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Marvel’s Jessica Jones – S1E13 – AKA Smile

Previously on Jessica Jones, ‘AKA Take a Bloody Number’

So Jessica’s shot Luke in the head but his skin kept the bullet from going in, but that doesn’t stop the force of the bullet knocking him out pretty badly. She takes him to the hospital where his impenetrable skin keeps the doctors from doing much for him. Lucky for Luke and Jess, the nurse on duty just happens to be a friend of our other Marvel friend, Daredevil. Nurse Claire helps Jessica until Kilgrave finds her at the hospital where he enlists the entire hospital to help him find and kill Jessica.

Meanwhile back at Jessica’s apartment Claire is taking care of Luke as well as she can under the circumstances. This involves a huge needle and Luke’s optic nerve and is not for the faint of heart. While she stitches up a patient inflicted wound on Jessica’s leg, Claire gets the short version on Kilgrave.

Albert, Kilgrave’s father, has possibly found something that will strengthen Kilgrave enough for him to get to Jessica. It’s a pretty potent mixture and there are two possible outcomes: either he will be as crazy strong as he hopes, or it will kill him. Everyone’s rooting for the latter.

Jessica finds Kilgrave using information she gets off Luke’s phone. Before she heads in to confront Kilgrave Trish tells Jess about IGH and Jess tells Trish she loves her, and says that’s her marker, her proof to Trish that Kilgrave doesn’t have her under control.

She heads in and finds a partially dismembered Albert lying on the floor while one of the men who lives in the home works on “removing him from the face of the earth,” which involves a garbage disposal. Albert has just enough life left in him to give Jessica a message, “He’s stronger, don’t listen, don’t look at him, he’ll make you kill.”

Jessica and Trish look through the penthouse for clues and find the remains of Hope and Kilgrave’s baby, the source of his new power and finds where Kilgrave is waiting for Jessica. Trish goes in as a decoy while Jessica pulls a fire alarm and narrowly escapes the barrage of bullets from an entire squad of New York’s finest. She runs after Kilgrave onto the docks only to find Kilgrave’s wall of civilian guards. He directs them to start killing each other. Jessica wrestles her way through them with the help of Trish whose protective headphones get knocked off by one Kilgrave’s hostages. Finally, Kilgrave yells “STOP” and everyone stops, including Jessica.

The last few episodes have really been playing up how much Jess cares for Trish, her surrogate sister. Kilgrave, who believes he knows Jessica better than everyone decides to take Trish to punish her, until he believes that Jessica really may be finally back under his control. He walks to her, excited for the promise of his heart’s desire being realized and tells Jessica to tell him she loves him. Jess looks at Trish, says “I love you” and snaps his neck. The hostages on the dock and Trish shake loose from Kilgrave’s control and it’s over.

I love you

Jessica is arrested for Kilgrave’s murder, but Hogarth gets her off. Trish starts looking into IGH and Jessica heads home, to a door with broken glass, a destroyed apartment, and Malcolm cleaning things up. Alias Investigations is back in business, with more cases than Jessica knows what to do with, and Malcolm, Jessica’s new secretary.

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