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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E12 – AKA Take a Bloody Number

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA I’ve Got the Blues’

Jessica and Luke get away from the burning bar so they don’t have to deal with the cops. They head to Jessica’s place where they finally have a difficult conversation about Reeva, intermixed with what happened with Kilgrave and Luke. Luke takes a nap and Jessica spends some time on the police scanner.

I don’t have an exact count, but I’d guess were nearing 30+ hours with out her sleeping.

Kilgrave and his father come out of a club after testing whatever Albert’s been doing to strengthen Kilgrave’s abilities. Apparently that involves rocking the socks off Kilgrave’s next sad victim, who is forced to stare at a metal gate “forever” but as Kilgrave points out, that doesn’t really last forever, does it?

Trish’s mother comes to visit Trish at the hospital, where she forces Trish to admit she didn’t relapse… there is so much about Trish that we do not know! Mommy Dearest asks for some forgiveness, and another shot at being mother of the year, but Trish isn’t having any of it.

Luke and Jessica run out to check some leads on Kilgrave’s whereabouts and run into Malcolm, who tells Jessica off. He says a not-so-pleasant goodbye, which Jessica seems to think she deserves, and she and Luke motor off to Albert’s place. They find a grumpy landlady and an unpronounceable drug they plan to look into. They wait for Kilgrave to show up at the lab the drug led them to, and while they wait they make up.

Trish’s mother turns up, again, at her home with a manila envelope with the name of the group Simpson was apart of (“IGH”) on the label. She uses it as an offering of trust. The envelope has information about who paid for Jessica’s medical bills after her surgery.

IGH has deeper ties in this than just a crazy former cop who tried to kill our two favorite girls! Also, can I just repeat that Trish’s mother is a crazy bitch?

Jess and Luke follow some yahoo in a suit who they hope will lead them to Kilgrave. Jessica follows him through Central Park and watches him skewer himself in the head with a pair of rusty looking pruning sheers. Jessica and Luke head back to Jess’ place and find Trish there waiting to give Jess the news about IGH, but Trish decides to save it for a later date.

Crazy Pants has a crazy moment and Ruben, in one last good deed, breaks it up before she gets herself put in jail and helps Crazy Pants find a little closure.


Kilgrave threatens his poor, tired father with serious dismemberment, which wakes him right up and Albert gets back to work on trying to help strengthen Kilgrave so Jessica is no longer immune. Jessica and Luke find out about the club from the other night and head over to see what Kilgrave was up to.

Meanwhile, the guy who was supposed to stare at the fence forever is still there, proving that Kilgrave’s power of suggestion seems to last a whole lot longer than the 12 hours Jessica thought. They’re waiting to see the tapes from the other night when Kilgrave shows up. Luke runs out and Jessica tries to confront Kilgrave. She discovers that despite all of Albert’s tinkering, she is still immune to Kilgrave’s disease, but apparently she forgot to ask some serious questions of Luke. He comes back in and they have a knockout fight that ends in Jessica shooting Luke in the head.


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