Schlotman’s suicide is the final straw for Jessica – as if one was necessary. She no longer has innocents weighing on her conscious and she is in full destroy-Kilgrave mode. She and the noose squad create a story as to why they were at the restaurant and witness to Hope’s suicide.

Trish picks up Jessica after the ordeal and rather than go home and get some sleep, she drags Trish to a morgue in search of Albert’s body. Afterwards, Trish begs Jessica to get some sleep. Instead, Jessica visits every morgue in town. The all-night search leaves her with nothing but a serious case of fatigue and she follows a guy in a purple suit across a busy street and gets herself hit by a delivery van. Realizing the man isn’t Kilgrave, she staggers off with who knows how many injuries.

Trish gets an unwelcome visit from Simpson, which is interrupted by a text from Jessica, she heads home.

Here we see why Jessica and Trish’s friendship is so important to the both of them, but specifically to Jessica. Trish is the person Jessica has cared about the longest. Trish keeps Jess grounded and reminds her what’s important, and while she may not always take the advice given by her best friend, without Trish, Jessica would be lost.

After a 5-minute rest, Jessica gets a text from the morgue attendant and she heads over to find Clemons’ body burned to a crisp.

Trish heads to meet Jessica at her place and finds Simpson in the hallway waiting for her, hoping for information on where Jessica is, but after some of his buddies show up, the exchange ends with two bodies, a whole lot of blood, and Trish locked in her Krav Maga room.

Malcolm asks Jessica for an update to let him in a little, and Jessica blows him off. As usual, she pushes away the people who care about her. Simpson shows up with a gun and Jessica accuses Simpson of killing Clemons and gets to show off a little of her P.I. skills. Then she gets to let off some steam as she and Simpson fight. Jessica’s wounded so the whole thing is looking pretty bleak until Trish gets there, at which point it’s looking bad for both of them. After he locks them in the bathroom, Trish reveals she’s got some of Simpson’s red pills and the fight becomes a bit more fair. Jessica’s apartment is pretty well destroyed and Trish has a bad trip that lands in the hospital.

Malcolm and Crazy-Pants have a chat about the state of humanity that really gives Malcolm some things to think about. Combat guys break into Jessica’s and Trish’s apartments, and clean up Simpson’s messes. Well, at least they clean up at Trish’s. Jessica gets a text from Kilgrave telling her he’s just seen Luke and if she cares she should hurry over to say goodbye. Luke’s impenetrable skin keeps him alive, but his bar wasn’t so lucky.

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